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Metro: Last Light Redux - Unlock Alternate Ending:
The alternate ending which is known as the 'Redemption' ending can be viewed when you complete the game with a majority of good moral choices. Whenever you make a moral choice you will see a flash of light as confirmation. If by the end of the game you have not made enough moral choices you will view the 'Cest La Vie' ending.

Metro: Last Light Redux - Instant Victory in The Tower:
When the countdown timer starts hold LB and repeatedly press X + Y + B. If you have entered the code correctly the scientist will say 'Well done' and the 'Weapon' selection screen will appear. Note: when this code has been entered you will not receive a score.

Metro 2033 Redux - Easy 'Realist' Achievement:
You can get this Achievement easily by simply declining the kid's offer to lead you at Riga Station.

Metro 2033 Redux - Extended Filter:
You can extend the use of your filter if you avoid jumping and sprinting.

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