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Nom du fichier : Dead Rising [Xbox 360] - Auteur : ANO

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. Please submit any information regarding the unknown codes.

Zombie Hunter: Defeat at least 1,000 zombies.

Zombie Killer: Defeat at least 10,000 zombies.

Zombie Genocider: Defeat at least 53,594 zombies.

Self Defense: Defeat at least 1 psychopath.

Peace Keeper: Defeat at least 5 psychopaths.

Punisher: Defeat at least 10 psychopaths.

Legendary Soldier: Unknown

Hella Copter: Unknown

Tour Guide: Escort 8 survivors at once.

Frank the Pimp: Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors.

Full Set: Collect all portraits in the notebook.

Humanist: Get at least 10 survivors out of the mall.

Life Saver: Get at least 20 survivors out of the mall.

Saint: Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall.

Strike!: Send at least 10 zombies flying with bowling balls.

Costume Party: Place novelty masks on at least 10 zombies.

Raining Zombies: Knock at least 30 zombies aside with a parasol.

Gourmet: Eat all types of food available in the mall.

Item Smasher: Break at least 100 items.

Bullet Point: Fire at least 1,000 bullets.

Perfect Gunner: Don't miss with a machine gun.

Photojournalist: Score at least 1,500 PP from a single photo.

The Artiste: Score at least 3,000 PP from a single photo.

Group Photo: Get 50 Target Markers with the camera.

Portraiture: Photograph at least 10 survivors.

Census Taker: Photograph at least 50 survivors.

Psycho Photo: Photograph at least 4 psychopaths.

Psycho Collector: Photograph at least 10 psychopaths.

PP Collector: Photograph all PP Stickers.

Snuff Shot B: Unknown

Snuff Shot J: Unknown

Transmissionary: Answer all calls from Otis.

Indoorsman: Spend at least 24 hours indoors.

Outdoorsman: Spend at least 24 hours outdoors.

Freefall: Drop from a height of at least 16 feet (5 meters).

Marathon Runner: Cover a distance of 26.2 miles (42.195 km).

Carjacker: Steal the convicts' vehicle.

Stunt Driver: Jump a car at least 33 feet (10 meters).

Stunt Rider: Jump a motorcycle at least 33 feet (10 meters).

Zombie Road: Walk over 33 feet (10 meters) on the backs of zombies using the Zombie Ride.

Karate Champ: Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded.

Sharp Dresser: Change into at least 20 different costumes.

Clothes Horse: Change into all costumes available in the mall.

Level Max: Reach level 50.

Unbreakable: Get the true ending without being knocked out.

Overtime Mode: Unveil all cases and be at the heliport at noon.

8 Mode: Get the true ending.

3 Day Survivor: Survive for at least 72 hours.

5 Day Survivor: Survive for at least 5 days.

7 Day Survivor: Survive for at least 7 days.

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