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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Star Maker (50 points): Complete a song with five stars.
Dancer (30 points): Complete your first Zumba Fitness Kids song.
Complete Dancer (70 points): Play and complete every song.
Sticker Book (50 points): Earn all stickers.
Button Collector (50 points): Earn all buttons.
Bronze Party (30 points): Finish a short party.
Silver Party (50 points): Finish a mid-length party.
Gold Party (70 points): Finish a full-length party.
Zumba Kids Fan (40 points): Play Zumba Fitness Kids on at least two different days in a week.
Zumba Kids Super Fan (50 points): Play Zumba Fitness Kids on at least four different days in a week.
Zumba Kids Master (60 points): Play Zumba Fitness Kids for twelve hours in a month.
Challenger (50 points): Complete a challenge.
Family Maker (40 points): Create a family.
Zumba Friends (40 points): Complete a full class with two players.
Star Friends (50 points): Finish a two player song with ten stars.
Bronze DJ (30 points): Create a playlist.
Silver DJ (40 points): Create two playlists.
Gold DJ (50 points): Create four playlists.
Award Hound (70 points): Unlock every achievement.
Director (80 points): Unlock all bonus content.

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