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Call signs
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding call sign.

Scarface: Obtain one Ace Pilot reward.
Mobius: Obtain one Hero reward.
Wardog: Obtain five Ace Striker rewards.
Galm: Obtain five Ace Pilot rewards.
Gryphus: Obtain five Hero rewards.
Garuda: Complete the campaign.
Falco: Obtain one Ace Striker reward.
Strigon: Obtain five Survivor rewards.
Aquila: Obtain one survivor reward.
Phoenix: Place first in a Deathmatch.
Ghost: Shoot down more than one hundred enemy players online while using an attack helicopter.
Cougar: Shoot down more than one hundred enemy players.
Dragon: Win ten Capital Conquest matches.
Sweeper: Shoot down more than fifty enemy players online while using an attack helicopter.
Viking: Obtain a total of twenty-thousand points.
Burner: Win twenty Capital Conquest matches.
Wildcat: Shoot down more than fifty enemy players online.
Mohawk: Obtain a total of one hundred-thousand points.
Stingray: Win ten Domination matches.
Racer: Use DFM Supper more than fifty times.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding reward.
Ace Pilot: Get the most number of air kills in a round.
Ace Striker: Get the most number of ground kills in a round.
Survivor: Stay alive the longest amount of time.
Hero: Perform the overall best in a round.

Alternate aircraft colors
Successfully complete Campaign mode to unlock a second aircraft color.
Earn 1,500 points to unlock a third aircraft color for that particular plane.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding aircraft.

F-15E Strike Eagle: Complete Campaign mode.
Mi-24 (HIND): Complete Campaign mode. Note: To use the Hind in the online modes, you must complete a Free Mission mode with the Hind.
PAK-FA: Complete Campaign mode under the Pilot or higher difficulty.

"Akula" mission: Defeating Markov

Keep initiating DFM as soon as possible on Marko during the following five sequences:

At the start of the battle.
A run over the Pentagon.
When he blows up your allies on two bridges.
When chasing him up past the Capitol building.
When he begins his run on the White House and you can see the Washington
Monument in the distance. Note: This is where you can actually shoot him down.

You must initiate DFM as soon as possible because there is a secret timer, that when expires, will allow him to fire Trinity once. If you initiate DFM outside those five sequences, he will quickly perform a counter-maneuver on you.

"Hostile Fleet" mission: Destroying the ICBM
Use an aircraft with 4AAM or 6AAM. When you activate DFM, go directly into afterburner. Be careful of the flames, especially under the Elite difficulty setting. Try to move to the right side of the missile. You will find an opening where you will not get damaged, but it will begin to close after the second missile. Try to pull away to the right when you start getting damaged. You will get missile lock in DFM, even when you are pulling away from it to dodge the missiles. About seven missiles are required before the mission ends.

Completing an assault chain
An assault chain occurs when you destroy a hostile target in DFM and automatically go into DFM after another. To do this there must be another hostile close by as you kill the person you are currently targeting. It is easiest done in Blue On Blue mode.

Easy "Calamity" achievement or trophy
Complete Campaign mode to unlock the PAK-FA. Then, go to Free Mission mode and sortie with the PAK-FA with Trinity (EW1) on any mission that allows multirole aircraft. Note: The "Siege" mission is recommended. Fire the Trinity at an enemy (for example, the two groups of enemies at the end of the "Siege" mission) to unlock the achievement or trophy.
Easy "Nice Kill" achievement or trophy

Shoot down 50 players in Competitive Online mode.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Bail Out (20 points): Escape from a dangerous situation.
Guns Guns Guns (20 points): Destroy 5 hostile vehicles with helicopter gunfire.
Fire Hazard (20 points): Pass through an explosion and destroy the enemy.
Life Saver (20 points): Use an attack helicopter to rescue the captured pilot.
Fearsome Guardian (20 points): Protect allied ground forces with the gunship's firepower.
Emergency (20 points): Deal with an emergency situation.
Total Annihilation (20 points): Eliminate all bombers and prevent the use of a weapon of mass destruction.
Steel Hunter (20 points): From a helicopter, support the special forces while they suppress hostile vessels.
Defender of World Heritage (20 points): Provide close-range aerial support to wipe out hostile ground forces.
Hot Pit (20 points): Defend the allied base.
One Million Tons of Scrap Metal (20 points): Weave through a hostile fleet's defense and rescue the hostage.
Nick of Time (20 points): Prevent the launch of ICBMs by infiltrating the enemy base in a stealth bomber.
Berserker (20 points): Eliminate your enemies to open a path for your allies.
Patriot (20 points): Defend the capital.
Friendly Fire (20 points): Perform a risky move to save your friend.
Category 5 (20 points): Chase the enemy through a hurricane.
Guardian (20 points): Thwart your enemy's plans and return alive.
Warwolf 1 (50 points): Clear all missions.
Critical Hit (25 points): Take down a hostile fighter with a charged homing missile.
Successive Kill (20 points): Take down 3 hostiles in a row with an assault chain.
Hard Strike (20 points): Wipe out hostile ground forces with ASM.
Eagle Eye (20 points): Successfully focus on 3 targets.
Stay On Target (20 points): In a helicopter, obtain (zoom in) and destroy 10 enemies.
Diverse Strikes (15 points): Defeat hostiles with all 3 of the gunship's weapons.
Gun Master (15 points): Massacre hostiles as the door gunner.
Shot Master (20 points): Take down 5 hostiles with a direct shot.
Pursuit Master (20 points): Successfully pursue 3 enemies with counter maneuvers.
Switch Master (25 points): Successfully switch from defense to offense 10 times with counter maneuvers.
Checking In (10 points): Fly through the hotel gates.
Limbo (10 points): Fly beneath a falling chimney.
Speed Demon (10 points): Eliminate the enemy threat to fighters as quickly as possible.
Machine Gun Faithful (10 points): Use the standard machine gun to defeat an enemy.
Smooth Flight (20 points): Protect allied transports from being shot down during landing.
Bomber Master (10 points): Fly a bomber and eliminate a large number of hostiles.
Chain Master (20 points): Master the assault chain and take down hostiles one by one.
Nice Kill (30 points): Shoot down many hostile players in competitive online.
Nice Assist (10 points): Use DFM support or ASM support to join a flight member.
Nice Save (10 points): Save an ally being targeted by hostile players in competitive online.
Veteran Pilot (20 points): Play for an extensive amount of time in competitive online or mission co-op.
Warwolf Squadron (30 points): Clear all levels in mission co-op.
Formation Attack (20 points): Join the same DFM with two others and shoot down a hostile (mission co-op).
The Collector (20 points): Pilot all of the aircraft in the game.
Welcome to Mission Co-Op (20 points): Clear 1 level in mission co-op.
Aerial Sniper (20 points): Use DFM to destroy 10 airborne enemies in competitive online.
Ground Pounder (20 points): Use ASM to destroy 30 ground enemies in competitive online.
Interceptor (20 points): Use an attack helicopter and destroy 10 missiles or bombs in competitive online.
World Tour (30 points): Play on all maps in competitive online.
Ace of Aces (30 points): Obtain an A rank for every mission (free mission).
All Rounder (30 points): Obtain all MVPs.

Additionally there is one secret achievement.

Calamity (10 points): Used Trinity to wipe out the enemy (free mission).

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