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Use the following tactics:
Heart Of Worlds deck (Green/White): Defeat Rhys the Redeemed the second time (Battle 5).
Heat Of Battle deck (Mono Red): Defeat Chandra Ablaze the second time (Battle 6).
Eons Of Evil deck (Black/Blue/Red): Defeat Sorin Markov the second time (Battle 8).

New cards:
The following are the three new cards for the eleven previous decks.

Claws of Vengeance (Ajani Goldmane - Red/Green/White)
Lightning Helix
Kor Sanctifiers
Titanic Ultimatum

Hands of Flame (Chandra Nalaar - Mono Red)
Goblin Artillery
Claws of Valakut
Goblin Cheiftain

Wings of Light (Elspeth Tirel - Mono White)
Kor Sanctifiers
Baneslayer Angel

Teeth of the Predator (Garruk Wildspeaker - Mono Green)
Primeval Light
Bestial Menace
Beastmaster Ascension

Thoughts of Wind (Jace Beleren - Mono Blue)
Into the Roil
Sphinx of Lost Truths

Eyes of Shadow (Liliana Vess - Mono Black)
Hideous End
Cunning Lethemancer
Xathrid Demon

Ears of the Elves (Nissa Revane - Green/Black)
Nissa's Chosen
Elvish Eulogist
Immaculate Magistrate

Scales of Fury (Sarkhan Vol - Red/Green/Black)
Beast Hunt
Scarland Thrinax
Vampiric Dragon

Mind of Void (Jace Beleren - Blue/White)
Tome Scour
Planar Cleansing

Cries of Rage (Sarkhan Vol - Green/Red)
Goblin Balloon Brigade
Colossal Might
Stonebrow, Krosan Hero

Relics of Doom (Tezzeret the Seeker - Blue/Black/Artifact)
Executioner's Capsule
Font of Mythos
Master of Etherium

New deck card list:
The following new decks are available, with the cards listed in the order they are unlocked.

Heat Of Battle (Chandra Ablaze - Mono Red)
1. Act of Treason
2. Heat Ray
3. Wall of Fire
4. Inferno Elemental
5. Pyroclasm
6. Quest for Pure Flame
7. Dragon's Claw
8. Blaze
9. Vicious Shadow
10. Insurrection
11. Magma Rift
12. Dragon's Claw
13. Torch Slinger
14. Blaze
15. Flame Wave

Eons of Evil (Nicol Bolas - Black/Blue/Red)
1. Vein Drinker
2. Zombify
3. Countersquall
4. Goblin Outlander
5. Deathbringer Thoctar
6. Undermine
7. Terminate
8. Merfolk Looter
9. Traumatize
10. Rorix Bladewing
11. Act of Treason
12. Zombie Outlander
13. Shadowmage Infiltrator
14. Hidden Horror
15. Nicol Bolas

Heart of Worlds (Rhys the Redeemed - Green/White)
1. Cliff Threader
2. Marsh Threader
3. Nimbus Wings
4. Frontier Guide
5. Harrow
6. Oran-Rief Recluse
7. Grazing Gladehart
8. Baloth Woodcrasher
9. Windborne Charge
10. Great Sable Stag
11. Divine Verdict
12. Oran-Rief Recluse
13. Recumbent Bliss
14. BalothWoodcrasher
15. Emeria Angel

Challenge section:
Use the following tactics:

Challenge 1: Garruk Wildspeaker
1. Play Swamp.
2. Equip Vampire Nighthawk with Blade of the Bloodchief.
3. Cast Feast of Blood targeting Giant Spider (reach). (4 damage to Garruk from Sanguine Bond). Vampire Nighthawk gets bonus from Blade of the Bloodchief.
4. Cast Disfigure on your Ruthless Cullblade or Guul Draz Vampire. Vampire Nighthawk gets bonus from Blade of the Bloodchief.
5. Cast second Disfigure on your other Ruthless Cullblade or Gull Draz Vampire. Vampire Nighthawk gets bonus from Blade of the Bloodchief.
6. Attack with the 8/9 flying Vampire Nighthawk. (8 damage from Vampire Nighthawk and 8 damage from Sanguine Bond)

Challenge 2: Garruk Wildspeaker
1. Cast Selective Memory and select all non-land cards from your library (which are highlighted in yellow).
2. Cast Treasure Hunt. (because all cards in your library are now lands, you will draw your entire library). Maro is now 31/31.
3. Play one Forest. Maro is now 30/30.
4. Cast Primal Frenzy and enchant your Maro. Maro is now 29/29 with trample.
5. Attack with the 29/29 trampling Maro. Garruk blocks with a 17/17 Duskdale Wurm and takes 12 trample damage.

Challenge 3: Nicol Bolas
1. Play Evolving Wilds from hand and sacrifice it to search for a basic land (Island).
2. Cast Brainstorm. (You will draw: Polymorph, Threaten, and Akroma, Angel of Wrath.) Note: Do not select Polymorph nor Excommunicate to put back on top of your library.
3. Cast Excommunicate targeting Phage the Untouchable.
4. Cast Polymorph targeting Darksteel Colossus. (Polymorph will cause Phage to come into play other than from hand and Nicol Bolas will lose as a result.)

Challenge 4: Tezzeret the Seeker
1. End your turn. Tezzeret attacks you with Platinum Angel. On your turn Lorthos, the Tidemaker (octopus) is revealed and Quest for Ula's Temple gets a third counter. You draw Lorthos, the Tidemaker.
2. End your turn again. Note: Do not put Lorthos in play at end of your turn (press B to cancel). Tezzeret attacks you with Platinum Angel again.
3. At the end of Tezzeret's turn put Lorthos into play via the Quest for Ula's Temple. On your turn you will draw an Island.
4. Play Island.
5. Cast Goliath Sphinx. Tezzeret will respond with Cancel targeting Goliath Sphinx.
6. Respond to Tezzeret's Cancel with Unsummon targeting Platinum Angel.
7. Attack with Lorthos, the Tidemaker. (8 damage to Tezzeret the Seeker.)

Challenge 5: Sarkhan Vol
1. Cast Eladamri's Call and select Plated Geopede.
2. Put Plated Geopede into play using Elvish Piper's ability.
3. Cast Harrow (note: sacrifice any Tapped land) and select Forest and Forest. Khalni Heart Expedition gets two counters and Plated Geopede gets Landfall bonus twice.
4. Cast second Harrow (again sacrifice a Tapped land). Select Mountain and any other basic land. Khalni Heart Expedition gets two more counters and Plated Geopede gets Landfall bonus twice again.
5. Sacrifice Khalni Heart Expedition and select any two basic lands. Plated Geopede gets Landfall bonus twice again and now is 13/13.
6. Cast Fling. Target Sarkhan Vol with Fling. Select the 13/13 Plated Geopede to sacrifice to Fling. Sarkhan Vol takes 13 damage.

Everything at Stake (20 points) - Defeat Sorin Markov in the single-player campaign (Expansion 2).
Last One Standing (15 points) - Win a 3- or 4-player Xbox LIVE match.
Overflowing Harvest (15 points) - Put 8 lands onto the battlefield in one turn.

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