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Avatar Awards
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:
Classic Kinect Sports cap: Get the Amateur Sports Badge.
Classic Kinect Sports t-shirt: Get the Professional Sports Badge.
I Heart Kinect Sports t-shirt: Get the Champion Sports Badge.
Kinect Sports Champ trophy: Get the Legendary Sports Badge.
Kinect Sports Star t-shirt: Get the Master Sports Badge.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:
In Training (10 points): Reach level 10 and earn the Amateur badge.
Turned Pro (20 points): Reach level 20 and earn the Professional badge.
People's Champion (30 points): Reach level 30 and earn the Champion badge.
Master Class (40 points): Reach level 40 and earn the Master badge.
Sports Star (50 points): Reach level 50 and earn the Legendary badge.
Pin Win (30 points): Win a game in Bowling.
Neon Lanes Champion (10 points): Win a game in Bowling (Champion difficulty).
Doing the Splits (15 points): Clear a split in Bowling.
Wood Chipper (15 points): Break the lane with a high ball in Bowling.
Turkey Triumph (15 points): Get a Turkey (3 strikes in a row) in Bowling.
Ball Blitz (25 points): Score 350 or more in the Pin Rush Bowling mini-game.
Clear Up! (25 points): Score 10 or more in the One Bowl Roll Bowling mini-game.
King Pin (15 points): Score more than 250 in Bowling.
And the Winner is... (30 points): Win a match in Boxing.
Tornado Gardens Champion (10 points): Win a match in Boxing (Champion difficulty).
TKO (15 points): Win a match with a technical knockout (3 knock downs in 1 round) in Boxing.
Kiss the Canvas (15 points): Knock down your opponent with an uppercut in Boxing.
Comeback Kid (15 points): Win a match after being knocked down 4 times in Boxing.
Stunning Recovery (15 points): Survive a stun sequence without being hit in Boxing (Professional or Champion difficulty).
They Think It's All Over... (30 points): Win a match in Football.
Lotus Park Champion (10 points): Win a match in Football (Champion difficulty).
Hat-trick Hero (15 points): Score a perfect hat-trick (1 header, 1 left foot and 1 right foot goal) in a match in Football.
...It Is Now! (15 points): Win a match by scoring a goal in the last 10 seconds in Football.
Beat the Gull-keeper (15 points): Scare the bird from the crossbar using the ball in Football.
Golden Gloves (25 points): Score 100 or more in the Super Saver Football mini-game.
Sharp Shooter (25 points): Score 80 or more in the Target Kick Football mini-game.
Golden Boots (15 points): Score 5 goals or more in a match in Football (Professional or Champion difficulty).
Head of the Table (30 points): Win a match in Table Tennis.
Blade Center Champion (10 points): Win a match in Table Tennis (Champion difficulty).
Roll Them Over (15 points): Force your opponent to roll 3 times in a match when reaching for the ball in Table Tennis.
To the Left, to the Right (15 points): Win 2 games, one with each hand in Table Tennis.
Have It! (15 points): Win a match with a smash in Table Tennis.
Return to Sender (25 points): Score 60 or more in the Rally Tally Table Tennis mini-game.
Paddle Perfection (25 points): Score 150 or more in the Paddle Panic Table Tennis mini-game.
Table Top Triumph (15 points): Win a match conceding no points in Table Tennis (Professional or Champion difficulty).
Points Mean Prizes (30 points): Win a full contest in Track & Field.
Flame Stadium Champion (20 points): Win a full contest in Track & Field (Champion difficulty).
Turbo Pants (20 points): Gain a boost start and boost finish in 100m.
Circuit Breaker (20 points): Break some electrical equipment within the stadium in Javelin.
Windmill Wonder (20 points): Perform a windmill manoeuvre in Long Jump.
Dire Distance (20 points): Throw the discus less than 4 meters in Discus.
Juggernaut (20 points): Win a race after knocking down every hurdle in Hurdles.
Beach Brilliance (30 points): Win a match of Volleyball.
Waveside Champion (10 points): Win a match of Volleyball (Champion difficulty).
Ultra Combo! (15 points): Score a point from a perfect bump, set & super spike in Volleyball.
Look, No Hands! (15 points): Score a point by heading or kicking the ball in open play in Volleyball.
Networking (15 points): Perform a block move (by jumping at the net) in Volleyball.
Body Brilliant (25 points): Score 85 or more in the Body Ball Volleyball mini-game.
Bump-osaurus (25 points): Score 130 or more in the Bump Bash Volleyball mini-game.
Sand Master (15 points): Win a match conceding no points in Volleyball (Professional or Champion difficulty).

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