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On any level loading screen, input (DPAD) UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, RED (B), GREEN (A) to unlock the cheat menu in the Extra Options. Activating any of the cheats will disable saving the game (you can still theoretically beat the game, but cannot save) and disables the earning of achievements and trophies.

Achievement/Trophy Hint: Hidden Achievements
Below are the requirements for the 25 Hidden Trophies/Achievements in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
* Brawler (Bronze / 20G) - Buy fifteen combos.
* Crusade (Silver / 30G) - Finish all levels in Knight difficulty.
* Dark Collector (Bronze / 20G) - Gather all the thirty Shadow Gems.
* Eleventy Party (Gold / 40G) - Get 110% completion rate in all levels.
* Epic Victory (Silver / 40G) - Finish all levels in Paladin difficulty.
* Experienced (Bronze / 10G) - Acquire 1,000 experience points.
* Gest (Bronze / 20G) - Finish all levels in Warrior difficulty.
* Green Collector (Bronze / 20G) - Gather all the thirty Life Gems.
* Light Collector (Bronze / 20G) - Gather all the thirty Light Gems.
* Master Achiever (Gold / 50G) - Complete all the trials.
* Master Fighter (Silver / 25G) - Buy all combos.
* Master Improver (Silver / 25G) - Find all the secret Brotherhood Arks.
* Master Jeweler (Silver / 25G) - Gather all hidden Magic Gems.
* Master Philanthropist (Bronze / 20G) - Buy all the extra artwork.
* Seasoned (Bronze / 15G) - Acquire 20,000 experience points.
* Skirmish (Bronze / 15G) - Finish all levels in Esquire difficulty.
* Veteran (Silver / 30G) - Acquire 100,000 experience points.
* Welcome to the Club (Bronze / 15G) - Buy a combo.

Infinite (-ly Slow) Experience
When you get to the dead bog level which is early in the game after you ride the horse to get away from the lycanthropes. You'll come to a drop of point where you can't go back in the level after you drop off. You'll enter a Goblin camp where Goblins will respawn indefinitely as long as you don't throw two grenades from a goblin that either throws one at you and misses or you grab the Goblin and perform the sequence of knocking the Grenades from the Goblins' hands. It's O.K. to throw one Grenade at the tree but no matter what don't throw two at the tree or the Goblins will stop respawning indefinitely. Just keep killing the Goblins for easy Experience , You only get 5 experience points from each kill so it will take a while to get all the unlockables but patience is a virtue.

Unlockable: Snake's Sneaking Suit Costume
Clear the game once on any difficulty to be able to select the Snake costume for Gabriel. Like all Halloween costumes, this is only a visual re-representation, and adds no new abilities.

Unlockable: Paladin Difficulty
Complete a chapter (or Act) on Knight difficulty to replay it on the highest difficulty setting. You can also achieve 110% completion on this new Paladin difficulty setting.

Unlockable: Castlevania Chess
"Castlevania chess" (Vampire Wargame) is unlocked in the Extras menu after you go through the exercise (instead of skipping it) in Chapter 6.

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