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Killing beasts
Find a traps (for example, spikes, smashing doors or opening floors). Zoom with your crossbow on the other side and attract any enemies. Beasts or lizard warriors can be killed easily with the trap in between.

Defeating Brogar
Brogar's single strike can take away lot of your health during the early part of the game. Before fighting him, learn the Counterattack skill from Craig (level 2 in sword). Place a bet with Craig and challenge him in the arena. During the fight, press [Counterattack] continuously. He has no chance of hurting you, and he will end up losing his health. When he is down, you can take away his weapon, money, potion and a piece of the golden sword (which is a part of the quest).

Defeating Lizards
Use the following trick to defeat Lizard Elites or Lizard Warriors when they appear in a group. Draw your bow and hit one of them. Leave that location and make sure they are following you. Go to an area with men and they will help you kill them.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Field hand (10 points): 10 grain plants collected.
Philanthropist (10 points): "Rescue Sara from the wilderness" completed.
Samaritan (20 points): "Medicine for everyone" completed.
Peacekeeper (30 points): "Peace and order" completed.
Fence (30 points): "A package for the Don" completed.
Ladies' man (10 points): "Woman beater" completed.
Sidelined (20 points): "Power struggle" completed.
The merciful one (10 points): The farmer's sick wife completed.
Wise man (20 points): "The test of Master Ignatius" completed.
Family man (20 points): "The sons of Tilda" completed.
Archaeologist (20 points): "The mystery of the eastern temple" completed.
Little hero (20 points): "Where is Patty?" completed.
Rune master (20 points): "The fourth seal of rune magic" completed.
Ghost hunter (20 points): "Find all the vassal rings" completed.
Beginner (10 points): First monster killed.
The brave little tailor (10 points): Seven grave moths killed.
Ferocious wild boars (10 points): 20 wild boars killed.
Terror of the hens (10 points): 20 chickens killed.
Beast slayer (30 points): 500 monsters killed.
Big game hunter (50 points): 2000 monsters killed.
Ogre friend (10 points): Rescued the ogre, Drok.
Hard worker (50 points): 250 quests completed.
Expert (20 points): 100% achieved in an attribute.
Workaholic (20 points): Every profession learned.
Mage (20 points): All crystals learned.
Gladiator (20 points): Every close combat talent learned.
Sharpshooter (20 points): Every ranged combat talent learned.
Master of the classes (30 points): 100 % achieved in three attributes.
Fervent swimmer (10 points): Caught by the tideworm 10 times.
The fourth triplet (10 points): 10 treasures found.
Idiot (10 points): Fell to death 3 times.
Jester (10 points): 25 Jest spells used.
Safecracker (10 points): 100 locks picked.
Weaponsmith (10 points): 100 weapons forged.
Master thief (10 points): 50 pockets picked.
Well-to-do (10 points): 1.000 gold coins obtained.
Moneybags (30 points): 100,000 gold coins obtained.
King Midas (50 points): 300,000 gold coins obtained.
Adventurer (10 points): Found way out of the first ruin.
Map reader (10 points): Found first map in the game.
Archer (10 points): Found first bow.
King of the handymen (20 points): 20 tool bags collected in inventory.
Additionally there are eight secret achievements.
Secret achievement (20 points): Unknown.
Secret achievement (20 points): Unknown.
Secret achievement (20 points): Unknown.
Secret achievement (20 points): Unknown.
Secret achievement (20 points): Unknown.
Secret achievement (20 points): Unknown.
Secret achievement (50 points): Unknown.
Secret achievement (50 points): Unknown.

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