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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Toot-toot! (10 points): Successfully complete the Tutorial.

Frankenbean there, done that (30 points): Complete chapter 1 - Dr Frankenbean's Castle.

Knighty-knight! (30 points): Complete chapter 2 - Camelot.

Dagnabbit! (30 points): Complete chapter 3 -Wild West.

Great Southern Land-mines! (30 points): Complete chapter 4 - Taz World.

Heavens Below! (30 points): Complete chapter 5 - A Warm Place!

Toot-and-come-in! (30 points): Complete chapter 6 - Egypt.

My Stars! (30 points): Complete chapter 7 - Mars.

War is Heck! (30 points): Complete chapter 8 - WW1.

100 Nuts & a Squirrel! (30 points): Complete chapter 9 - Wackyland.

That's All, Folks! (80 points): Complete the game.

What's Up, Doc? (20 points): Finish the First Act without collecting any Health.

Gad, how do I do it? (20 points): Beat Whack-Tastic Robot-Bash without dying.

Devilishly clever (20 points): Beat The Muddy Evil Forest without dying.

Woo-hoo-hoo Nelly! (20 points): Beat Volcano Way Out without dying.

Gold! I'm rich! (10 points): Collect 250,000 in coins.

Gold! Gold!! (20 points): Collect 500,000 in coins.

Gold! Gold!! GOLLLLD!!! (30 points): Collect 1,000,000 in coins.

Next contestant please... (10 points): Smash 100 Enemies.

Smoke-um! (20 points): Smash 200 Enemies.

Wobot season! (30 points): Smash 500 Enemies.

...Where's the "kaboom"? (20 points): Fully max out each character's Illudium.

Speedy Gonzalez! (20 points): Beat the par time for Scooterway Scramble!

'Slowpoke' Rodriguez (20 points): Beat the par time for Whack-Tastic Robot-Bash.

"Arriba! Arriba! ndale! ndale!" (20 points): Beat the par time for In De-Nile.

The Combo Kid! (10 points): Produce a level 6 combo.

Combo Carnage!! (20 points): Produce a level 9 combo.

Combo Loco!!! (30 points): Produce a level 12 combo.

Hello, Mah Baby! (20 points): Find the Michigan J. Frog trophy.

Eager Young Space Cadet (20 points): Find the Porky Pig trophy.

Great horny toads!!! (20 points): Find the Yosemite Sam trophy.

Super-genius!!! (20 points): Find the Wile E. Coyote trophy.

Speedipus Rex (20 points): Find the Road Runner trophy.

Bad old puddy-tat (20 points): Find the Tweety Bird trophy.

Shoot him, shoot him now! (20 points): Use every weapon.

This Means War (10 points): Win a Battle.

Stupor-Duper! (20 points): Finish an act with both players wearing supersuits.

Aren't we gruesome? (20 points): Complete The Log Ness Monster in local co-op play.

Viva l'amour! Ve die togezzer. (20 points): Complete Excape of Excalibur in local co-op play.

Anyone for tennis? (20 points): Complete Low Noon in local co-op play.

Yo-yo Atom-Smashers! (20 points): Produce an atomic combo level 9 in local co-op play.

Up-and-Atom! (20 points): Produce an atomic combo level 9 online.

Just try and top this one! (10 points): Beat an Act online. You may fire when ready, grisly!

You caught Bugs' 'bug'! (20 points): Play online with someone who has Bugs' bug.

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