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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

SEVEN (7 points): Get seven fist kills in the game.

Bob-B-Q (14 points): They're Everywhere!

11th Clan of the S'pht (27 points): Venture into the Citadel and learn the secrets of the S'pht.

Pfhor the Win (42 points): Complete the Single player game in any difficulty.

Tastes Like Chicken (10 points): Get 20 Tozt-7 kills in a Multiplayer game.

Pfhor Score and Seven Years Ago (10 points): Win a Multiplayer game.

I'm Invincible! (10 points): Kill an invincible opponent with the Fusion Pistol in a Multiplayer game.

Make Someone Pay (10 points): Get 20 Rocket Launcher kills in a Multiplayer game.

Bigger Guns Nearby (14 points): Find the Assault Rifle in a Single player or Co-Op Game, it will let you kill more Pfhor.

Hats off to 819 (21 points): The secret of 2401 lies within.

VidMaster (35 points): I give no secrets.

World Domination (0 points): You want to join the 7th Column?

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Unlock the "11th Clan of the S'pht" achievement.

Vidmaster gamerpic:
Unlock the the "VidMaster" achievement.

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