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Nom du fichier : Karaoke Revolution Party - Auteur : ANO

Bonus songs
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding song:

Brickhouse: Get two Platinum records
Greatest Love Of All: Get five Platinum records
I'll Be: Get nine Platinum records
Me And Bobby McGee: Get 250,000 total points
Takin' Care of Business: Get 750,000 total points
Waiting For A Girl Like You: Get 500,000 total points

Characters and costumes
Get the indicated number of Gold, Platinum, or Diamond records to unlock the corresponding character or costume:

Ballgown: 3 Platinum records
Bathrobe: 10 Gold records
Cat Suits: 4 Platinum records
Cheerleader: 5 Platinum Dance records
Crop Jacket: 2 Platinum Dance records
Devil Girl Outfit: 11 Platinum records
Diamond Bracelet: 10 Diamond records
Enrique: 7 Platinum records
Fez Hat: 1,500,000 total points
FR-3Q: 20 Gold records
Funk Outfit: 18 Platinum records
Giant Glasses: 5 Diamond records
Goth Dress: 16 Platinum records
Joke Glasses: 23 Platinum records
Junior: 10 Platinum records
Long Denim Skirt: 6 Platinum records
Open Shirt: 20 Platinum records
Opera Girl Outfit: 13 Platinum records
Retro Cowgirl: 25 Platinum records
Rockabilly Outfit: 10 Platinum Dance records
Romeo Outfit: 15 Platinum records
Space Girl: 2 Diamond records
Sun Visor: 3 Platinum Dance records
Swim Trunks: 27 Platinum records
Taylor: 12 Platinum records
Tic Top: 22 Platinum records

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy:

80s Maniac: Successfully complete the 80s Set
Best New Duo: Get your first Duet Platinum record
The Boss of Boogie: Successfully complete the Dance Genre Set
Dancing Fool: Get your first Sing and Dance Platinum record
Diamond Miner: Get your first Diamond record
Feet of Fury: Get your first Sing and Dance Platinum record on the Expert difficulty
Karaoke Millionaire: Get 1,000,000 total points
Perfect Pair: Get your first Duet Diamond record
Platinum Debut: Get your first Platinum record

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