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Easy Crashbreaker:
Press A when your Crashbreaker bar is at 99%. You will only have to tap B two or three times to get a full Crashbreaker.

Madden van:
Have a saved game from Madden NFL 06 on your hard drive.

Dominator Assassin car:
Have a saved game from Burnout 3 on your hard drive.

Black Elite Racer:
Reach "Elite" rank.

Criterion GT Racer:
Complete the White Mountain Challenge sheet.

Custom Classic:
Complete the Sunshine Keys Challenge sheet.

EA GT Racer:
Complete the Central Route Challenge sheet.

Etnies Racer:
Complete the Motor City Challenge sheet.

Euro Classic LM:
Complete the Eternal City Challenge sheet.

Hot Rod:
Complete the Lone Peak Challenge sheet.

Logitech World Racer:
Complete Rank 10 Ultimate Revenge GP.

Low Rider:
Complete the Angel Valley Challenge sheet.

Nixon Special:
Complete the Eastern Bay Challenge sheet.

Revenge Racer:
Get a 100% game completion.

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