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Ron gets stuck:
When you first fight the Hinkypunks in the Neville and the Ghoul level, you will see a mirror and a crystal ball. To get through the door, you must cast Lumos Duo on the ball. That will cause the ball to be charged with light, and send it at the mirror. Ron will walk away from the ball and towards the mirror on his own. However, if you squeeze behind the crystal ball before casting Lumos Duo, then Ron will walk into the crystal ball and become stuck there, between it and a few boxes.

Permanent shield:
While you are in the extras menu, select "Dueling Club". After you select a team, begin dueling. During the duel, press your Expelliarmus spell two times in a row and hold the button. Then, reflect an oncoming spell. You should keep your shield up no matter what, even when the button is released. You can also walk around, and if you are struck in the back, the spell will go through you, and in the direction that the shield is pointing.

The Marauder's Map level:
After you have gone to see Ron's brothers about the Marauder's Map, go to the secret passage and reach the first room, and the floor caves in. After you have hit the three switches and the pixies come out, let them pick up Ron. After he has said something similar to , "Get Off Me!" or "UNgggh", shoot him down. He will still sound as if he has been picked up by a pixie, but will be standing next to you. This continues until the game loads again.

Collector Card set bonuses:
Complete the following sets of cards to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Beasts: 20 House Points.
Classical Beasts: Ron gets extra endurance.
Dragons: Ron gets extra endurance.
Giants: 20 House Points.
Goblins: 20 House Points.
Hags: Hermione gets extra endurance.
Quidditch: Harry gets extra endurance.
Vampires: 20 House Points.
Witches: Hermione gets extra endurance.
Wizards: Harry gets extra endurance.

Defeating the fire armor:
When fighting the fire armor thing when you just got Glacius, to avoid the shooting fire rocks when he opens up, stay directly in the middle. You should be able to avoid almost all of them.

Start with Flipendo until he opens his mouth, then use Glacius until he sort of explodes (this does not mean that he is defeated). One of his arms will come off. Use Glacius to put out the fire, then use Flipendo to destroy it. Repeat until he is defeated.

When in the Glacius Challenge, you will defeat a big fire armor opponent. Walk back through the first big room on your way out of the challenge. Suddenly, a monstrous fire beast magically emerges from the big objects in the room. When the fire thing opens its furnace door, use Hermoine to freeze the inside. It will attack, then launch its arm at you. destroy it, and it will get hurt. Repeat this and you should defeat it.

Defeating Fire Salamanders:
Make Hermione the leader, then use Glacious on them. They will turn blue. Then, use Flippindo and they will be destoryed. Use Glacious on the cracks or more salamanders will appear. Note: Use Flippindo quickly because the Fire Salamanders can still move.

Defeating the metal armor:
He will try to spin around to attack you. You must dodge it, and when he stops, use the spell that grabs things. You must grab each of his four shields. When the shields hit the ground they will turn into monsters. Once you kill all four, he gets swords. He will stop spinning. Wait before you grab his head with the spell, because he will hit his swords on the ground. After he does this, grab his head and yank it off to defeat him.

Defeating Dementors:
Clear out the Dementors in the middle then go up to the Dementors that are sucking the soul out of Sirius and attack them. The health meter at the bottom will go down. Keep attacking until you defeat it. Do this quickly, as Sirius only has a bit of health.

To defeat the Dementors in the first stage (where you drag Sirius Black), do not wait until the Dementors are sucking the soul out of Sirius. Hit any of them that edge closer with Expecto Patronum. After a few hits, the first stage will be over.

The second stage of the Dementors is much more difficult. There are many more. Shoot Expecto Patronum at the Dementors (do not power up as Sirius will get weaker), and press X to charge at them. Break through the crowd in the back. Once you have a path cleared, go for the Dementor attacking Sirius. Power up until it automatically shoots. Remember to press X to charge and go faster. If you take too long the Patronus will die down.

To defeat the Dementors on the lake, instead of running through, charge up the Patrounus fully. Then, run around the right side and hit the one attacking Sirius.

To defeat the Dementor cluster, instead of going straight, go around the right side without hitting a Dementor. Then, hit the one that is attacking Sirius.

Defeating the Ghoul:
On the "Neville And The Ghoul" level, after you have completed all of the tasks and have opened the chamber, light Lumos Duo in its eyes. Then, lead it into the chamber to lock it in.

Defeating Hinkypunks:
You will first come in contact with Hinkypunks on the same level with the Ghoul. Hunkypunks are ghost-like creatures with one foot and a lantern. To defeat them, have Ron shine Lumos Duo in their faces. When they become solid and zombie-like, finish them off with Flipendo.

Use the following trick to defeat Hinkypunks in Muggle Studies. As Ron in the Muggle Studies classroom level, when you enter the room with the Lumos spellbook, three Hinkypunks should appear. Once you defeat the Hinkypunks, another group should appear. You must defeat all the Hinkypunks before you will be able to charge up the crystal ball, maneuver the mirror to shine the beam on the eyeball, and open the door.

Defeating Professor Lupin:
Professor Lupin is difficult to defeat because all your spells only do 1 damage. Use all your potions on Buckbeak, though only when he is certain to die without them. Use Fumos on Buckbeak. There is not much you can do, except Harry's folio's has the Cracker Jinx and the Sonourous Charm. The Cracker Jinx does 40 damage, though the Sonourous Charm does 70 damage. Teach Buckbeak how to block with Hermione's special section. Note: If Buckbeak dies, you must start all over again.

Defeating salamanders:
Use Hermione to freeze the fires. You can then freeze the salamanders and shoot them with Flipendo.

Restore health:
If you are down on health and have no Wiggenweld Potions, go to the dueling club in the Great Hall and duel. If you win, your health will go back up to full. The same thing happens if you lose.

After obtaining the first of the Wiggenweld Potions, use a potion on any character in need, then take that character to a pot, bush, etc. that "shakes". Fire Flipendo at it until it gives up a prize. You may have to do this to a few different objects. However, if you have as many beans as you can carry, it is easier to get a Wiggenweld Potion. Do not buy any potions; just keep hitting objects until each person has their fill of each potion.

In the Neville and the Ghoul level, when you enter the room with the Hinkypunks, you will see a mirror reflector. Move Ron towards the back of it (where the mirror part is on the other side). Have Ron grab on to the mirror reflector. Move Ron to your right once. You should have unlimited health (meaning you will not get hurt) for two minutes.

Character special abilities:
Each character (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) has a special ability. Use Ron to find hidden passages. Use Harry to jump long gaps. Use Hermione to crawl under small spaces. This is useful when getting spellbooks or escaping Trolls and Prefects.

The best player to use is Hermione. When you learn spells with her, it is much easier than with Harry. It is easier to cast spells as well. Harry is not as good at spells, but is much faster when walking and has more stamina. Ron is not really good for anything.

Getting Chizpurfels for Snape's Class:
You cannot just run over to Chizpurfels and pick them. You must do something to them so that they are safe to pick up. When you speak to Hagrid, he tells you to lure the Chizpurfels that are under the trees on the right-hand side into the lake by the Venomus Tentacula (after speaking to him after awhile). Hermione then says, "Come on we've got to find Buckbeak". However, you do not need Buckbeak at all. As Ron, run over to the Chizpurfels and equip Lumos on your spells. There are two Venomous Tentaculas. One is awake, and one is asleep. Lure the Chizpufels one by one in front of the Venomous Tentacula that is awake. The Venomus Tentacula will chew the Chizpurfels and spit them back out. They will now be safe to pick up.

Getting Doxey eggs for Potions class:
Have plenty of Antidote because Doxeys are poisonous. Use Flapindo to get rid of the Doxeys, then have Harry use the spell that grabs things, Carpe Retractum, to pull the eggs towards you. Hold the Analog-stick Toward you to pull them.

Getting the Draconifors spell:
After Harry has been through all the Boggart part, there will be a small golden gate. Use Hermione to crawl under it. When you want to use this, shoot it at any dragon statue you see, next to tapestries with dragons on them. Note: In the room where the golden gate is found is a statue for the list.

Getting Fairy Wings:
Have Hermione repair the dragon statue with Reparo. Then, shoot Draconifors at it to light the bush in which the fairies are hiding in. The fairies will get mad and attack you. Then, have Hermione shoot them with Flipendo then use Glacius on them while they are on the ground.

Getting Fireseeds for Potions class:
To get Fireseeds, go outside then go to the right. Keep going until you see the greenhouses. There is a tree here. Have Hermione go up to the tree and use the Glacious spell. When the fire is gone, Fireseeds will appear.

Have Hermione as leader. Get onto Buckbeak and fly towards the orange light coming from the greenhouses. Fly to there and you will find the Fireseeds.

Getting potion ingredients:
Speak to Glanmore Peakes on the Sixth Floor.

When you have to collect potions ingredients for Snape, and the doors are locked in the great staircase, go to the first floor and try to open the door four or five times. You should drop down underneath the staircase. You can do this as Hermione, Harry, and Ron.

Getting the non-jinxed Qudditch crate for Harry:
Fly in through the top with Buckbeak, using Hermione as the rider. Dismount when inside the courtyard and find a puddle of water. Use Glacious to freeze the puddle and it will turn into an ice block. Have Hermione climb the ice block and set the dragon statue on fire with Draconifors. The dragon will light up and blow fire. The fire will burn the rope that the crate is hanging from, and it will fall. Because you only have a limited time to go to the Quidditch field, just fly Buckbeak as fast as possible. The field will be where there is a tower with four colored flags. Once you see them, land on the green next to the tower to complete the task.

Getting out of the circular room:
When you go to Charms, you will have to retrieve the Carpe Retractum spell book. When you reach a circular room that has three doors with flaming handles, have Hermione use Glacius on all three handles. Then, change to Harry and grab the first handle. Next, change to Ron and grab another handle. Finally, change to Hermione and grab the last handle. If done correctly, the floor should start falling and you will have to fight Redcaps.

Secret door:
On the first floor (Transfiguration) control Hermione and go behind the statue. This is one of the statues for the list. Then, go back to your friends. Change into Ron, and on the far right of that little part of the room with the statue is a secret door that you can open. Then, go back to your friends once more and change into Harry. You will need the Carpe Retractum spell for this part. Next to the door you just opened with Ron is a small lever, up higher. Pull this down to open the left hand side of that wall.

Easy beans:
You can get lots of beans and Wiggenweild Potions in Fred and George's bathroom. Play as Ron and go to the back room. Go up to the robes and press A for both sides. Beans and sometimes Wiggenweild Potions will appear. Go through the secret wall, then go back to Fred and George's. Go to the robes and do the same thing. Keep going back and forth and you will have plenty of beans.

When using Harry, Hermione, or Ron, fire your attacking spell at a bush. A bean will appear. Continue to do this as many times as desired.

When playing as Ron, go up to a bookcase and search it. You will either find a bean, stink pellet, or Wiggenweld Potion. This only works while playing as Ron.

The Charms classroom has probably the most beans in it. If you walk to the back of the classroom, there is an obvious chest. However, if you go into the back left-hand corner, you will notice a bookshelf. Beside the bookshelf is a broken box that can be repaired with Reparo and can be climbed upon to reach the shelf and the chest, which has many beans in it. However, there is yet one more set of beans. Go to the right side of the classroom and climb up into the desk areas. There is a bookshelf. To the left of the shelf is an object that can be pulled down using Carpus Retractum. This opens the bookshelf beside you. Inside is another chest with many beans and two flying books.

In the Muggle Studies room after you have defeated the killer ducks, cast a Repairo spell on the gramophone. It will start playing and the trunk opposite it, which was locked, will now be open. Open it to get lots of beans.

Use the following trick for easy beans, potions, and cards. Use Hermione and buy the Snufflifors Spell book at Fred and George's shop on the sixth floor for 50 beans. Keep switching between the sixth floor corridor (outside Fred and George's shop) and the next room (not the Grand Staircase). When you run around each room a bit, three books will fly out of the bookshelf and attack your trio. Use Snufflifors on the books to turn them into mice, which will crawl into a hole. Out of the hole will come beans, potions and rare cards. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Prefect missions:
Go in to the main hall (with the big wooden doors leading outside). Look behind one of the hour glasses which show the House Points. You will find a badge. Then, go back to the Gryffindor common room and go to the notice board in the lounge. You will now be instructed to find lost items inside and outside Hogwarts. Keep going back to the notice board for more of these, each time getting more House Points.

Easy House Points:
Random items are sent around the school. Find them and return it to the notice board inside the portrait for Gryffindor.
Iceinuyashadude and mclemens.

1. Ground floor: The shield is located behind Huffelpuff and Griffindor's House Point counters.

2. Outside: It is to the side of the huge rocks.

3. Second floor: In the corridor in the group of chairs.

4. Third floor: Defense Against The Dark Arts classroom. It is up on the stairs.

Note: The message board tells you where everything can be found. There are about five other items after the vial case to be found (Dragon Gloves, an Owl Parcel, a Key Telescope, Brass Scale, and Potion Bottle).

Hidden Collector Cards:
Using Hermione, go to every fireplace around the school, including the Gryffindor common room fireplace, and use the Glacius spell on them. By doing this, a Famous Witches or Wizards card will appear. Also using Hermione, purchase the Snufflifores Spellbook at Fred and George's shop for 50 Beans. Using this spell, you can turn flying books into mice, which will run away into a mouse hole located within that room. When the mouse enters the hole, either a rare card or Bertie Bott's Beans will appear.

Go to Fred and George's bathroom on the Sixth Floor. Use Hermione and go to the second cubicle on the left as you enter. The toilet will be leaking, and a puddle will have formed on the floor. Use Glacius on it to for an ice block, and a rare card will appear.

Go to Fred and George's bathroom on the Sixth Floor. As Hermione, walk to the first cubicle on the right hand side. You will see that the toilet is smashed and laying in pieces. Use Reparo to will fix it, and a card will appear.

Go through the secret wall at the back of Fred and George's bathroom where you got the marauder's map. Look to the left. Have Ron and Harry lift up the grill and Hermione crawl under and flip the switch. A bridge will extend across from you to the platform which housed the map, and which now has a caged card in the middle. Go across as Hermione and use Glacius on the fire balls. Look at the floor to see that there are three buttons. Choose one character for each of these and, as Harry, use Carpe Retractum on the card in the middle.

When in the marauders map area, you may notice that you cannot get to the gold tower in the middle of the room (the tower with the marauders map at the top), unless you use Hedwig to fly to the top of the tower. When Harry has Carpe Retractum, go to the gold tower room. Use Harry and Ron to lift the iron gate, and have Hermoine to crawl under it and press the switch. When you press the switch, you can go to the gold tower. You will see a Collector Card on a thing in the middle of the tower. Use Carpe Retractum to get the card.

Ron can open a secret entry to a treasure chest on the fourth floor corridor by using the Illuminous spell on a crystal. The crystal shines on a wall plaque and opens the secret wall with the treasure chest and a card.

When you go into the boys dormitory in Gryffindor tower, enter as Ron. Go to the box at the end of his bed. It has "RW" on it. Have Ron open it and you will find a Famous Witches And Wizards Card. Then, leave the boys dormitory and use Hermione to enter the girls dormitory, Go to Hermione's box at the end of her bed. Have her open it and you will find another Famous Witches And Wizards Card.

Searching bookshelves:
Play as Ron. When you see a bookshelf, walk up and press A. Ron will search it and will appear with a Bertie Bot, Dungbomb, Wiggenweild Potion, or find a secret passage.

For almost every bookcase, and all parts of the wall that look strange, use Ron. More often then not, you can find beans and secret passages.

Treasure chests:
In the shortcut to the fourth floor, there should be a room with Pixies in it. Shoot them all down with Flipendo. A hook-like object should appear. Switch to Harry and use Carpe Retractum to pull yourself to the other side. There will be a treasure chest there.

Go into the boys dorm as Harry. Open the chest with H.P on it. Then, change into Ron, and open the chest with R.W on it. Next, go into the girls dorm as Hermione. Open the chest with H.G on it. Also, anything that wriggles can be shot with a Flipendo for beans.

In the Boys' Dormitory, have Harry as the active character. Look at the trunks. Find the trunk that has an "H.P." on it. Only Harry can open it. Inside has a Wizard Card. Switch to Ron as the active character. Find the trunk with "R.W." on it. Inside is yet another Wizard Card. The same goes for Hermione in the Girls' Dormitory, except her trunk is marked "H.G.", and inside is a piece from the Folio Bruti.

Spying around Hogwarts:
Once you get the Expecto Patronum spell, for a short amount of time you can go anywhere without being detected. All you have to do is cast the spell and just move the spell around as if you were trying to hit a Dementor, but instead of searching for a Dementor, you can use this spell to spy around corners and around open areas. This is a very useful for when you have to escape Hogwarts grounds at night and there are Security Trolls as well as Prefects. Note: You cannot use this spell to kill Doxys, Red Caps, or any other monster; it only works on Dementors.

Easy Lumos:
For easy Lumos, press whatever button you have it on quickly, then press it again and hold. If done correctly, Lumos should just shoot out of Ron's wand without you stopping. Note: You must do it very quickly on the first time, then just it press again and hold.

Charms Classroom Challenge:
When you are in the Charms Classroom Challenge to get the Carpe Retractum Spellbook, Ron and Hermione will encounter a puzzle that they must solve together to unlock Harry from a closed in space that he is trapped in. When Ron gets the puddle of water under the crystal ball, Hermione needs to turn it in to a block of ice so that she can push it. This is the easy part. The difficult part is how to stop it from sliding past the eye. Place Ron on the right side of the eye. He needs to be close to it so that he can stop the block from sliding. Ron will get hit, but it will stop the block.

Stink Pellet Challenge:
Go to Fred and George's shop, located on the Sixth Floor. As Ron, purchase some Stink Pellets. After doing so, Fred and George will offer you a challenge, in which you must go around the school and throw Stink Pellets in the twenty mounted decorations, which resemble two snakes holding up a pot, tipping them over. After doing this, return to the shop and you will be given four Witches and Wizards Cards.

Stink Pellet Holder locations:

Ground Floor/Dungeons
1. Dungeon corridor by the classroom.
2. Dungeon corridor near the gate.
3. Potions classroom.
4. Entrance Hall by the Hufflepuff hourglass.

5. Go right upon entering the staircase.
6. Above the History of Magic door (fourth floor).
7. Between the sixth and seventh floor.

Floor 1 - Transfiguration
8. Behind the statue of Gregory the Smarmy (secret area behind the tapestry on the right).
9. In the classroom. Climb up the bookshelves and it will be there.
10. Also in the classroom, but parallel to pellet holder number nine.

Floor 2 - Charms
11. First secret area on the right. Use Draconifors. Enter the room and it is by the tapestry.

Floor 3 - Defense Against the Dark Arts
12. In the back of the room on the right side.
13. In the classroom. Go past the rails and it is on the right side.

Floor 4 - History of Magic
14. In the corridor, directly ahead upon entering.
15. In the corridor above the Hospital Wing door.

Floor 5 - Muggle Studies
16. Use the main door and it is in the hallway on the left.

Floor 6 - Ancient Runes
17. In the East Wing. Go straight ahead, turn right and walk straight.
18. In the bathroom on the right side next to the stalls. Fred or George showed you this one when you first started the Stink Pellet Challenge.

Floor 7- Gryffindor Tower
19. Fat Lady's Corridor to the right of the Fat Lady's portrait/entrance to the common room
20. In the North Wing. Next to one of the badger statues/columns.

In the Transfiguration classroom are some book cases you can climb onto. They are on your left when you first walk in, and are like stairs. Change into Ron to climb. There will be a narrow ledge, and there will be a Stink Pellet Cup for the Stink Pellet Challenge. Walk along the edge to the other side, and there will be another one.

Statue Challenge:
When you go into Fred and George's shop on the Sixth Floor (Ancient Runes) you will see a scroll on display when you are Hermione. Stand next to the scroll until you can find out more information about it. Fred and George will explain the scroll then tell you about the statue challenge and how it will increase you spell power. Start in the entrance hall first. Go down to the dungeon corridor and to the door that is not Snape's classroom. Search for an elf-like figure. When you stand next to it, read the note and you will have found one statue. Make sure to check everywhere on each floor, and even some secret passageways. Note: Always use Hermione for this challenge only. None of the classrooms have any statues, and the great hall has a statue in the corner.

You can get a book from Fred and George by finding nine statues.

Have Hermione go on a statue hunt for nine statues. When she finds the first three, Fred and George allow her to improve the power of everyone's spells. For the second three (six statues) you will improve on defense. The last three (nine statues) will improve the speed of your spells.

Statue locations:

1. Bridget Wenlock: Seventh Floor, Gryffindor Tower. Small statue. Back of the room, to the right of the Fat Lady's Corridor door.

2. Gondoline Oliphant: Fourth Floor, History of Magic. Small statue. Turn right upon entrance and use Draconifors on the statue. Enter the room. The statue is in here.

3. Hengist of Woodcroft: Fourth Floor, History of Magic. Small statue. Enter the Fourth Floor Corridor and turn left. The statue is by the Hospital Wing.

4. Glanmore Peakes. Fifth Floor, Ancient Runes. Small statue. Back of the room; left of the Glanmore Peakes Corridor door.

5. Beaumont Marjoribanks: Fourth Floor, History of Magic. Small statue. In the back of the History of Magic classroom.

6. Gunhilda of Gorsemoor: Third Floor, Defense Against the Dark Arts. Large statue. Towards the back of the Gunhilda of Gorsemoor corridor.

7. Gregory the Smarmy: First Floor, Transfiguration. Large statue. In the middle of the hallway.

8. Jocunda Sykes: Ground Floor, Entrance Hall. Small statue. Left of the main staircase.

9. Hooky the House Elf: Dungeons. Small statue. Enter the Dungeon Corridor (same floor as the classroom) and go to the back on the room and turn left. Enter the door. In this room, go to the very back and turn right. The statue will be there.

Go to the sixth floor (Ancient Runes) and go into the room with the picture that talks. Use Reparo on the broken vase and it should bring itself back together. Then, the portrait tells you how to get one of your potion ingredients. However, his speech is difficult to hear due to the noise of the books and the Reparo spell.

Finding secret areas:
If you have Ron as the active character, the walls that are secret areas and can be opened have a glazed, foggy look to them. Also, when up against the wall/bookcase, it will say "Open" whereas if you have Harry or Hermione as the active character, the secret area will say "Try" when pressed against.

Secret area in the Gryffindor common room:
Play as Ron and go to the Gryffindor common room. Search the bookshelf. It will open and reveal a treasure chest. Inside is a page from the Folio Bruti.

Secret area in Muggle Studies:
When you enter the Muggle Studies room, go to the left of it. There should be a door that can be lifted by Ron and Harry and crawled under by Hermione. When she enters the hallway, there is a chest with many beans inside. Have her continue into the next room. In this room, evil ducks will attack you. Once you kill them all, go towards the two boxes. Push the box closest to the bookshelf away from it so that it is not blocking the other box. It should look like this:

| Shelf |
|Box 1|
|Box 2|

Push Box 2 towards the platform nearby. Climb up onto the platform and use Reparo on the broken box. Then, push the wooden box onto box number two so that the wooden crate is on the second box. Then, push the two boxes up against the bookshelf. Then, go back to box number one. Push it against the two boxes so that it forms a staircase like this:

| |
| |
|Shelf| ~~~~~~
| | Crate
| | ~~~~~~
| | ====== ++++++
| | Box 2 Box 1
| | ====== ++++++

Climb up the "staircase" and use Draconifors on the dragon statue on top of the shelf. Enter the door and continue from there.

When in Muggle Studies in the room with the dungbombs in glass, have Harry and Ron pick the gate up then have Hermione crawl under. When you see the chest, open it and collect the items. Keep progressing, then open the door and kill the ducks. Next, move a box to the place where the blue car is located. Crawl onto it, then use Reparo on the box on top, and get it even with the box below. Then, push it off the side where it is even. Then, get it and put it by the bookshelf with the large dragon poster on top of it. Get the small one and do the same thing. Have Hermione use Draconifors, then go through the door. You will end up in a place at the top of Muggle Studies if you keep progressing. At the end you will find a chest.

When Hermione is in Muggle Studies, it is easier to just drop the repaired box onto the one used to get up on it. Then, move both sets to the opposite shelf and go up to the two boxes. Hermione can climb the set. You do not need the other box.

Secret area in Second Floor:
Go to the Second Floor and stand behind the large statue of Gregory The Smarmy. As Harry, look up and target the candlestick. You may need to stand back to do this -- be careful if it is at nighttime, as the Prefect may see you. Use Carpe Retractum on the candle, and on your left a secret room with a chest will open.

Shortcut to the fourth floor in Gryffindor Tower:
Go to Gryffindor tower and play as Ron. Search the bookshelves. One will open to a room. Go through the door and down the steps, then go to the right. Go down the staircase and open up a wall. It will lead you to the fourth floor.

Unlock chest in Muggle Studies:
To open the locked chest in Muggle studies, have Hermione cast Reparo on the Phonograph next to it.

Neville And The Ghoul level:
In the room where you have to defeat Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, is a small gate which you must come back to later with Hermione so that she can crawl under it. In there is a chest and a tapestry. You will need the Draconifors spell. In there will be "killer ducks". After you defeating them, push one of the boxes up to the blue car. Climb up on top, and there will be a box that needs repairing. Push it down on top of the box you used to get up there. Then, climb down. Using the other box, push it up against the bookcase, then the two boxes on top of each other next to it. This allows you to climb up there and go through the door.

Hippogriff on the Final Day:
Even though Buckbeak flew away with Sirius there will be a new Hippogriff by Hagrid's hut. This one is orange and its name is unknown.

Hippogriff limitations:
The Hippogriffs only let Harry and Hermione ride on them. They will attack Ron if he tries.

Buckbeak color change:
After you approach the end of the game, where Dumbledore will tell you to finish unfinished business and then attend the House Cup Ceremony, notice that each time you go outside and visit Buckbeak he will be a different color.

Calling other characters:
If anybody is falling behind, press L to call them.

Getting past Trolls:
Throw a dung bomb by them and you can easily slip past.

Another way to get past the Trolls in the north wing of the seventh floor is to use Hermione. Use the Glacius spell on the Troll to distract it then run away. It is not as easy as using dung bombs, but it will do the trick. If you are not careful you can still get caught using this method.

Use the following trick for the Trolls in the north wing. Get Ron to the area separating him from the first troll by a bookcase. Then, switch to Harry or Hermione and go to the edge of the long line of bookcases where you can see the Troll. Manually aim at the troll and cast a Flipendo spell at it. Then, hide where the long line of book cases meets the wall where the Troll cannot see you. The Troll will totter to where you cast the Flipendo spell. Meanwhile Ron will sneak away from the first Troll. With this procedure, you will use up three dung bombs instead of four.

Get told off by a Prefect:
In Snape's dungeons, at the side of the bar door you will see another door. Go there and have Ron use Lumos. Keep going between the bookshelves. One of them has a Prefect. If you catch him by surprise, you will get told off and start back in the dungeon's corridor.

Owl racing:
When owl racing, if you fall behind rapidly tap B. You will catch up.

When you need to get to the Gryfinndor Tower and it is locked, if you are low on dungbombs, play as Ron and search through all of the bookcases. If you do not have at least four, you can go out to the grand staircase and immediately come back in. It will all be there again.

Seeing ahead:
When you get Expecto Patronum for Harry, fire the spell in any direction and use it as a guide for seeing what is ahead.

Different dueling teams:
During the school day, if you go to the Great Hall and start dueling, you will have the same team everyday. However if you turn off your Xbox, restart the game, then go to the Great Hall, you will face a different team from a different house.

Harry's Dad's voice:
When you get attacked by a Dementor and it is stealing your soul, listen closely. You will hear a male voice yell "Lily! Its him run!" or "Lily! Take Harry outta here!", which we can assume its his dad telling his mom to get Harry to safety the night Voldemort came and murdered them.

Hermione in Boys' Dormitory:
Go to the Griffindor common room as Hermione. Go to the door that leads to the Boys' dormitory. You will then be able to go in the Boys' room, while Harry and Ron cannot go into the Girls' room.

Gryriffindor ties and clothing differences:
When you talk to other students, look at their ties. Everyone has a Gryriffindor tie, with the exception of Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle (whom have different ones). Also, there are only two people with their shirts out, which are Ron and Seamus, and with either Crabbe or Goyle, only one has a school jumper on.

Neville's old books:
Go to the Boy's Dormitory on the seventh floor (Griffindor). Using Hermonie, go to Neville's bed and stand near his items until she says something similar to "That's odd, these are last year's books."

Snape comes after Harry:
When you are in the room immediately after you get the Maurader's Map with Snape in it, walk up to him. Use Flipendo on him. Hide and Snape will try to chase you. He will then laugh. You can do this repeatedly if desired.

Escaping from Snape:
After getting the Fairy Wings from Hogsmeade you will appear in a corridor with Snape walking back and forth. Take everyone up the stairs, switch to Hermione, and use Draconifors on the dragon. Go through the door as Harry (open the chest), walk through the next door, and use Carpe Retractum on the gargoyle. There is another chest. Get a running start and you will jump off. Then, avoid the knights and you have escaped.

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