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Better Shooting
Enter "Excellent" as a code at the options screen.

Dunk contest freeball passing and Mid-air trick combos
To start a dunk, you can either jump or do a freeball pass. To jump, press B + any Turbo (press L, R, or click Left Analog-stick). To do a freeball pass, press A + any Turbo (press L, R, or click Left Analog-stick).

Easy points in Dunk Contest
When you are playing a dunk contest, hold L + White + R + A before the three point line, then run up just for a second and press B. You will catch it, giving you some nasty points.

Easy trick points on a Gamebreaker
When you go up to dunk, make sure all your teammates are downcourt. Go up, hold all four Turbo buttons and rotate the Right Analog-stick until another teammate jumps up. continue this until all two teammates jump, and on the last player just let them dunk.

Easy biggie littles
Hold all four Turbo buttons and the Right Analog-stick Up.

Biggie littles in Street Challenge Mode
Defeat his team in the finals of the first tournament you are invited to at The Cage, NY.

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