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X-Men Legends Walkthrough
Version 2.0.0
By Eristole & HexKrak

xTable of Contentsx

A)A couple of notes

B) Concept art, Danger room disks, and Comic locations, with basic tips and
mission objective type info

C) Danger Room Scenario list

D) Alternate Costumes

E) Danger room Extra credit tips

F) Concept art Titles(not finished)

G) Special Thanks and Credits

H) Legal

I) Important note

xA) First off a couple of tips and notes.x

+The danger room gives you some of the disks for each level. We beat each dd
as soon as we could. So I'm not sure whether the scenario's it gives you is
based on your credits, current mission or what. Beating the challenges gives
great items for each character that they are able to use at lvl 20.

+If you leave a danger room mission incomplete you can use it to get potions
at the xtraction points by entering the scenario grabbing all the potions you
can and then exit before you finish the objectives. This trick can get you
out of some tight spots.

+Comics add stat points for the featured characters. They're not just another
version of concept art.

+After collecting all of the concept art there will be a lot more unlocked
for you to view. We're not sure if this is the only reward for it.

+The first time we played thru this game we missed a lot of danger room
disks, and we were able to buy a lot from healer. I'm not sure how many you
can buy from him, or which ones, but we were missing quite a few at endgame,
so you'd best find as many as you can, and that what we're trying to help you
do here.

+Use the map!!! So many people get stuck, especially on the USS Arbiter,
while trying to locate people, or objectives when on a timer. The important
spots, a) objective points, this includes the people on the USS arbiter, and
the place you need to escort them to, b) places to make bridges, c) entrance
and exit points.

+Please email hexkrak@hotmail.com with errors or fixes. Please include which
console you play this on, and how many times you've already beat the game.
Also any info that you'd like to see here.

+We just found out that there is one piece of concept art missing from this
guide. It was the Morlock tunnels concept art. We had it, but apparently
neglected to write it down. Our best guess is that its in the second visit
to the morlock tunnels when saving the morlocks.
xB) Item Locations and zone specific tipsx

Game starts: Cinematic of Magma in NY

Start as Wolverine;

Mission 1:
Zone 1
+Nothing important

+Nothing important

Zone 3
+Nothing again

Zone 4
+Nothing important
Boss 1 Mystique
Focus on the Brotherhood thugs when they spawn, then hit and run Mystique if
you get low on hp. The trash cans have potions; grab em if ya need em.

Zone 5 Blob
Boss 2 Blob
Use Cyclops's eye beam, and combo it with Wolverine's claw attack for a
damage bonus.

Zone 6
+DD Teamwork 101
+Wolverine Comic

X mansion:
+DD Teamwork 102(subbasement)
Go ahead and do the danger room missions. It will make the next mission cake.

Mission 2:
Zone 1 Frozen falls
+Concept art (behind generator, on a little raised area just left of the
exit, assuming you're facing the exit)
Your objective here is to blow up the 2 of the 5 generators.

Zone 2 The bridge
+Comic book Cyclops (Hidden in the trees, Just to the right, off the ledge,
by the generator next to the save point)
Objective-> More generators to make into rubble. Also shut down the
surveillance system, which is just more lovely destruction.

Zone 3 Outer grounds
+DD Combined powers 101(On top of roof with the train wrecked across road)
+Skill point (on train car on train bridge)
Objectives Destroy 3 of 6 transformers
Something fun to do here is to throw one of the explosive barrels onto the
bridge in the middle of the map, it will explode and blow up.

Zone 4 Inner grounds
+DD Challenge Beast (on roof near tank fight, across road from big satellite
dish, right before a snow tractor is in the road)
Objectives Destroy the other 3 transformers

Zone 5 HARPP facility
+Nothing important

Zone 6 Mess hall
+DD Combined powers 102(From zone in follow path forward to the first door.
Inside this door there is another door immediately to your left. In this
small room is the disk behind some box's)

Zone 7 System ops
+Nothing important

Zone 8 Satellite ops
+Comic book Iceman(Room right before the lift out of the zone next to 2
generator looking things)

Boss fight Pyro
We slowed him with iceman, lightning with storm, and had had rogue melee him.
There's better ways, but this was who was in our group at the time, along
with the useless Jean Grey *for this fight.* Wolverine makes a better
addition to the group then Jean. I do recommend having iceman around the slow
is very useful, along with his ability to put out fires(although storms
tornado can do this too)

Zone 9 Ice tunnels
+DD Qualifying exam 100 (right next to the zone out lift)

Zone 10 Exterior access tunnels
+Concept art (Inlet near area you need to make bridge over)

Boss Toad
+Nothing to find here

Allison in the Mansion #2:
+Nothing important
Bobby- by pool
Denise- Just out of pool area in grass
Danny- Between basketball and tennis courts
Jubilee- Towards house

Upstairs Dorms
+DD Protect 202 (By stairs)

Ground floor
*IMPORTANT*Nightcrawler for Flashback Sentinels

Nightcrawlers Flashback (need flyer for comic):
7th ave
+DD Defend 202- Alley near start
2 sentinels

8th ave
2 sentinels

9th ave
5 sentinels

10th ave
+Comic book Nightcrawler(on roof, Use Jean Grey to fly up and right from
zone in, building has lots of round tables on it)
Don't kill all of the sentinels until you have the comic book, because once
you do, the mission will end without giving you an option to scout around.

*IMPORTANT*Beast Flashback Juggernauts Rampage

Beast's Flashback:
+DD Challenge Cyclops(by stairway to dorms)
Attack Juggernaut full out until he gets a big red circle around his feet
signifying that he's invulnerable. Wait until it disappears and then attack
him again.

Allison's Danger room test in the dangeroom(subbasement)
Lots of health and mana here, stock up the best you can, should be pretty

Morlock Tunnels:

Zone 1 Outfall Tunnels
+Nothing important

Zone 2 Mainline Reservoir
From here you can go East or West. For the purposes of this walkthru go east.

Zone 3 EAST trunk line
+Comic book Storm (Just to the right of the zone in. Need ice bridge or flyer
to get across gap)
+Concept art (behind crates near water pump)

Zone 4 WEST trunk line
+DD Focus 201 (Strait ahead from zone in)
Go back to the Mainline Reservoir and you'll be able there will be a door in
the center where there was sewage.

Zone 5 The Morlock village
+Nothing important
Talk to Marrow
Talk to Healer(you now have access to the healer thru most xtraction points)

Zone 6 Mainline North
+Concept art (get to xtraction point. go over bridge, take a left through
door, Break wall by door #2. Secret room with box's)

Zone 7 The Filtration reservoir
+DD Focus 202(Straight from zone in to wall. Turn left, in middle of bridge,
need a flyer, left side by Goth)

Zone 8 22nd st Steamworks
+DD Challenge Rogue(before entering the fighting ring to battle morrow, fly
around the left of the ring to a ledge back behind it.)
In fighting Marrow Storm is a must you can just nuke nuke nuke, and win the
fight with very little problem. You can break the ring apart after you beat
marrow. The mission dosent end until you talk to Gambit.

From here strait to the USS Arbiter:
Zone 1 Forward Flight Deck
+Nothing important

Zone 2 Aft Flight Deck
+Nothing important
After using the crane take one of the exploding barrels and throw it at the
spot the cable connects to the vehicle, to blow the thing apart dropping it
on the deck and opening up the new zone. For fun put one of your characters
under the spot it will drop. It will fall on them instantly zoning you,
without causing damage to your team. Hey it made me laugh anyway.

Zone 3 Hanger Lift
+Skill point (to the right of the zone in on a ledge, you need to fly to it,
but that's ok because there's an xtraction point at the zone in too.)

Zone 4 Aft Hatchways
+Nothing important

Zone 5 Starboard Launch bay
+Concept art(in a little room just right of the zone out, if you're facing
the zone out)

Zone 6 Fore Launch bay
+Nothing important

Zone 7 The Brig
+Comic Beast(left of zone out, in room with a guy in need of rescue)
Timer starts in here don't fret though, when looking for the comic you'll
come across holes in the hull that you can use storm or Cyclops to weld
giving you extra time. Remember you don't have to go back to the save crewman
here point after each time you find someone, you can wait until you have all
the crewmen tagging along. That will save you some precious time. Also use
the large map menu option and all the crewmen will show up on the map as
objective points (gold x's). When you have more than one following you, you
may need to run away from the red arrow (save people here point), and come
back to get the next guy to leave. You don't have to run very far tho.

Zone 8 Infirmary
+Nothing important
Same thing goes for here. Get all the crewmen following you before returning
to the point where they need to be saved.

Zone 9 Galley
+DD Qualify 200 (if zone out and zone in are oriented to the top hallway
along the map there are 3 indents along the hallway. Between the middle one
and the far left one there is a door to the south, go thru this door and then
again thru a second door to your south. The disk should be in this room)
+Concept art (left from zone in, electric guarded, 1 blocked door, jump on
walkway over electric water by wall and bust it down, the wall that is)

Zone 10 Maintenance division
+Nothing important

Back to the Mansion:

Magma Danger room #2:
Zone 1
+Nothing important

Zone 2 Central park
+Comic Magma (on path by sewer grate you destroy)
+Concept art (by destroyed bridge

Zone 3 East Manhattan
+Nothing important

Wolverine Flashback:
Zone 1
+Nothing important

Zone 2 Lab Support
+DD Survival 302 (Top left corner of the map, oriented as the map is when you
zone in)

Zone 3 Fission Gate
+DD Challenge Wolverine (at end before you catch boss scientist, go upstairs
into his room hug the right wall, and walk out down stairs and you'll see it.)

Nuke Factory (need a flyer for comic in zone 2):
Zone 1 Primary Control Center
+DD Assault 301 (go forward, talk to the guy, continue forward, take the
stairway down to your right, follow around machinery)

Zone 2 Turbine facility
+Nothing important

Zone 3 Reactor Core
+Comic Jubilee (At zone in if you fly strait over the stairs and turn right
you will see it down by the water. Down stairs, need a flyer to get over the
electrified water)

Zone 4 Coolant pumps
*I recommend you crack open a 40 of Old E here. It really helps you get thru.

Zone 5 Back to the reactor core
+Nothing unless you missed it the first time

Zone 6 Conversion Sequencers
+Nothing important

Zone 7 Secondary Control center
+Concept art (when leaving the room with the objective, take off from the
stairs down, and fly to the right)

Zone 8 Condenser controls
+DD Challenge Storm (From zone in go down to grate above electric wate. Run
straight fly forward onto ledge to your left)

Zone 9 Back to the conversion sequencers
+DD Assault 302 (behind, now open, blast doors, you must get these with a
flyer before welding the arms into position, because this will cause the
mission complete sequence)
+Skill Point (same place as assault 302)
To weld the arms in place first you must push them into place using Jean
Grey's telekinesis, or Storm's Tornado. Then you can weld them with Cyclops's
eye beams, or Storm's lightning bolt.

Muir Island
Main area
+Sketch Book (run around the center area and you'll find it with ease.)

Reboot the supercomputer
Zone 1
Load up on potions, there should be more than enough to beat the robots and
stock you reserves. If you have Shadowcat's touch, this would be a good place
to use it.

Muir Island main area
We got stuck here both times thru the game, and had to reload the game. All
the advice I have is listen to everything the people say without skipping
thru it by pressing A. This seemed to do the trick.

Back to the X Mansion romp:
+Sketchbook (by a set of three chairs, with a couple kids lounging around,
by pool)
+DD Challenge Ice Man (Dorm level next to stairs)
+Comic Book Rogue (Subbasement, Brig, where they're holding toad)

Mansion Mission GRSO:
Zone 1 Back yard
+Nothing important
*p.s. By this point if you took the 40's of old e advice you should be pretty

Zone 2 Front yard

Back Inside the Mansion:
You have a second chance to get the items you could have found if you were
following the walkthru the last time you were exploring. Even if you found
them the first time they will show up again.
+DD Challenge Ice Man (Dorm level next to stairs)
+Comic Book Rogue (Subbasement, Brig, where they're holding toad)

Astral plane or Weapon X choice for mission:

Weapon X
Zone 1 Infusion trials ruins
+Skill point 30k exp (go left from zone out and you'll see a second yellow x
on the map, go to it)
+DD Sabotage 402 (Right from zone in. In room with 2 pipe things, in the
middle of a little pit thing)

Zone 2 Lab support ruins
+Nothing important
* Finally I started taking the notes, and I can read the handwriting

Zone 3
+DD Challenge Night Crawler (by switch to shut off force field door at end of

Zone 4 D Block Ruins
+DD Focus 401 (first door on right from zone in)

Zone 5 Holding Cells
+Concept art (straight ahead from zone in)

Astral Plains
Zone 1 The Shadow Gallery
+DD Challenge Phoenix (Follow the path and keep left)

Zone 2 The Chamber of Echos
+DD Qualify Exam 300 (Left of save point, when facing zone in)

Zone 3 The endless stairs
+Nothing important

Zone 4 The lovely Dark
+Astral Stone
+Comic book Emma frost (north from entrance, from original map orientation?)

Sentinel Attack:
+Big fat nothing except lovely potions of goodness

Mansion romp:
+Nothing important

Morlock Village visit #2:
Zone 1 Morlock village
+nothing important

Zone 2 Storm drain
+concept art (From zone in take all rights. It is across a small bridge)

Zone 3
+Comic book Gambit (left of zone in, in area blocked by sewer fence)
+DD Focus 402 (Upstairs by lever, to the right as you go in the room)

Zone 4 Waste waster basin
+Cybers Revenge

Zone 5 Overflow reservoir
+DD Challenge Colossus (first door on left side, destroy wall on right)
+DD Graduation Exam 400 (in room with lever to release healer)

Mt Essence
Zone 1
+DD Challenge Magma (as you travel forward from the xtraction point follow
the left wall, opposite from the lava, and there will be a sliver of land
that curves around a bend, just before the walking room ends and the magma
continues the disk will be)
+Concept art (beginning of stairway before conputer, marked by yellow x on

Zone 2 Transport C

Mansion romp:
+Concept art (dining room)
3 options for the next mission we did them in this order.

Juggernaut on Muir island:
+Comic Colossus (in the middle)
+DD Survival 501 (Forge's room by where you start)

Save the Morlocks:
Zone 1 Ladder and Teleporter destruction?(like I said we were kinda drunk at
this point)
+Concept art (Near 4th ladder, close to exit)

Zone 2 Grit Flowage
+DD Sabotage 501 (after second ladder go to the right, inbetween metal cages
in the back)

Zone 3 Sedimentary
Put a flyer in your group if you don't have one, you'll need it for a DD in
the next zone

Zone 4 Dechlorination
+DD Challenge Gambit (left from fighting platform, you'll need a flyer to get
it, Nightcrawler might do it, but if he cant its a 32k death, and a missing
First take out her lackeys, I suggest storm with some massive chain lighting.
Then take morrow out. As soon as you do run to one of the 4 corners, very
quick, a leviathan will show up briefly while resurrecting Morrow. Kill it
quick. Kill her lackeys and then her. Run to the next nearest corner to the
one you visited first, and kill the leviathan. Repeat this process until you
have killed all 4 of the corner units. And then just kill morrow again, and
she won't come back this time.
Remember one thing tho. Get that disk first, because once you beat her you
wont have a chance to go run around, it will be mission over.

NY Riot:
Zone 1 2nd st
+DD Survival 502 (Straight out from the save point, all the way to the fourth
st wall. In a little cove)

Zone 2 East 4th st
+DD Challenge Jubilee (Before zone out, before alley, left hand side of
street, hidden by fire, need ice or storm to put it out)
+Concept art (Hug right from zone in, in a little cove on right behind tree)

Mansion again:
+DD Sabotage 402(bought from healer, available from general inventory not
grab bag. If its not for you don't fret, try beating some of your incomplete
danger room sequences or gaining a few levels)
* Recommended drinking a pot of coffee here if you want to finish this game
in 1 sitting.

Astral Plane(again):
Zone 1 Xavier Nexsus
+DD Protect 601 (far left at start of stariways)
From here you have 3 choices of zones to visit

Knowledge - Hall on fire (right most portal)
+Comic (left down and left again from zone in)
*everyone but Eristole is passed out at this point, including me, HexKrak,
cuz I didn't drink that pot of coffee and it was 8:00am. All props to
Eristole for making this part possible.

Honor - The guardian statue (left most portal)
+DD Challenge Emma Frost (take all lefts)
To kill blob you have to kill the statues to make him vulnerable

Middle Portal - Chamber of faith
+Concept art (Right after first floating florr tile)
*Due to Eristole's continued degradation of handwriting I'm guessing he's
really tired by now, its gotta be about 9am

Prof Mind

Factory Grounds:
+Concept art (in train box car, by guy that drops proximity card)

Zone 1 Fabrication facility
+DD Qualifying Exam 500 (to the right of zone in, up stairs in a back room)

Zone 2 Armor application

Zone 3 Leg attachment

Zone 4 Arm attachment

Zone 5 Head attachment
+Focus 601 (in a room by the guidance thing

Zone 6 Storage Wearhouse

Zone 7 Biolab's holding

Zone 8 Biolab workshop
+Concept art (from save point go through the doors until you find a room with
a "pool" in it. The pool kills you but in the back on an I beam you'll be
able to land and get sketchbook)

Zone 9 Biolab Gallery
+DD Nightmare Wolverine (on top of the generator, after spider sentinal)

Zone 10 Subject recondition center
+skill point (need a Flyer and nightcrawler, by the two bridges, that you
make, fly around back)

Zone 11

Astral Plane(3rd time):
+DD Nightmare Cyclops (right pathway from save point go straight all the way
to cove in wall up stairs)
+Comic Book Jean Grey (left pathway from save point, in big room, bottom left

Mansion again again again again...:
+DD Nightmare Phoenix (xJet hanger)
+Concept art(Dining room)
*Gratz You now have all the concept art, check the book in Colossus's room to
check out the new unlocked art.

Last mission Asteroid M:
Zone 1
+Nothing important

Zone 2
+Nightmare Colossus (to the left and down the stairs, behind some boxes after
Mystique dialog)

Zone 3

Zone 4
+DD Challenge Psylocke (room after you fight Magneto)

Zone 5
+Challenge Legends (room with lots of places to make bridges, in center top,
break big planter to see it easier)

xC) Danger Room Scenario'sx

Here's a list of all the Danger room scenario's so you can cross reference to
see which you missed or even better, haven't missed.

Setting 101: Hidden goods
Setting 102: Throwing
Moves 101: Triple hit
Moves 102: Knock Back
Moves 103: Popup
Moves 104: Trip
Moves 105: Stun
Moves 106: Throw
Teamwork 101
Teamwork 102
Combined Powers 101
Combined Powers 102
Qualifying exam 100

Protect 201
Protect 202
Defend 201
Defend 202
Focus 201
Focus 202
Qualifying exam 200
Challenge Beast
Challenge Rogue
Challenge Cyclops

Combined Powers 301
Combined Powers 302
Survival 301
Survival 302
Assault 301
Assault 302
Qualifying exam 300
Challenge Wolverine
Challenge Storm
Challenge Iceman

Protect 401
Protect 402
Sabotage 401
Sabotage 402
Focus 401
Focus 402
Graduation Exam 400
Challenge Phoenix
Challenge Nightcrawler
Challenge Magma
Challenge Colossus

Defend 501
Assault 501
Assault 502
Survival 501
Survival 502
Sabotage 501
Qualifying Exam 500
Challenge Jubilee
Challenge Gambit
Challenge Emma Frost
Challenge Psylocke

Protect 601
Focus 601
Nightmare Wolverine
Nightmare Phoenix
Nightmare Cyclops
Nightmare Colossus
Challenge Legends

xD) Alternate Costumesx

Beast-> Original, Extreme
Colossus-> Original, Extreme, Flesh
Cyclops-> Extreme, Original, 70s
Emma Frost-> New X-Men, Extreme
Gambit-> Extreme
Iceman-> Original, Flesh, 70's, and one other I think it but its a very
slight change from another of his costumes
Jean Grey-> Original, 70's, Phoenix
Jubilee-> None
Magma-> X mansion attire, Extreme
Nightcrawler-> Original, Extreme
Professor X-> None
Psylocke-> Extreme
Rogue-> None
Storm-> Extreme
Wolverine-> Weapon X, Extreme, 70's

xE)Danger room extra credit tips.x

Efficiency-> Finish the mission quick, you'll notice in the scenarios that
you have to run the timer down this credit wont be available
Demolition-> Not sure yet, but it has something to do with power combo's
Tactician-> Use each character for the same amount of time. So if you have a
2 minute timer you have to run down, use each character for 30 seconds
Untouchable-> Finish the scenario with all characters above 90% health

xF)Concept art titles(in the order they're listed in the game)x

Asteroid M
Morlock Tunnels
Early Alison
HAARP Soldier 1
HAARP Soldier 2
Spider Sentinel
Astral Plane
Hive Labs
Rogue Gambit
Trio One
Sewars Healer
Hove Factory
Mansion Sketches
HAARP and Ice Tunnels
HAARP Interior
Weapon X Lab
--------------The rest are bonus art for collecting all of the above
Mansion Backyard
Mansion Subbasement
Conference Furniture
Conference Environement
Subbasement Hall
Mansion Front
Overhead mansion
Danger Room
Danger Room Blueprint
Mansion Blueprint layout
Professor X and Cerebro
Wolverine and Beast
Cyclops and Emma Frost
Nightcrawler, Kitty, Havok
Storm and Mervel Girl
Polaris, Sage, Rogue
Gambit and Bishop

xG) A special thanks and Credit to these people x
x for helping us fill in the holes x

This FAQ was made for personal use, please don't reproduce without my consent.
Copyright Cory Sougstad (HexKrak) 2004

xI)Important note:x
If you enjoyed this faq, and want to see more send me an e-mail. If you feel
I saved you from buying a $20 guide at the store, feel free to send a couple
dollars via paypal, to hexkrak@hotmail.com. If you don't have a couple
dollars to send, again, just send me an e-mail. I really enjoy the feedback
from the people using this.

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