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Unlimited Fatigue
While playing the game press the B button hit the R trigger until you get to the stats screen. Then go to the fatigue bar and press the following: Black, Black, White, White, Black. Then hold the A button and hit B. (NOTE: When you go back to the menu you will have to do the cheat over again)

Magic Refill
While playing the game press the B button to go into the character screen. Then go to the stats screen and go to the magic bar and press the following: Black, Black, White, White, Black, White. Then hold down the A button and hit the B button your magic should refill every time you use a spell (NOTE: This cheat will end and you will have to do it over again when you go back into the inventory screen)

Mai'q The Liar
Mai'q the Liar is by far the most odd NPC you'll ever see (Maybe the Orc at Ald Daedroth). Anyway, he just lives on a tiny island, off the East coast of the Island North to Main Vvanderfell (Where Dagon Fel is). He will have a chair and a fishing pole with him. Talk to him once and he won't say much, but if you talk again, he'll have great stories including:

Multiplayer- Go seek Rolf the Uber!
Dragons- HIGH in the sky!
Horses- Mai'q's favorite animal!
Vampires- No good info on them.
The only good thing he can tell you is about the sunken shrine of Bothieth.

All he says is lies! Believe me! I spent an hour soaring straight up to see a dragon and found a 2 minute drop afterwards. Its just really fun, though.

GrandMaster of Two of the Great Houses
To become GrandMaster of two Great Houses is really simple. First Join House Rederon or Tevalli become the Leader or GrandMaster of the House. In the Nerevarine Quest you have to kill Orvas Dren or make him step down to become Horator. After this happens talk to Duke Dren about Camonna Tong and he thanks you for controling them. You are now a Hireling of House Hlaalu. Talk to him again about Camonna Tong and he makes you a Councilman. Talk to him about business and he asks you th contol the ordinators, do this and your are the Grand Master. Note: This only works for House Hlaalu and one other Great House.

100 Armor Stats
To get 100 armor skills is a long, but rewarding path. With 100 in armor skills you can become the master of any guild because almost every guild as armor as their Favored Skills. First get a full suit of whatever armor you want to raise and stand in the water so a bunch of fish attack you. Prees B to access menu, put your cursor over the health bar, press black white black black black, hold down A then press B. Your health will raise by itself as you get hit so you won't die. If you armor is a major or minor skill leave the game running an come back every time you level up. If it's not a major or minor skill, turn of the TV NOT the Xbox and leave for a few hours, be sure to check up and you game every once and a while. After it's all done you will be the master of armor.

Spells for skills
First, go through enough of the story to go to mournhold, then, warp there. Once there, go to the Imperial Cult area. There, look for a robed women. She will sell spells that will fortify skills like alchemy and illusion, rather than strenght or speed. Buy ONE spell, then find someone who can make spells, add that effect and you will be able to fortify any skill except attack.

Legit Werewolf trick
In Bloodmoon quest, at the very end, you will be entered in Hircine's hunt. If you are a werewolf, change back into human, nomatter how long it takes. Once human, you must get to the second arera of the maze. Find Heart-Fang (leader of the Skall). Hew will give you the option to join forces. Refuse and kill him. He will not only reveal he's a werewolf, but after you kill him, you recieve Hircine's Ring. When worn, you become a werewolf. You get it from him even if you're a werewolf.

Overflow loot bag cheat
At any time during the game, enter a house, and drop any excess luggage off. Continue to do this and the house will get an overflow loot bag. It will put any extra items in it, and will never overflow itself. This is not good if you're trying to take over a house and make it look nice.

Stairway to Heaven Glitch
Once in a blue moon, a part of anything will just disappear. It will leave no trace of walls. Only things that have events attached, like moving location or specifically placed objects, like crumbled walls at Frostmoth. This may even happen to you while walking around. The ground may actually give way and you fall into mysterious water. You can levitate back up to solid land. This may also happen in vivec. ... Always be prepared.

Early Money
To make money at the start of the game you need to steal. In Balmora take the silt strider to Ald-ruhn or Molag-Marr. When you are there go to the gaurd towers and look in the boxes. Hopefully you come across expensive Bonemold armor. Take the Bonemold armor and travel to Caldera by the Mages Guild. When in Caldera head straight until you come to the first right. Turn right and there will be a building to your left. Go into this building called Gohrak Manor. Head upstairs to the Scamp. His name is Creeper. He is the only merchant that will give you a fair price for everything. what ever you do this is the only merchant in the game who you don't want to kill. Eventually his money will regenerate its self so you can keep trading with him.

Health Glitch
During The Game, press The button on your controller (B) go to the very top to your health and then press the folllowing buttons: Black, White, Black, Black, Black. After you have pressed these buttons, your health should recharge every time you get hit.

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