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Christian's Glasses
Attack Christian in his entrance. Keep beating him, and after a while, his shades will fall off. Pick them up to unlock this item.

Get Crash Holly's Hat
Simply attack Holly while he is walking down the ramp to pick up his hat. Then use it and it is unlocked for the rest of the game.

Get Edge's Shades
Attack him when he's entering the arena, and he'll drop them and you will be able to fight with them or wear them.

Get Fred Durst's Hat
Play a Match against Fred Durst in a Hardcore Rules Match and simply beat his hat off

Get Moppy
To obtain Moppy, simply attack Perry Saturn when he's on his way to the Ring. Now, beat some sense into him with it.

Get Spike Dudley's Glasses
To get Spike Dudley's glasses and be able to use them as a weapon: Attack Spike on his way to the ring.

Get X-Pac's Bandanna
Just attack him as he walks down the entrance ramp and pick it up for it to be added to your arsenal. Doesn't always work first try so keep at it!

Secret Ring
To get the Secret Ring, win 4 belts with The Rock.

REAL Gold Medal
Attack Kurt Angle in his entrance. Keep attacking until his medals falls off, and use those to beat him down 30 times (Or more. And, no, I'M NOT JOKING!). It may seem like a long time, but keep at it, and the real medals will fall off. Pick it up to unlock this item.

Tazzes glasses
When Tazz is intering the ring attack him and keep punching him and his glasses will fall off and you are able to use them as a weapon.,

Undertaker's shades
Attack Undertaker during his entrance, keep attacking him and eventually his shades will fall off and you can use them as a weapon.

Unlock Bubba Ray and D-Von's glasses
Attack Bubba on his way to the ring. do the same for D-von

Unlock Fred Durst
Win all championship belts to unlock Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit.

Tag team entrances:
Justin Credible/Albert/X-Pac will appear as X-Factor.
Jeff/Matt Hardy/Lita will appear as Hardy Boyz.
Hardcore/Crash/Molly Holly will appear as the Hollys.
Bubba Ray/D-Von will appear as the Dudley Boyz. This does not work with Spike.
HHH/Stephanie McMahon will appear together as HHH accompanied by Stephanie McMahon.
Taka/Funaki will appear as Kaienti.
Bradshaw/Farooq will appear as APA.
Edge/Christian will appear as E&C

Unlock Hidden Characters
Here is the means by which to unlock the four secret characters in WWF Raw for Xbox:

Vince McMahon - Win the WWF Championship
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley - Win the WWF Women's Title
Shane McMahon - Win the Hardcore Title
Fred Durst - Win every title in the game (WWF Champ, Intercontinental, European, Hardcore, Lightheavyweight, Women's)

Unlock K-Kwik's Mic
Attack K-Kwik when hes entering the arena, and he'll drop the mic.

Unlock Shane McMahon
Win the Hardcore Title to unlock Shane McMahon.

Unlock Stephanie McMahon
To unlock Stephanie McMahon, win the Women's Championship.

Unlock Triple H's water bottle.
Attack Triple H when he's entering the ring, then he'll drop his water bottle and pick it up to unlock.

Unlock Vince McMahon
Win the WWF Heavyweight Title to unlock Vince McMahon, the half owner of the WWF.

Unlocking Weapons.
To unlock weapons change the rules to hardcore and keep smashing the boxes to unlock weapons, if it say new on the small picture it means you just unlock a new weapon.

Kurt Angle: Unfair opponent advantage:
Choose Kurt Angle And with Stone Cold as an opponent. When Kurt appears, he will bring a microphone start dissing Austin. Then Austin's music will start, but he will not appear. Instead, he will appear from the crowd. When Austin makes it to the ring, Kurt will be still looking at where he usually would come from. Then, if Austin does nothing, after a while Kurt will finally turn around and notice you are there. Even if you are Kurt, the game does not allow you to turn around. It does an automatic turn around. Before Kurt turns around, Austin should probably do a cheap shot for a good advantage.

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