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Nom du fichier : Ultimate Fighting Championship : Tapout - Auteur : ANO

Unlock Ice-T
Use arcade mode and win 10 consecutive matches

Unlock The Cat
Use arcade mode and win 4 consecutive matches

Unlock Mask
Use arcade mode and win 20 consecutive matches

Unlock Femme Fatale
Use arcade mode and win 8 consecutive matches

Unlock Bruce Buffer
Win UFC using ALL characters

Unlock John McCarthy
Use Bruce Buffer to win UFC Mode

Unlock Mario Yamasaki
Use John McCarthy to win UFC Mode

New Characters
To unlock Caol Uno, Dan Severn and one other i cant think of right now. Finish UFC mode with all standard characters

Defeating Ultiman
Go to career mode and create a character with the cat fighting style. Fight your way through career mode until your character has maximum stats. Then, go to UFC mode and complete. Next, fight your way through Champion Road. When you reach Ultiman, wait until he gets close to you, then tap Back to perform a back step. Then, press X + A and your character will then grab Ultiman and cause him to tap out.
Femme Fatale:
Win eight consecutive matches in arcade mode.

John McCarthy:
Win UFC mode as Bruce Buffer.

The Cat:
Win four consecutive matches in arcade mode.

Mario Yamasaki:
Win UFC mode as John McCarthy.

Win twenty seven consecutive victories in arcade mode

Win ten consecutive matches in arcade mode.

Bruce Buffer:
Win UFC mode with all characters.

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