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Nom du fichier : Prisoner of War - Auteur : ANO

Various Cheats:
Boston :First Person Mode
Foxy : Top Down Mode
Dino : Unlimited Goodies
Fatty : Defiance
Muffin : Guard Size
Quincy : Guard Perception
Dt : Date
alltimes : All Events In The Day
coretimes : Core Events
ger1eng5 : All chapters
defaultm : Only 1rt Chapter
farleymydog : Only Core Current Events
Togsavecan : (I dunno what this one does)

Blind Guards:
Enter 'Fatty' as your password to unlock the defiancy cheat. Tuning off defiancy means you can briskly walk past the guards at any time in any place. Turning it on makes you a rule breaker any where, even in the exercise yards etc.

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