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Unlock Prince of Persia 2:
To find this goodie, you'll need to start from the Above the Baths save, once you have your new sword. Go down the stairwell that leads to a large carvernous area. After you make it through this area, you'll end up in a small room with Farah. There's a lever and gear in the center of the room. Turn it cockwise until it clicks twice. Both doors in the room are now closed, but you have also opened a secret door that you cannot see. Go to the wall directly opposite the entrance. Swing until you find a spot on the wall where your sword doesn't spark. Strike this area a few times to reveal a hidden room. Enter to unlock the game, which is now available from the main menu.

Unlock Original Prince of Persia:
Beat the game and Prince of Persia 1 becomes available in the Extra Features menu.

Unlock Original Prince Of Persia Room:
Start a new game with any profile. On the balcony where the game starts, do not go into the palace's room and instead, push in the left joystick and enter GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, RED (A, X, Y, B, Y, A, X, B).

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