NBA Inside Drive 2002 - Trainers City - Cheats & Astuces -

Nom du fichier : NBA Inside Drive 2002 - Auteur : ANO

Various Cheats:
Go to the options menu and pick codes then enter a code below

OLDSCHOOL - Get Red/white & blue Basketball


WINDYCITY - Chicago skyline Court

Create Perfect Team In Season:
This Is a good code to use if you want to make a great team when you already started your season and saved.
From the main menu in "Season" go to "Front Office" then go to "Ownership Change" then make every team a user then make all the trades you want. Then once you have made the dream team that you have wanted, go and do the same thing over again except this time change all the users back to "CPU" and just keep the Team(s) you want.

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