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Bromide Locations:
Lucia's Bromide 1 - Staring at the Sky: Found at Larpa, the man that stands around his house has it.

Jean's Bromide 2 - Dancing Queen: Found at Illusion Woods, the girl who guards the exit of the forest has it.

Jessica's Bromide - Land Ho!: Found at Meribia, in the bar, one of the men have it.

Lemina's Bromide 1 - Sunset Breeze: Found at Vane, in a treasure chest in the Library

Lemina's Bromide 2 - Seaside Stroll: Found at Meribia, in the barrels in Ramus' shop.

Lemina's Bromide 3 - Midnight Appraisal: Found at Meribia, keep talking to Ramus' grandpa and he'll give it to you.

Mia's Bromide - Warm Tea, Good Read: Found at Transmission Springs, the bromide collector has it. (One of the two guys there)

Easy Money:
One easy way to rake in the silver coins is to increase your luck rating. By using luck increasing items, such as: Luck Ring, Lemina's Purse, and Safety Helmet, there are others as well.

Bromide Locations:
In epilogue:
Mystere - gate keeper in town next to haunted house has it.
Jean - item seller near magic arrow in carnival, drunken master in Horam.
Luna - wife? of couple in house in Vane who used to live in Taben's peak.
Lucia - man outside baby house in larpa (pre-zophar), baby in rocker at Taben's peak.
Borgan - after looking at green book and talking to Lemina's mother talk to Borgan.

Magic items:
figure out best combos, example most of crests fairly useless towards end as most monsters immune to effects, suggest Hero crest (brave ruins) with Jean as she reacts fastest, White dragon shield with Lemina as she has most magic (good for bosses, just note positions they assume for magic attacks and can save magic to protect from strong spells, example pyro ghouls breathing fire precipiating fire wave).

Ronfar and Lemina should be first with heal rings and anti-effect rings, Ronfar for heals and Lemina as strongest magic user for group attacks or protection or boosting attack of other fighters.

Enemy stategy:
If enemy keeps beating you change tactics. Note what positions indicate which attacks. If enemy doing boost attack/defense spell can use time to boost own character attributes, heal, or use lights to recover magic points without worrying about characters knocked out. Also, try to arrange group so fighters spread out at front and mages kept at back. That way if enemy tries to attack mages at back will have to go around or stop in front of fighters. Plus, enemy zone spells more likely to miss other characters if not grouped together.

Hero crest in brave labyrint:
It's new cave north of Horum. To open door get swords to follow you over the glowing sword plates on ground. Next gates are opened by selecting correct statue. Wrong statue will result in attack by a Lady Charme and others. Avoid spears in floor by walking on left side. When see chest prepare for battle. Opening chest will result in attack by Hero crest and fist/sword fighters. Take crest out first as will increase attacks of others or create another attacker. Hero crest will take ring slot. I put it with Jean. At cost of one magic (Have to cast from magic for effect) will increase attack of all characters.

Alex's Ocarnia:
Don't know what for but will play music in game. It's in shrine where waterfall between bath entrances were next to where met Carnival for first time and Jean joined up. Maze easy. Step on hollow centered 6 pointed stars to go up, filled in 5 pointed stars to go back down to entrance. Is basically square shaped with wraparound exits. So going left of left most room will result in enter rightmost room on right side and so on. Can tell when wrapped by wall/floor designs shifting. Will be attacked by angel, mage and sword ?. Take out in this order Mage (floating small guy on left, immune to magic but weak against attack, poe sword, triple slice, blade attacks, and dragon fist), Angel (dude on bottom, takes moderate damage from most attacks/spells), and then Sword (knight, immune to attack but weak against magic, although found triple attack with power drive was more powerful than hiros boomerang/cyclone). Hope this helps. PS anyone know where 2nd dragon eye is?

Bromide X
In the Epoligue, go up to the cloth behind Borgan and Maria and press O,X,O,X,O and so on until your hear the sound of a chest opening. Now check your inventory

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