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Nom du fichier : International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution - Auteur : ANO

All-star teams:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right to unlock two All-Star teams in cup mode.

Bonus teams:
Successfully complete the game with all the league and cups under the hard difficulty setting. The European All-Star Team, World All-Star Team, Classic European All-Star Team, and Classic World All-Star Team will be unlocked. Successfully complete Olympic mode with Japan to unlock the All Golden Japan team.

Bonus cup:
Win all the normal cups to unlock a bonus cup.

Bonus stadium:
Win the Konami Cup under any difficulty setting to unlock the Clubhouse stadium in exhibition mode.

Listen to play-by-play commentary in training mode:
If you are tired of listen the always repeated drums in training mode, pause game play. Select "Audio Settings" and turn off the play-by-play option. Resume the game, then pause again. Select "Audio Settings" and turn on play-by-play. Return to the game and you will hear Jonh Kabira (locutor).

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