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Death Bonus
There are some *death bonuses* in AC. to do this, you must first die with a balance of -50,000 or more. Then you should see some some lights in a hospital. then the lights turn on and when it loads, you get all the parts you had before you wrecked your AC and wit no missions completed.

First person view:
Press Square + Triangle + Start. Game play will be paused. Press Start to resume game play with the new camera angle. Substitute Select in the code instead of Start for the Japanese version of the game.

Fixed camera view:
Press Circle + X + Start. Game play will be paused. Press Start to resume game play with the camera fixed at the present location. Substitute Select in the code instead of Start for the Japanese version of the game.

Alternate emblem backgrounds:
Highlight an emblem and enter the edit screen. Then, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Select.

Change pilot name:
Enter the garage and highlight the "Change AC Name" option. Hold L2 + R2 + Right, then hold X and quickly hold Square.

Return to default view:
To return to the default view, press Start to pause game play, then press Start to resume. Substitute Select instead of Start for the Japanese version of the game.

No limit bonus:
Complete over 100 sorties with a greater than 90% win record and an over all rating of 98% or more. Unlimited leg weight points, core weight points, and generator output points will be allowed. Note: Ignore the overweight warning.

Sword wave:
Get Human Plus mode a few times. Draw your sword and press X (jump) just before the downslash. If done correctly, you will fire the fabled "wave" that all of the higher ranked ACs use. To fire the "blue wave of mass destruction", simply do this trick with the Moonlight blade. It can do over 1000 AP worth of damage.

Multiple missile lock:
If you have a set of missiles or rockets, a laserblade, and an FCS with more than one lock-on, go to the test ,a mission, or vs. Mode. Lock onto an enemy with the rockets/missiles. Press Circle from a far distance. The lock-on square will disappear, come back, and lock on a second time. Do this a couple times until it does not go any higher. When you shoot, you will shoot more times at once. For example, if you have the TRYX-QUAD FCS,you can lock on up to four times. When you lock on four times and shoot, you will shoot four times as much as a normal shot.

Overweight override:
When you build your AC, you will notice that there is a weight limit on the selected legs. To override this, just finish the game so the overall % under system reads 100%. To do this, you must complete every mission, get every secret part, and defeat every ranking Raven you encounter. Keep in mind that while you can load any leg type with whatever you want after you get 100%, your speed will decrease about 2 1/2 for every hundred pounds that you are overweight.

Hidden/special weapons:

Mission Part Requirement
Remove Gun Emplacement LN-SSVT Mission Completion
Secret Factory Recon WM-S60/4 Southwest Corner
Exterminate Organisms QX-AF Opposite Wall of Queen's Chambers
Guard Freight Train HD-X1487 Container Yard
Destroy Fuel Depot WG-1-KARASAWA Farthest Wall; Raised Area with Tanks
Prototype MT Test SP-SAP Mission Completion
Guard Wharf Warehouse RZT-333 Inside Warehouse (*Results in Mission Failure)
Destroy Plus Escapee GBG-XR 2 Floors Below Mission Start
Destroy Intruders WG-FG99 Crack in Wall Below Mission Start
Eliminate Strikers WR-L24 Behind Mission Start
Stop Gang, "Dark Soul" SP-AXL Mission Completion
Guard Factory Entrance B-T001 Northeast Corner
Retake Air Cleaner WX-S800-GF Ceiling Duct (South in Main Chamber)
Kill "Struggle" Leader LS-99-MOONLIGHT Below Destructable Floor

Shoot through city building:
Equip the grenade launcher in two player split screen mode at the city location. Move right up next to a building and face directly at it. Fire a grenade at the other player's AC unit. The projectile will pass through the building without exploding. The building will also protect you from incoming fire. Note: This does not work if you are at an angle -- you must be facing it perpendicularly.

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