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Infinite Energy
While the game is unpaused, hit L2, R2, R3 all at the same time. If you did it right then a system error will come up saying Limiter Release. After a while though, that will switch to OB down and you cannot use any energy.

All AC Parts
At the main menu (after you load the game) press:
R1 R1 L2 L3 Triangle Square R3

Hidden parts:
On the mission given by Lcc to destroy the main computer. you play in the same beginging as the radar destroying mission. However you start at the place just right of the secreat part. From here move left two containers and blow the third one up to recevie the part. The part is an extremly fast lock on missle lacuhcher firing 12 in just 6-
7 seconds with 60 ammo!

On the mission where the Earth Government sends you to kill Klein but requests that you keep their surrounding system intact you will find a new set of energy weapon type arms. (NOTE: This turns out not to be the real Klein and is mearly a fake decoy Klein, or rather just an unmanned AC.) In the last hallway before entering the chamber where you will do battle with the fake you'll come across 2 side doors. The first door will be on your right and the second will come up on your left just a couple of feet before the door to the main chamber. In the small room, behind that left door, on the floor you will find the hidden AC part. These AC parts' description say that they're considered to be a more energy based version of the modern slug gun.

On the snow mission where you have to destroy the crates, go in the crack to the right of the starting position and destroy part of the airplane to reveal a little cave that has an optional part for making left arm weapons or shields power up.

On the mission stop the surface weapon, immediatly jump over the two enemy surface weapons and look around near the rocks to find the karasawa mk.II sitting on the ground.

In the training room, if you shoot the circle in the ceiling enough, it will break, revealing a secret area. You need good boosters or a light-weight AC to get up the shaft into the area, and when you do, you will find a new Radar part. The radar is pretty nice for the 1st half of the game.

On the mission where you have to destroy the giant radar dishes there is a hidden part: When you stand at the doorway facing the dishes, to the right of them are large cargo containers close to the edge of the area. The doors to these containers can be blasted open. The first four or so are empty, but if you go around behind them, right up against the edge of the area (don't go too far!) is a container that holds a hidden part.

There's a hidden shield on the stage with the "monster" disorder unit. Before you start going down through the floor, stand on that entrance (or in front of it, if you blasted it open), and look up. Shoot open the damaged-looking oval almost directly over you and fly into the hole, and there it is. I don't know if there's a better shield in the game (prefer dodging to blocking).

In the mission where you have to escort a train, destroy the second to last car on the train and you will get a secret part. this is an extension that lets you boost backwards quickly. It's not very useful, I suggest you sell it if you get it.


Hidden parts:

1. The first one is in the Test Arena. There is an octagon on the roof of the arena, shoot it until it blows up. Fly in and get the is really good.

2. The second one is in the Gaurd secret Information Mission. Skip destroying all of those drones just boost past them all (Make sure you take a head with a high hacking rating). There are a bunch of crates on the floor, blow them up then blow up the grate, drop down and get the part it is a missle launcher.

3. In the Escort Train Mission, in the second to last car is the part. Destroy the car and get the part. If you get it when you first do the mission you will fail so I advise you to do it after you beat the game.

4. In Mission Ground Based Attack, go to other end of the bridge. When you do, jump over the side but do not go all the way down. Right under the end of the bridge is a landing space, go there and the part is laying there. It is the highest armored head in the game.

5. In Mission Rescue Research Team, boost past all the disorder units. Get on the circuler disc, keep going until you see a different panel from the rest. Blow it up. Go down and search around the sides and the part will be there. It it the LS-Moonlight, the most powerful laserblade in the game.

6. In Mission Infiltrate Radar Base, destroy all the enemies where the radars are. Go to the end. There are some storage containers there. Go to the one on the back row and the container closest to the mountain. Blow up the door and get the part. It is an awesome booster part.

7. In Mission Destroy Radar Base, you start the mission by the same crates. Go to the same crate you got the other part in and there is a small missile launcher in there.

8. In Mission Stop the Surface Weapon, when you start the mission destroy all the weapons on the side you are on. Then boost back the way the vehicles came from and get the Karasawa MK-II. It is one of the best weapons in the game.

9. In Mission Destroy Containers, destroy all the targets on your level then drop down into the ravine where the Plane is and in the ravine there will be a part against the wall with the part behind it. Destroy the plane piece and get the part. It is an option part that increases your defense and attack in your left arm.

10. In Mission Underground Railway, just boost past all the enemies until you reach the lower level. You will come to a dead end with a blastable panel on the floor, look up there is another one. Shoot it then go up and get the part, it is the best shield in the game.

11. In Mission Zio City Suppression, when the mission starts you might want to destroy one on thew enemy AC's then look for the part. Find the maze of green buildings and the part is sitting there. It is really hard to find so search everywhere in both mazes. The part it the Orbit Cannon. It is a pretty cool weapon. Remember when you fought Leos Klien on the final stage and those little balls kept shooting you...the orbit cannon fires those little balls.

12. In Mission Eliminate Leos Klien, once you make it through the mine fields there is a passage way with two rooms on the sides. In one of them there is the part laying on the floor. It is a very good but heavy generator.

Thats all the parts you get in the missions, all the other parts you either buy or you get in the ARENA.


Best AC possible:
To get the best AC possible you have to beat the game first, because it will be over weight. Here is my AC design.

Head ZHD-2000/SV
Arms ZAN-004/B
Legs ELF-XX33

Booster ZBT-21/ARTERE
Generator HOY-8999
Radiator RBG-CLX5000

Inside INW-DM/R11
Extension BEX-BRM-04

Back unit L EWM-FIN-800
Back unit R EWC-LN44-AC

Optional parts SP-BCNDR

This is the best AC I have made so far, keep in mind I have beaten the game several times. If you have any better ideas e-mail me at


Easy win:
I found a cheap tactic on how to beat EVERY COMPUTER player in the arena. First you need to buy the double rack of vertical launch missiles. Then choose the abandoned highway map. When the mission starts DO NOT move off the building. Just wait for the enemy AC to get in range and keep pounding it with the missiles. The enemy AC's cant defend well enough against that kind of attack. The tactic works for ALL of the arena fighters even Ares.

Create overweight AC's:
After beating the mission mode the first time in Armored core 2, you can create overweight AC's! This means you can use your AC, even though it is overweight. You must get the end-of-game credits for this to become active.

Human plus enhancements:
Human Plus will occur whenever you fall below 50000 credits, regardless of completed sorties, and afterward you'll START OVER from right after the testing sortie, losing only your accomplishments (sorties and arena wins/loses), not your purchases. My technique was to complete the "Kill-the-guy-in-the-transport-in-the-desert mission" to get money (ignore the MT's, if you can and save ammo), buy something I can afford (trying to max the amount) then enter the "broken-bridges-over-lava mission"with solid-ammo weapons, emptying the ammo and burning up in the lava. When I completed the sixth change, I had a decent arsenal with which to start the game. BTW, you won't be able to do the training (sortie 0) over, so there will be a sortie taken away from your total.

1st time : Improved radar.
This makes most radar units obsolete! It gives grid radar with a decent range and enemy info.
2nd time : Long-Range Blade.
This enhancement allows you to shoot projectiles from your energy blade. Press Circle to slash, then quickly press X for the shot.
3rd time : Enhanced Cooling.
Your AC unit will cool twice as fast as normal.
4th time : Improved Mobility.
This allows you to fire heavy back weapons while moving, instead of standing in place.
5th time : Improved Boost.
It halves the drain on energy from the booster, allowing you to boost twice as long.
6th time : Double Energy.
8th time : Double Cooling Power

Defeat all challengers in the Arena to receive a pair of stealth back units that will mask you energy signature and block you from being picked up on enemy radar.....great for when playing a friend in VS Mode but it limits the amount of ammo you can carry.

"Steal" other AC's emblems:
You have the ability to "steal" other AC's emblems that you fight in the Arena. Simply select the AC that you want to fight and before you challenge this opponent, press Start and Select at the same time (if you did it right you will hear a sound). Go to the Garage and go to Edit Emblem and it will be there.

Infinite energy for a short period:
You have the ability to gain infinite energy for a short period of time. While in the game press L2, R2, and R3(right analog button) at the same time. You will get a system error message and for about a minute your boost energy will be unlimited. After that minute is past, all boost energy will be completely depleted for the same amount of time. After this your energy will recharge and you may repeat the cycle. This is extremely useful when fighting quick enemies in the Arena.

Change the Wallpaper:
This will take any emblem you create and paste it as wallpaper behind all the menu screens. Choose garage from the Main Menu, then choose Edit Emblem and create a new design. When you are done press L1 + R1 + Select. Your design will become the new wallpaper.

Fire the Lazer Blade:
You can fire a beam of light from your lazerblade. To do this, hit Circle to use the lazerblade, then as the arm comes down hit X. It has no lock so you really need to have good aim. If done correctly it will fire a crescent shaped beam. This cheat only works after you have enabled the 4th death advantage, firing back weapon while moving (see below).

Unlimited EP, Leg WP and Core WP:
Once you complete 100 missions, the game will automatically give you unlimited leg weight points, core weight points, and generator output points. So now the only limit will be your cash.

Cockpit Mode:
When playing, press Start + Square + Triangle to switch to cockpit mode.

Free Money:
First find a mission that pays you in advance. Then go into the mission but quit right after the mission starts. If you did it right you get the advance money without doing anything!

Moonlight sword:
On the mission "Kill Struggle Leader", go to the part when the floor bursts open and you fall. Fall all the way in and move around the narrow path to find the last and final laserblade called the "Moonlight". This sword is particularly strong and can reach attacks up to 1500.

Fixed camera view:
Hold Circle + X + Start while playing the game. The game will pause. Resume the game with the view fixed.

First person view:
Hold Triangle + Square + Start while playing the game. The game will pause. Resume the game with the new view.

Return to default view:
Pause the game, then press Start.

Fixed camera view (Japanese version):
Hold Circle + X + Select while playing the game. The game will pause. Resume the game with the view fixed.

First person view (Japanese version):
Hold Triangle + Square + Select while playing the game. The game will pause. Resume the game with the new view.

Return to default view (Japanese version):
Pause the game, then press Select.

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