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Unlimited health:
Enter LIVELONG as a player name. Note: You can still die if inside an exploding vehicle, fall off a high building, or fall in the water.

Unlock all areas:
Enter ITSALLUP as a player name. This will unlock all normal and bonus areas.

Extra money:
Enter MUCHCASH as a player name.

All weapons with maximum ammunition (99):
Enter NAVARONE as a player name. Note: You will still have your weapons and ammunition if you die or get arrested by the police. You can still lose all your weapons even with this code if you play the "Alma Mater Return!" job.

Always on wanted level zero:
Enter LOSEFEDS as a player name. If you use this code with the "Start at wanted level 4" code, this will overwrite it.

Police will always find you:
Enter BLOWME as a player name. The police will know where to find you, no matter where you are.

Start at wanted level 4:
Enter DESIRES as a player name.

5x multiplier:
Enter HIGHFIVE as a player name. Your multiplier will never go up or down, and will always remain at 5X.

1 million points:
Enter BIGSCORE as a player name. You can exit Downtown District (level 1) at the start of the level with this code enabled.

Display coordinates:
Enter WUGGLES as a player name.

Debug basic scripts:
Enter NOFRILLS as a player name. Note: This will lock up the retail version of the game and was only available in the beta versions.

Play the game disc in an audio CD player. The soundtrack can be heard on tracks two and higher.

Hint: Tune radio:
Press Up when driving a car that has a radio to change stations.

Hint: Getting rid of cops:
Go to the territory of what ever gang you are working for and they will shoot them for you.

If you only have one bouncy cop, head on the top of the screen and want to get rid of it, just hide somewhere. In a few minutes they will be gone.

When you have a single wanted level, lose all the cops chasing you. Then, go into an area that you cannot see any roads. The cops cannot see you, so they will not chase you. They always drive on the road.

If you are being chased by the police and in a car, find a car painting place. Paint your car and the cops will stop chasing you.

Hint: No army on the first level:
The army is not available on the first level. No matter how much you kill and destroy your neighborhood, they will not show up until you reach level 2. The same is true for the CIA, however regular city police and SWAT appear.

Hint: Destroy the train and tank:
On the first level, steal the tank by the crane crusher. Drive it to the nearest train station -- you will have to drive up some stairs, which is difficult. Get into head-on collision with an oncoming train. When you see it coming, the track will fill with electricity, drive at fastest possible speed and fire at it head on. The impact will destroy both of you, but you can return to see it.

Hint: Using the tank:
To fire the cannon while riding in an army tank, just press Shoot. You can also run cars over in a tank; however each car that you run over will cause a small amount of damage to the tank.

When you are in the tank, hold Horn and steer to aim.

Hint: $5,000 tank:
Note: $5,000 is required for this trick. Wreak havoc near the Spray Paint shop. As soon as you are at six heads, steal a tank that is driving by and not one of the ones that shoots at you. Drive the tank outside of the Spray Paint shop. Steal a car, and with luck, you should not be blown up. Note: This cannot be done on the first level. Also, this works with any other government car such as the police car, SWAT van, and the special agent car. The trick can be used with the SWAT van and police car on the first level.

Hint: Tank In level 2:
To get a tank in level 2, you need to do the following . When you start, go straight up to the road and get a car. Turn left and go to the lights. Then turn left again when you reach the lights. When you reach the end of the road, turn left again, and go straight until you reach a fence. When you reach the fence, turn left and go straight down until you reach the garage. When you reach the garage, on your right you should see a building with stairs beside the building leading to a platform. When you reach the platform, there should be a hole in the wall. Go through and you should see another platform leading to the right. Follow the platform to find the tank.

Hint: Get a fire truck:
Blow up a car using the bazooka. Wait until a fire truck appears, then car jack it.

When you are in the fire truck, hold Horn and steer to aim.

Hint: Flamethrowing fire truck:
In level 2, go to the Zaibatsu Village to the green phones and answer the bottom one. Do the job up to the part where you have to steal a fire truck. Take it back to the village. A man will get in and the weapon will change from the water cannon to a flamethrower. Whether you finish the job or not, the truck is yours unless it explodes. If you fail you can do it over to get another flamethrowing fire truck.

Hint: Armed land rover:
Get your wanted level to 6 cop heads when the military appears. Some land rovers will be armed with machine guns on the back. Like the fire truck and army tank, hold Horn and steer to maneuver it around.

Hint: Move vehicle guns:
You can move the guns on the fire truck and army tank with the armed land rover. You can tell which land rovers are armed because they have machine guns in the tray.

Hint: Shoot water cannon while in fire truck:
To use the water cannon while riding in a fire truck, just press Shoot. The water cannon will not only push cops back, it will kill them if exposed for a total of five seconds.

Hint: Get a police car:
Repeatedly press the button used to enter cars to get into a police while the cops are still in it.

Hint: Taxi job:
Get a taxi, then park on the side of the road and wait. Sooner or later someone will enter the taxi and you will earn money.

Hint: News van:
The news van has a dish that always points towards the church.

Hint: Get weapons from cars:
Steal a car, then find the junkyard (area with two cranes). Drive under the crane. Get out of the car and it will be crushed and placed on a conveyer belt. Depending on the type of car, you will get three of the same weapon. Note: The crane will not take any type of vans.

Hint: Bad civilians:
Watch out for people wearing red shirts. They will try to steal your and other people's money. They will not try to steal the money if you or they are in a vehicle. Also, lawman and gang members will shoot to kill them. Watch out for people wearing green shirts. They will try to steal vehicles even if you are in them. They also drive recklessly and will run over you or anyone that gets in their way. The person that was in that vehicle previously will yell at the person in the green shirt and tell them to get out -- he will do so. Lawman and gang members will also shoot to kill them.

Hint: Easy money:
Get a high multiplier and get a tank. Use the tank to wreak havoc and do not get busted by the cops. The army will make this a lot harder on level 2 and 3. The tank will blow up by taking four powerful hits.

In a mission where a gang gives you members that follow you around to help, get into a taxi cab and they will start paying you.

Hint: Aggressive civilians:
Start the first level and take the mission "Radio Za-Za" at the loonies place. All the people around will try to kill you.

Finish all the 22 jobs in the level and all the civilians will go crazy.

Hint: Bad civilians:
Watch out for people wearing red shirts. They will try to mug you and will steal your money unless you kill them first. People wearing green shirts will try to see cars even if your in them.

Hint: Fly:
Have molotov cocktails or grenades as your weapon. Press R1 to jump in the air and quickly and repeatedly press R2 (fire). This will enable you to fly. You may have to do this off of the ramps and other objects. You cannot die no matter how high you are, but keep pressing R2 while descending.

Hint: Fall without dying:
When you are in a high place and want to get down quickly, walk to the edge of the building. Turn around and shoot or throw some kind of explosive. When you get blown back off the roof, you will still be alive.

If you are on a high building or ledge and get blown off by a bomb, hold Left or Right until you spin and you will not die.

Hint: Die while invincible:
You can still die when invincible by being inside an exploding car. The other armed men can also blow up your vehicle. You can also die by jumping from a high location or by drowning.

Hint: Guided tour:
Go to the phone at the beginning of the first level. A "Schmidt" car will appear below. Enter it and wait for instructions. After finishing the tour, a machine gun and a GTA2 sign will appear below the church.

Hint: Drive up stairs:
To drive up stairs in a car that cannot normally do so, simply hit the brakes when you go up the stairs.

Hint: Blowing people into the air:
Use an explosive weapon on a person such as the bazooka. This can also be done with the tank's gun.

Hint: Get into the prison:
Use the following trick to get into the prison on level 2. Find the building in South Belmont, across from the auto shop. There should be some stairs on it. Use them to get to the top of the building. Once there, use "Fly" trick and jump off the building. Repeatedly press R2 to fire, and you should stay at the same level as the building and fly away from it. Then, simply go down to the prison and go over the wall.

Hint: Decoy Trailer! mission:
Get to the point that you have to get in the trailer. After getting in and starting the timer, just get out of it and wait inside the police station on foot until time is up to complete the mission. By doing this you will not have to drive the trailer around for one minute trying not to get arrested by the cops.

Hint: Scrapyard bonuses:
Steal a car and go to the nearest scrapyard. In exchange for the car you will get the following bonuses,

Downtown Area
Yakuza Miara: Rocket launchers
Loonie Dementia: Invisibility
Cop car: Cop bribe
Aniston BD4: Get outta Jail free card
Taxi: Double damage
B-Type: Invulnerability
Residential Sector
SRS Scientists Meteor: Invulnerability
Zaibatsu Z-type: Silenced uzi
Furore GT: Rocket launchers
Benson: Electro fingers
Big Bug: Armor
T-Rex: Electro gun
Industrial Sector
Russian mafia Bulwark: Shotguns
Zaibutsu Z-type: Silenced uzi
Jefferson: Get Outta Jail free card
B-type: Invisibility
Maurice: Health
Rumbler: Fast reload
Hint: Wanted levels:

Wanted level 1 (One cop head)
One cop will go after you at a time. The cops will not run as fast as you will. The cops will have about one heart of health.
Wanted level 2 (Two cop heads)
Two cops will go after you at a time. The cops will not run as fast as you will. The cops will have about two hearts of health. The cops appear more often.
Wanted level 3 (Three cop heads)
About three cops will go after you at a time. The cops will run as fast as you will. The cops will have about three hearts of health. The cops will set up roadblocks. The cops appear even more often.
Wanted level 4 (Four cop heads)
About four or five cops will go after you at a time. The cops will run as fast as you can. The cops will have about four hearts of health. The cops will set up roadblocks. The SWAT team will go after you. The SWAT team will seem to have bullet-proof armor on, as they a lot of hits to kill. The SWAT team will use pistols to kill you. The cops will come after you about every time you go in the street.
Wanted level 5 (Five cop heads)
Special Agents will go after you. Special Agents will run as fast as you can. Special Agents have about four or five hearts of health. Special Agents will set up roadblocks. Special Agents will use silenced S-Uzi machine guns and shotguns to kill you. Special Agents will come after you almost every time you go in the street. Note: You cannot reach this Wanted level in Downtown District (level 1).
Wanted level 6 (Six cop heads)
This the most dangerous wanted level: The Army will go after you. Soldiers will be everywhere. Soldiers will run as fast as you can. The Army will set up tank roadblocks. You will only find Military vehicles. Soldiers around the city will have one heart of health and soldiers that comes out of jeeps will have about five hearts of health The Army will use S-Uzi machine guns to kill you. Note: You cannot reach this Wanted level in Downtown District (level 1).
Note: If you die or get arrested, your wanted level will go back down to zero.

Hint: Weapon summary:

Power: (2) Weak
Speed: (2) Slow
Special: None
Best use: If you have no other weapons

S-Uzi machine gun
Power: (1) Very Weak
Speed: (4) Very Fast
Special: None
Best use: Killing light-arm people

Power: (3) Medium
Speed: (5) Constant
Special: Fire: Lights people on fire
Best use: At close range, touching someone lights them on fire and kills

Rocket launcher
Power: (5) Very Powerful
Speed: (1) Very Slow
Special: Explosive weapon
Best use: Blowing up vehicles

Silenced S-Uzi machine gun
Power: (1) Very Weak
Speed: (4) Very Fast
Special: Silenced: Will not make any noise
Best use: Shooting without making any noise

Dual pistol
Power: (3) Medium
Speed: (3) Fast
Special: Double Shot: Shoots two bullets at once
Best use: At close range so both bullets hits the target

Power: (3) Medium
Speed: (2) Slow
Special: Spread Effect: Can hit multiple targets with one shot
Best use: At close range for the most damage -- (4) Powerful

Molotov cocktails
Power: (5) Very Powerful
Speed: (Skill) (As fast as you can press the attack/fire buttom)
Special: Explosive weapon
Best use: Blowing up people and vehicles quickly

Power: (5) Very Powerful
Speed: (Skill) (As fast as you can press the attack/fire buttom)
Special: Explosive weapon
Best use: If you have no Molotov cocktails left

Electric Gun
Power: (3) Medium
Speed: (5) Constant
Special: Homing ability: Electric will hit anything in close range
Best use: Using on multiple targets
Hint: Gangs:
There is a cool gang, weird gang, and Zaibatsu gang in all three levels:

Level Cool Gang Weird Gang Zaibatsu
1 Yakuza Loonies Zaibatsu
2 SRS .Rednecks Zaibatsu
3 Russians Krishnas Zaibatsu

Glitch: Lose life after getting arrested:
At times, you will die after getting arrested by the police.

Glitch: Flying car:
Steal a car and park it at a stop light. When all the cars get in a line, jump over the first car. You cannot land on the car or go in those small spaces, so you will keep flying like if there was no gravity.

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