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Unlock Super License:
First earn the A, B, International A, B, & C Licenses. The Super License will now be available.

Unlock Event Synthesizer Race:
After earning the Super License(see above), you will be able to unlock the Event Synthesizer Race.

Easy Start:
This game is very different than GT, you don't win Cups anymore, you have to race tracks one by one. Also, most of the races are limited to a certain HP. The first races you should take are the Sunday Cup and the Clubman Cup. Buy a used R32 Skyline and tune it enough to have a lot of HP. Race all of the races and keep gaining money.

Easy Money and Cars:
First,you must have at least 300,000 now and an I-A liscense. Buy a Mitsubishi 3000GT MR-Twin Turbo and tune it to the max. Go to Special Events and enter the No#1 Tuned Turbo Car World Cup. All the races here pay 50,000, but are kinda hard. Pick the one with the Test Course. The cars here are unforgiving so make sure you tune your car to go to at least 210 MPH. Race 3 consecutive times and you will win the second ultimate car the HKS R33 Drag. Which sells for 250,000.

The Ultimate Driving Machines:
After you have established atleast 4 million,buy the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version which sells for 2,000,000.This car is monstrously powerful and quite easy to handle at high speeds.If you drive well enough,you can race any race and defeat all your opponents.This car will whip the competition in the GT World Cup so have fun.

Getting money:
Win the 4WD Challenge at Laguna Seca to receive a 618 hp custom car. Take that car to the Tuned-Turbo Challenge and enter the Test-Track race. You will win $50,000 and a car worth $30,000 for each 3-lap race that is won. The secret to winning on the Test-Track is in the corners. Stay smooth and off the walls/grass to pass the faster cars. Do not let them block your car, and drive defensively once in the lead. You will also need licenses to race.

Get a brand new Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec (R34.J) '99 and tune it to the max. Then, get an International A licensee. Go to Special Events, go to Line Up 4, choose Tuned Turbo Car No.1 Race at the Test Course. Finish in first place to get $50,000 and a Skyline that is worth $30,000. Repeat this until you win a 250,000 Mine's HKS 180 SX (racing modified). Repeat again until you win a 13,750 Mines Lancer V (racing modified). Note: You do not have to use a Nissan Skyline, just a powerful and fast car.

How to get a viper GTS-R:
Start game and win enough to get a car with 591 horsepower and then go to endurance races and go to Apricot Hill 200km. You must have internation B licence and win 1st place and you will receive $500,000 and the viper GTR.

Obtaining licenses easier:
At the main menu on simulation mode go to the last selection (Transfer or Communication). You can load your licenses from the original Gran Turismo from here.

Easy first place in arcade mode:
Purchase a "special" model car on the simulation mode disc, which costs approximately 500,000 to 1,000,000 credits. Save the game. On the arcade disc, choose to load the simulation mode game. When choosing the class of car in a race, choose "home garage" and use your new car.

License Tests Demonstrations:
If you are having trouble getting past the License tests, watch the demonstrations. These demos are much better than the ones in GT so watch the speed and the turning and braking times. This should make your license woes disappear.

Double Your Cash and Garage Space:
It is understood that your garage in Gran Turismo 2 only holds 100 cars at a time. Lets say you have 100 cars and $10 million credits Save your game play twice on two differants memory cards. Use one card as your primary garage and one as your secondary garage. Now take the first card and sell off all the lower cars then safe agian. Now take the secondary card , load up and sell all the higher cars then safe again on the secondary card. Keep your best race cars on the primary and all others on the secondary. You have now double your garage space to 200 and have doubled your credits with 10 million in each , plus what you got for the sold cars for a total credits of 20 million plus whatever earned on sold cars, split between the two garages. If you need to transfer a car from one garage to the other, use the data tranfer mode off the main menu by buying the cars off each other You will never lose the money for you own both garages. When one garage fills up, do it again.

Extra HP in HP limited races:
On the simulation disc you can use a car with up to 5 more HP on the races (with limited HP). Go buy a item such as race mufflers or computer, but do not equip them on the car. Before the race go into settings and equip the item. The computer will allow around 5 HP more than posted.

Get the elusive Lancia Stratos:
To get the rare and very futuristic looking Stratos, despite that it was made in the 80's, you must beat the 200KM Apricot Hill Endurace Race. You may also get a [R]Viper GTS-R.

Car wash glitch:
There is a mistake at the part where you wash your car. When you go wash your car, it says it costs 5,000 credits to wash once. But it's really costing you only 50 credits.

Quick cash:
If you haven't already, get a good used car to start with, win a few of the easy $3000 and $4000 races and soup up your car so that it runs at just under 295 Horses. I chose the '94 Mitsubishi FTO GR(J), won some of the easy special events and souped it up a bit. Once you have a semi-decent car, and after you have aquired your B licence, heed back over to the Special Events and enter the FF Challenge. From there, choose the Tahifi Road Race (A purse of $5000 if you win). Now, you'll have to race this several times, but if you keep wininng, once you get around $40K saved, you will notice you get a "Bonus Car" awarded which is Mugen Accord SIR-T(J). This car can sell for about $7000. If you race the same race again and win, you get ANOTHER one. Keep on racing and collecting these cars.. that makes a total purse of about $12000 per race which ain't to bad for a 2 lap "B" license race. It may help you build up some cash to totaaly supe up your old car, or buy that elusive new car you have always dreamed of.

Quick cash:
Race and win the last of the "Midship Challenge" races (Special Events - first page, bottom left corner - the last race with a 591 hp limit) with any high powered car of the "MR" type. You'll get a [R]GT40 Race Car. If you enter the same race once more with this new car of yours, you'll notice that you can't be beaten (Well, almost. Strictly speaking, you can loose with any car).

The beauty of this scheme is that, as I've explained, once you've won the race once, you're sure to be able to win again. And you'll get a new [R]GT40 Race Car every time. Did I mention that the race is only 2 laps? And that a [R]GT40 Race Car sells for 250,000? You see my point, I'm sure.

Quick cash:
First get your international B license. Then buy an Audi S4 and max it out. Make sure you only have the stage 3 turbo equipped. The stage 3 turbo gives your car 534hp. Then go to the GT Euro League. All of these races are a 591hp limitation so you will be alright. There are three races and each one gives you 10000 for first. Since the Audi is 4wd you should have no trouble winning. As you win each one you recieve a race vehicle ie: Zexel Skyline. Each vehicle is worth 250,000 credits when sold. Each race is three laps but if you win all three and sell the cars, you can make 780,000 credits in one sitting!

Get a lot of money:
Go to race with a rally car, go to rally events and choose tahiti road. Then you take the 2nd race mode and you dont have to take a really fast car but you always win. You get the price of 10.000 every time you race (be sure you have dirt tires).

Mad Cash for real:
First go buy the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version if you haven't already bought. Then go to the GT all stars Red Rock Valley race. When you win the race you get 50,000 credits.the car you get is a TVR speed 1 which is worth 500,000 keep on repeating and win some big bucks.

Quick cash:
Get a decent car with under 390HP, I chose a Chevrolet Camaro SS 97' with 311HP then race it in the Wagon Showdown in the super speedway race. Its easy to win and as well as the $6000 prize, you get a Mugen Accord Wagon worth $6250, making a total of $12250 for a race which should take under 2 minutes.

Money hint 2:
I used the RUF CTR2 on the Grand Touring Car Trophy Entry, Midfield raceway. For first place you will receive $30 000 plus a car worth $250 000. In about 3 or 4 of these race you will get well over $1.000.000.

Start the arcade game. Goto to time trial. Select "Motorsportsland" (it doesn4t matter if you select reverse). Start driving the track and you will notice a small hill in the left side of the road (if you selected reverse it will be on your right). Stop your car to the U-bend. Accelerate towards the hill so that the "wrong way" sing appears (if you selected reverse the "wrong way" sign will not appear). You must have 50 mph speed (app. 80 kph). Repeat this few times and your car will go trough the hill instead going over it. The "out of course" sign appears. Now you can drive as fast as the car allows you to, there are no walls so you can drive off the screen. My personal record is 312 mph (app. 500kph).

Easy money & cars:
First, Buy a cheap 207hp used car. Go to the special events. then go to historic car cup. Race at Tahiti road. Finish first ten times and get a free car. Sell all ten free cars and you should end up with around $100,000.

Very easy money:
Get 100,000 credits and go to the Mitsubishi part of the east city. Buy a 3000GT VR-4 Turbo. Go to tune and go strait to Turbo and get turbo kits. Go strait to stage 4 and buy it. Your horse power will go up to around 620hp. Then, go to Special Events Races. Go all the way over to the Tuned Turbo Car NO.1 Cup. Go to the test course, finish first twice and you now get 100,000 credits. NOTE: to get the 100,000 credits to start with, Follow "Easy Money and Cars."

There's Something About the Licenses:
Have you done all the races and still the game says your completion is about 98%? Well, the license tests count as races too. It sound impossible, but you must get gold for every license. you don't get money, but you win some excellent race cars (like a FTO LM edition, Chaser LM edition, Del Sol LM edition, and two others) When finished, the game should have a 100% completion.
Note: Earlier versions of the game have all gold for every license to unlock Drag Racing, found after the Event Generator option at the GT series.

How to get 550,000 In 5 minutes:
First, you must have the crotch rocket also known as the Escudo and an IA license. Enter the All-Pro Special Event and go to the Red Rock Valley race. Next, before the race go to car settings. Lower the Escudo as far as it will go, and drop the suspension rate between 4.0 and 8.0 for each wheel. Also, put the downforce to 53 in the front and 85 in the back. It sounds insignificant, but this helps the car blast around the first hairpin at 220+ mph, warning, the Escudo will slam into the wall, dropping the speed to about 160-180, and may induce a spin. Another note. if you're racing against a Lister Storm, make sure you don't rear-end it. It is as slow as molasses compared to you. After the race, you win a TVR Speed 12 (which sells for 500,000) which you can fully upgrade to annihilate any race with an unlimited HP requirement.

My personal record for Red Rock Valley is 54.876@226.87 mph for the lap record and 4min, 52.211 for the total time.

Easy Cash:
You don't have to sell the TVR Speed 12! Instead you can use it to win the N/A Tuned races easily. the cars are horribly slow compared the Speed 12. (for example, you have 807 HP to the rear wheels, or about 3X as much power they have). The races pay 50,000 a pop, plus about 11,000 for the cars. A note about the Speed 12, downforce, zero camber, and big gears are its and your friend.put a lot of downforce, tire on the road, and top end to keep the car rear in check.

Escudoes Are For Dirt:
You don't need an Escudo for super speed and road race dominance. Go to Toyota and buy the GT-One Road Version. Tune it to the max. You now have a 975 HP Japanese car that can smoke an Escudo in top speed and handling (the escudo's handling can be unpredictable, while the GT-One drives like a 4WD car; very stable) Also, the best part, you save over 600,000 credits!

Rally Car Glitch:
It seems the rally car all have 295 HP. Not! for example. Buy a "295" HP Subaru Rally Car, then check you garage. choose the Subaru. To your delight the car now produces over 400 HP! essentially every rally car (and new car for that matter) increases in HP after purchase

Escudo Glitch:
Warning! This can affect your saved game!!
First buy an Escudo. race the first Sunday cup race. Make sure you finished 2nd. Go back to your garage. Put the Escudo on the top of your garage list, and make sure it wasn't washed. Then, save the info on a memory card. At the main screen. let the demo play of the classic car race. When the demo finishes. save the game again on another memory card, then save again. On the 2nd save, let 10 blocks light up then turn off the PlayStation. Turn it back on then load the first game. then buy the escudo on the 2nd game using the File Transfer option. The 2nd Escudo should have about 6,000-40,000hp and weigh about 600lbs. You can test it at the test Track. You can get about 1000mph with it. However, you must reload the game, since the game erases the cars from your garage. The erasure isn't permanent. Also this may have slight glitches on the races, some of which make the car undriveable. This "SuperEscudo" is a blast to drive!

Best laptime on the test course
If you want to have the best laptime on the test course, be sure to set downforce to minimum and set damper bound and rebound to 1. This way your car won't loose grip in the corners, butt it will start to waggle like a duck. I managed to reach a top speed of 442 km/h with a Nissan 180 drag and 438 with a Escudo Pikes Peak. If the cars you're racing against are real fast, get behind the car in front of you and use it's slipstream to increase your speed, then pass it in the corners. I believe the 180 drag can be won in one of the N.A. or Turbo tuned races.
-from: Jelle mail:

Most profitable race in the game:
Red Rock Valley in Gran Turismo All-Stars
50,000 credits plus a 500,000 credit car.
Average Lap time:
1 minute per lap for 5 laps.
Fastest accelerating car:
Susuki Escudo Pike's Peak Version
Fastest car:
HKS Drag
My top speed: 281 mp/h
Using the Slipping Effect with a buddy with the same car works well.

Give an 101 % effort:
You may often read that one of gt2's glitches is that you cant complete 100%, untrue. If you have successfully completed all the races, including the manufacturers cups, won all the races from easy to expert on arcade mode disc, and also you must have obtained all the liscences inc special you should be sitting at about 98 %. Now save and restart the Playstation, when it asks you which language click German/Deutch, this changes vauxaull dealership to opel, now simply complete the manufactures cup and you should have over 100%.

Neverending straight:
On both the Laguna Seca and Motor Sports World tracks you can drive in an open void. To do this on Laguna Seca head down the home straight coming up to the hairpin, head straight towards the thin strip of concrete and hit the wall about where the blue and white tyres meet the wall, if done right you should be able to worm your way left and right untill you are off the track completey. But if you want to get a 500 km top speed I suggest doong it on the Motor Sports track. Do a lap and when coming to the last hairpin cut it on the grass and head down the home straight, it should come up with "wrong way' or 'off course' head straight at the wall at the end of the straight and you should go right through it.


Game Shark Codes

North American Version

Joker Command D01F068A ????
Unlock All Road Tracks in 1P Mode 800F364E 0083
Unlock All Rally Tracks in 1P Mode 800F3656 0027
Unlock All Road Tracks in 2P Mode 800F3658 0015
Unlock All Rally Tracks in 2P Mode 800F365A 0006
Unlock All Tracks in Time Trial 800F3652 0017
Road Tracks Complete/Unlock Arcade Credits & Extra Cars
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed) 50000A02 0000
801C93F8 0505
301C940C 0005
Day Modifier 801C9438 ????
Simulation Mode Codes
Max Cash After One Race 8005E6DA 2400
Extra Money 801D0FC8 E0FF
801D0FCA 05F5
Money Never Decreases 80017A42 2400
80017D4A 2400
Any Car Can Race Any Circuit D00148E0 000C
800148E2 1000
Stop Race Timer 8002F810 0000
80046E84 0000
Have All Gold Licenses
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed) 50003CA4 0000
801CA758 0400
A-Class Licenses Gold 801CC0F8 0400
801CC19C 0400
801CC240 0400
801CC2E4 0400
801CC388 0400
801CC42C 0400
801CC4D0 0400
801CC574 0400
801CC618 0400
801CC6BC 0400
B-Class Licenses Gold 801CC760 0400
801CC804 0400
801CC8A8 0400
801CC94C 0400
801CC9F0 0400
801CCA94 0400
801CCB38 0400
801CCBDC 0400
801CCC80 0400
801CCD24 0400
IA-Class Licenses Gold 801CADC0 0400
801CAE64 0400
801CAF08 0400
801CAFAC 0400
801CB050 0400
801CB0F4 0400
801CB198 0400
801CB23C 0400
801CB2E0 0400
801CB384 0400
IB-Class Licenses Gold 801CB428 0400
801CB4CC 0400
801CB570 0400
801CB614 0400
801CB6B8 0400
801CB75C 0400
801CB800 0400
801CB8A4 0400
801CB948 0400
801CB9EC 0400
801CBA90 0400
IC-Class Licenses Gold 801CBB34 0400
801CBBD8 0400
801CBC7C 0400
801CBD20 0400
801CBDC4 0400
801CBE68 0400
801CBF0C 0400
801CBFB0 0400
801CC054 0400
Super License Gold 801CA758 0400
801CA7FC 0400
801CA8A0 0400
801CA944 0400
801CA9E8 0400
801CAA8C 0400
801CAB30 0400
801CABD4 0400
801CAC78 0400
801CAD1C 0400
Arcade Mode Codes
Unlock Ending Credits (Select at Credit Screen) D01F068A FFFE
80052580 0001
80052594 0001

Japanese Version

Freeze Time 80046EB4 0000
Stop Race Timer 8002F854 0000
80046EB4 0000
One Billion Dollars 801D19C8 9680
801D19CA 0098
Max PS 801C30AC 03E7
801CDA50 03E7
Max Speed (Press Up + X) D01C9C0A BFEF
800AA4EA 0040
Start on Lap 2 in Arcade Mode D00AA4AC 0000
800AA4AC 0002
Start on Lap 2 in Simulation Mode D00AA4BC 0000
800AA4BC 0002
A-Class Licenses Gold 801CCAF8 0400
801CCB9C 0400
801CCC40 0400
801CCCE4 0400
801CCD88 0400
801CCE2C 0400
801CCED0 0400
801CCF74 0400
801CD018 0400
801CD0BC 0400
B-Class Licenses Gold 801CD160 0400
801CD204 0400
801CD2A8 0400
801CD34C 0400
801CD3F0 0400
801CD494 0400
801CD538 0400
801CD5DC 0400
801CD680 0400
801CD724 0400
IA-Class Licenses Gold 801CB7C0 0400
801CB864 0400
801CB908 0400
801CB9AC 0400
801CBA50 0400
801CBAF4 0400
801CBB98 0400
801CBC3C 0400
801CBCE0 0400
801CBD84 0400
IB-Class Licenses Gold 801CBE28 0400
801CBECC 0400
801CBF70 0400
801CC014 0400
801CC0B8 0400
801CC15C 0400
801CC200 0400
801CC2A4 0400
801CC348 0400
801CC3EC 0400
IC-Class Licenses Gold 801CC490 0400
801CC534 0400
801CC5D8 0400
801CC67C 0400
801CC720 0400
801CC7C4 0400
801CC868 0400
801CC90C 0400
801CC9B0 0400
801CCA54 0400
Gold Super License 801CB158 0400
801CB1FC 0400
801CB2A0 0400
801CB344 0400
801CB3E8 0400
801CB48C 0400
801CB530 0400
801CB5D4 0400
801CB678 0400
801CB71C 0400

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