Formula 1: Championship Edition (F1 '97)

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Name of the file: Formula 1: Championship Edition (F1 '97) - Author: ANO

Reach championship round 16:
Enter OEAN ALESI (200 points, second place), NEAN ALESI (0 points, last place), PEAN ALESI (200 points, third place), or QEAN ALESI (200 points, fourth place) as a name.

Four bonus tracks:
Enter BILLY BONUS as a name. The bonus Adia, Edialeda, Sonob, and the black and white 1960's mode tracks will be accessible.

Easy mode for all tracks (inlcuding bonus):
Enter TOO EASY as a name.

Expert mode:
Enter BLOOMIN ARD as a name.

1960's cars:
Enter SWINGIND SIXTIES as a name and start an arcade mode game.

New sound effects and background music:
Enter SWAP SHOP as a name.

Large tires:
Enter LITTLE WEELS as a name.

WipeOut mode:
Enter PI MAN as a name.

Virtua Racing mode:
Enter VIRTUALLY VIRTUAL as a name.

Helicopter camera:
Enter ZOOM LENSE as a name.

Murray and Martin puppet announcers:
Enter BOX CHATTER as a name.

Frog rain:
Enter CATS DOGS as a name.

Alternate camera angles:
Drive to the side of the track and press Select on controller two to choose from more views. Note: This has no effect if your car is in the pits.

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