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In-game reset:
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

Easy Overdrive Fill-up
At the inns or shops throughout the game are the "Help" panels. Choose the "fiends" section and select a fiend to fight. Here you can concentrate on getting those Overdrive gauges charged. After the battle your HP/MP are refilled. This is the best way to set off again after a rest.

Hidden locations:
There are several hidden locations on the world map that you can find by selecting specific coordinates while aboard the airship. Move the pointer to the approximate coordinates and press X to search that region.

Location X coordinate Y coordinate
Baaj Temple 11-16 57-63
Sanubia Desert 12-16 41-45
Besaid falls 29-32 73-76
Mi'ihen Ruins 33-36 55-60
Battle Site 39-43 55-60
Omega Ruins 69-75 33-38

Airship passwords:
There are hidden locations accessible by using the "Input" feature found in the airship command list. All passwords are case-sensitive.

Pass No. 1: GODHAND
pass No. 2: VICTORIOUS
Pass No. 3: MURASAME
Pass No. 4: AL BHED

Al Bhed Primer locations:

1. Al Bhed Salvage ship
2. Besaid Village.Crusaders Lodge
3. S.S. liki.engine room
4. Kilika.Tavern
5. S.S. Winno.Bridge
6. Luca Stadium.Basement B
7. Luca theater.reception
8. Mi'ihen Highroad
9. Mi'ihen Highroad. Newroad, North
10. Mushroom Rock Road
11. Djose Highroad
12. Moonflow
13. Guadosalam.House
14. Thunder Plains. agency (Tell rin that your study is going okay)
15. Macalania Woods
16. Lake Macalania
17. Sanubia Desert
18. Sanubia Desert
19. Al Bhed Home
20. Al Bhed Home.Living Quarters
21. Al Bhed Home.Main Corridor
22. Bevelle Temple (Must acquire immediately after the wedding)
23. The Calm Lands
24. Remiem Temple (Near chocobo)
25. The Calm lands
26. Omega Ruins

Jecht Sphere locations:
1. Obtained automatically after defeating the Spherimorph.
2. Besaid Village, to the right of the temple.
3. Onboard the S.S. Liki.
4. Luca Stadium in Basement A of Auroch's locker room.
5. Mi'hen highroad, southern most part.
6. Mushroom rock road, near the elevator.
7. South Moonflow.
8. South Macalaina Woods.
9. Mt. Gagazet.
10. Entrance/path to Thunder Plains; where two men tell you to see Seymour.

Legendary weapons:
Each Legendary weapon must be acquired by using the Celestial Mirror.

Tidus: Caladbolg
Race and defeat the Chocobo trainer in the Calm Lands. After winning the race, walk to the upper northwest section of the Calm Lands. The guard blocking a narrow pathway down into the gorge will have left his post, allowing you to pass. Tidus will then be able to use the Calastial Mirror to acquire Caladbolg.

Yuna: Nirvana
Capture all nine types of fiends in the Calm Land region. After collecting them all, return to the monster arena owner. He will produce a treasure chest, containing the weapon.

Auron: Masamune
Acquire the Rusty Sword, which is found on the eastern cliff of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands. Take the Rusty Sword to the statue of Lord Mi'ihen on the Mushroom Rock Road. Place the Rusty Sword before the statue to reveal a glyph. Touch it to reveal the Masamune's secret location.

Wakka: World Champion
Talk to the bartender in Luca Cafe. If she refuses to turn it over, it is because you have been neglecting to play Blitzball.

Kimahri: Spirit Lance
Active three of the Qactuar Stones on the Thunder Plains, then find the Qactuar ghost flying just above the ground at Thunder Plains-South. Follow it to a small ruined lighting tower on the right side. Press Square to send a bolt of lightning to the tower to reveal a treasure holding the weapon.

Lulu: Onion Knight
Return to Baaj Temple and dive underwater. Swim towards the doors to the north and fight Geosgaeno. After defeating it, search the southern part of the circular underwater area and look for a treasure chest containing the weapon.

Rikku: Godhand
Input the airship password GODHAND to open a secret location at Mushroom Rock. Move north to the end of this ravine, and use the Celestial Mirror on the symbol embedded in the rock face.

Quicker party:
If you have your three faster characters in your battle party formation, you will always get your initial turns faster. Then, just switch them out for slower characters, allowing them to go instead.

Increase damage:
When in battle, choose the Attack command. When your character is just about to strike, tap R1. A small explosion will appear on the enemy and the damage will be twice the amount usually done.

Get other people on Blitzball team:
To get other people on your Blitzball team press Square while facing someone. If they play, it will show their stats. Shin them up for as many games as you want. Note: This costs money.

Better Blitzball players:
If you are bad at Blitzball, keep playing until a good team fires one of their players. Then, go to the team and find the player that they fired and hire him.

When playing Blitzball, you may notice players on other teams that are better than the players on your team. If you wish to switch players, simply scout the opposing player, and note how many games they have left on their contract. If you can afford to pay your other team members' salaries, you can simply play multiple exhibition games against the team with the player you want, and after each game starts, press Triangle to Forfeit. This will not hurt your team, since no-one on the opposing team will gain experience. Once the number of games on the desired player's contract is reduced to 1, find the player and scout them again (this makes the team less likely to re-sign him or her). Save your game, play another exhibition game, and forfeit. After the game, the team will either release or re-sign the player, but you can reset your game and try multiple times until the player is released. Then, head back and sign the player for your own team.

To win every one of your early games of Blitzball easily (asides from the first rather unfair one), you need to pick up the correct people after the events in Luca. Recruit Zev Ronso (standing near dock 4 on the eastern side) and have him take the MF position. Recruit Wedge from the gate near the Auroch's locker room and have him take LF or RF. Tidus stays in the other LF or RF slot. Recruit Jumal from the square near the theater/seaport side and make him your goalie. Eventually, recruit Ropp from Rin's store on the Highroad and have him take over for one of your defenders. Swing Letty back with Jassu as defenders to start, and keep Letty to do the passing after getting Ropp. Here is the strategy needed to win. Tidus and Wedge will quickly become the nastiest front team in the game. Once Tidus hits level 3, equip Jecht shot (you should have this from the boat ride to Luca). When he charges for a goal, keep his defenders down to two and Jecht shot will mow them both down, giving him a SH 18+ shot on goal. He can usually do this once per half, for two easy points. Wedge has 65 SP and 17 SH. He can especially victimize the Ronso team, as they are slow. Have him zip to the goal, shoot, and score. At level 3, equip Wither Shot for even more nastiness. Zev is almost the perfect midfielder. A shade slow, but he can hit, pass, endure, tackle, block -- a great set up man for your forwards. If they kept track of assists, Zev would be through the roof. Letty and Jassu have good speed and attack, and both can pass. Since your goalie (Jumal) has a 14 CA and can equip Super Goalie at level 3, they do not really need to be there to stop shots. Let them pass to each other if you want good ball control. Ropp is a vicious defender with great attack, block, and pass. Use him as further insurance, especially against the Guado team. Keep leveling, grab some techs, and no one can stop you.

Blitzball team locations:
Here are the original locations for the six Blitzball teams:

Luca Goers: Dock #3, Luca
Ronso Fangs: Dock #4, Luca
Al Bhed Psyches: Airship Engine Room
Besaid Aurochs: Right Locker Room, Luca
Guado Glories: Guadosalam
Kilika Beasts: Kilika

Easy captures:
Later in the game, when every monster is basically a mini-boss, have two magic casters with the One AP Cost and Break Damage Limit abilities use Doublecast Demi. Then, have your most heavy hitting character with a Capture weapon enter and finish them off.

Besaid Island Village: Energy Burst:
Go to the first building on the left. There is a dog inside. Talk to it to get Valefor's second Overdrive, Energy Burst.

Bickanel Island: Cactaur games:
Go to Bickanel Island. Go to the farthest screen right before home. There is a stone similar to the ones in the Thunder Plains. Talk to it and it will tell you to find a Cactaur and then another. There are ten in all. When you play their games, try to catch them then use magic on it when you fight it. Do not hit it with physical attacks -- it will dodge them.

Chamber Of The Fayth: Items:
After Master Mika "leaves", fly back to every Cloister Of Trials in the game, and make your way to the Chamber Of The Fayth. Once there, you will get new intermission sequences and at least four very rare and useful items in the treasure chests.

Monster Arena: Keep items:
When fighting in the Monster Arena, even if you die, you still keep any items you may have stolen.

Bickanel Island: Cactaur games:
Go to the farthest screen right before home. There is a stone similar to the ones in the Thunder Plains. Talk to it and it will tell you to find a Cactaur and then another. There are ten in all. When you play their games, try to catch them then use magic on it when you fight it. Do not hit it with physical attacks -- it will dodge them.

Macalania Woods: Celestial Mirror:
Talk to the woman and child looking for their husband. Find the husband in Macalania Woods, then return to the woman. The husband will be there but the child will now be missing. Go up the magical ice path behind them and take the path to the right. Find the boy and the Cloudy Mirror will now be a Celestial Mirror.

Omega Ruins Easy AP:
Find Omega Weapon (this can also be done with Ultima Weapon). Have Rikku Mug from him and you will get 10 Doorway Tomorrows. Do not waste these -- they can give your weapon Overdrive > AP, which gives you AP every time your Overdrive meter fills, then set the Overdrive of the owner of the weapon to ally, which will charge the Overdrive meter. Next, go to the Cavern Of The Stolen Fayth and fight a Pot. The Pot will not do anything until you attack it. Put the owner of the weapon with the Overdrive > AP ability in your party. Keep Triangle held for at least half an hour (use a rubber band), then flee. The person will get one Sphere level up. This works best with Lulu and her weapon Space Master, which has the ability Triple Overdrive.

Remiem Temple: Cloudy Mirror:
Go to the Save Sphere and turn left. There will be a Chocobo standing there along with a Jedth Sphere. Talk to the Chocobo and it will say that it wants to race. Go all the way to the right and you should see another Chocobo. Press X on the Chocobo and it will ask if you want to get on and race. If you can be the other Chocobo all the way down into the center, it will reward you with the Cloudy Mirror.

Remiem Temple: Entering
Ask the Chocobo girl to ride a Chocobo. Ride it all the way down were you usually start out races with her. Go all the way to the end to find what resembles a yellow Chocobo feather. Press X on the feather and the Chocobo will back up, jump off the ledge, and land on a new section of land. Go to the exit of that section of land. The next screen will show the Remeim Temple.

Thunder Plains: Items:
If you can dodge the lightning a certain number of times in a row, you will be rewarded with items. Additionally, if you get struck by lightning 30 times, you get an Ether. If you get hit 80 times, you get an Elixir.

Times Dodged Item
5 Two X-Potions
10 Two Mega-Potions
20 Two MP Spheres
50 Three Strength Spheres
100 Three HP Spheres
150 Four Megalixirs
200 Venus Sigil

Zanarkand Dome: Hidden treasure:
When you go to Zanarkand Dome for the second time, there will be a hidden treasure. Activate all of the four-space cubes and the screen will open. Take the Destruction Sphere and put it in the right slot, which will open the other screen. Take the treasure then get Anima.


Auron: Find different Jeckt Spheres laying about the world. Some of these will give Auron a new Overdrive. You need to find all ten to get Auron's final Overdrive.

Kimari: Use the Dragon Sword ability to drain HP and MP from the enemy. If the enemy has a Blue magic skill that Kimari can learn, he will gain it automatically. The only one that is difficult to get is "Sunshine", which you obtain from the Omega Weapon.

Lulu: Rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise as fast as possible. The number will go up the more you rotate it. The more you level Lulu up, the easier it is to cast multiple spells.

Rikku: Rikku's Overdrive combines items to create special attacks and power-ups during battle. You have to choose any two items to combine. Note: Two of the same kind will work.

Tidus: Just keep using them over and over. After a while, he will learn his next Overdrive.
Wakka: You can win new Overdrive roulette (slots) types in the Blitzball Ranking and Tournament modes.

Hidden Aeons:
Yojimbo: In the Calm Lands, circle past the right side of the bridge leading to Mt. Gagazet, and descend into the gorge below. To the left of the Save Sphere is the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Proceed through the cave until you encounter a spirit. Defeat Yojimbo and speak to him to negotiate a fee for his services.

Anima: Go to Baaj Temple with the Airship. Dive into the water and fight Geosgaeno. Defeat it and swim toward the underwater temple entrance. Approach the six statues on either side. There is one hidden item in each of Spira's six Cloisters of Trails. You should have five of these items, now get the last one from Zanarkand Dome. Solve the puzzle there and return with the last item and get your prize Aeon.

The Magus Sisters: Capture all of the required types of fiends on Mt. Gagazet and return to the monster arena and get the Blossom Crown. You must possess all other Aeons, including Yojimbo and Anima. Next, go to Remiem Temple. Defeat Spathi, and receive the Flower Scepter. After defeating all of the Aeons at Remiem Temple, use the Blossom Brown and the Flower Scepter on the door in the back to unseal it and acquire the Magus Sisters.

Easy Aeon healing:
Instead of bothering to have one of your Aeons learn any of the cure spells, try this. For the elemental Aeons (Ifrit, Shiva, Ixion, etc.), try using a spell that corresponds with their element (Ifrit: Fire, Shiva: Blizzard, Ixion: Thunder). This heals them much more than if you did any cure spell You can also try the advanced spells (Fira, Blizzara, etc.).

Aeons and legendary weapons:
Although it may seem as if your legendary weapons are weak and useless, get all of them and your Aeons will have a normal attack of 9999.

Quick healing and restoration:
Every time you save the game at a save point, it will completely heal all the party members, revive all summons and completely heal MP.

Defeating Biran:
When fighting Biran and Yenke with Kimahri, use Lancet on each of them a few times. You should get a few Ronso Rages. Use Lancet again after Biran has used Mighty Guard to also obtain it.

Defeating Evrae Altana:
Use two or three Phoenix Downs on it to kill it instantly.

Use an X-Potion for a one hit kill.

Defeating Seymour 1:
In the first fight with Seymour, have Rikku steal from the two guards. This will stop them from using Auto-Potion. Seymour will call Anima, and an Overdrive gauge will appear in front of him. Attack and watch the gauge, When it is almost full, have Yuna call one of her Aeons to take the hit from Anima's Overdrive. Repeat this as needed. After defeating Anima, Seymour will start casting multiple spells. Use Yuna to heal you party, and have the rest attack.

When you fight Seymour for the first time, and after he summons Anima, you will have to fight just him. Seymour's magic attacks follow the exact pattern of Ice, Thunder, Water, and Fire. Therefore if you have Yuna cast her Nu-spells, you will not get hurt at all.

Defeating Seymour 3:
In the third fight with Seymour, he is rather tough and uses a combo attack where he uses the Lance of Atrophy which inflicts Zombie on one character then casts Full Life to kill them. He uses this in two turns -- you only have one chance to use Holy Water, which you should have a lot of. Spend some time before the battle running around near the save location just before fighting him. Build up all you characters' and Aeons' Overdrives so that you can use all of them in the fight. It is also a good idea to have at least one character in the fight that has about 3000 HP. Seymour will use attacks that can kill your party in one hit, but 3000 HP should be enough to keep you alive. Have the surviving character use a MegaPhoenix to revive you party then heal it.

Have at least 30 Hi-Potions (preferably more), at least 10 Holy Waters, at least 5 Phoenix Downs and use a party with Tidus, Kimahri, and Auron. Enter the party with Kimahri's Overdrive gauge full. Have Tidus cast Hastega on the party, and do it again if it runs out or Seymour casts Dispel. Keep fighting, using Hi-Potions and Holy Water when needed. When the message "Metamorphos is gaining power" appears, use Kimahri's Overdrive to cast Mighty Guard. After that, just have everyone attack basically, and use a Mega-Potion or some kind of heal all item after each annihilation attack, if you have them. Also, If you guided Kimahri in a certain direction on the sphere grid, he might know "Use". If so, also have him use Al Bhed potions . Seymour should go down quickly, especially if you get Auron's Overdrive full before Seymour casts Protect. Note: Delay Attack/Delay Buster does not work on Seymour.

Defeating the Sanctuary Keeper:
Have Yuna cast Reflect on the creature. Then have your highest hit point character hack away at it. It will still cast the Cure and Regen spells, but with Reflect it will be healing the party instead of itself.

Defeating Bosses:
Get all your Aeons' Overdrives character's Overdrives up before battle. When you enter the battle, let everyone hit once with their Overdrive (so at the end they all get experience) and let Yuna summon her Aeons and use their Overdrives. Try using Yuna's Overdrive "Grand Summon" and summon your best Aeon. You can use two Overdrives with hem if you charged them up.

Omega Weapon and Ultima Weapon:
To find Omega Weapon and Ultima Weapon you must explore the ruins with a No Encounter ability on one of your characters (Peaceful Bangle, Ductile Rod, etc.). The best way to find them is to have a high level. When you enter you will be tempted to go straight. Instead, go to the left and then straight. The rest of the way should be obvious.

At the very beginning of the game, as you head down the long road to get to the Blitzball stadium, talk to the girl running around who talks about tickets more than once. Eventually she will say that tickets are sold out, and will ask if you can get tickets for her. Tell her you can, and she will reward you with two Potions.

Near the start of the game, when you get on the S.S. Liki after getting Yuna, you should be able to explore the ship for a little bit. When you get to walk around, go downstairs. A man will talk to you about your clothes. After he is done talking, go to the only open room (on the left side) in the hallway. You should see a seasick man with his head out the window. On the far right of the screen, you should see a suitcase similar to the one Yuna was going to bring on the boat. Go up to it and press X to kick it. You will receive a Potion. Keep kicking it to get about fifteen free Potions.

When you meet Yukku on the salvaged ship, talk to the man with a gun that has a knife on it. Talk to Yukku and talk to the other person. You can only understand Yukku, but after you talk to them all you will get three Potions.

After your ship docks at the first town (the one torn apart by Sin), proceed through the intermission sequence with Yuna, and you will find yourself in a hut. Exit the hut, and proceed to the left side of the screen. You will see a child on a pile of rubble. Press X near the child to rescue her before the rubble collapses. Proceed to the hut at the top right of the current screen for a free item from the chest.

Boss:Sinspawn Geneaux
HP:3000 Weakness:Fire
Do not use water against it. That would give him life. Get rid of its tentacles first with fire.When he reveals his body, strike with fire and Yuna`s aeon.

Extra Ending
First you'll have to meet with Maechen at Guadosalam in Chapter 3. You'll find him when you meet up with Logos and Ormi in the same area. Next you have to get the "whistling" scene with Yuna at the end of Chapter 3. When you're alone in the Farplane, move Yuna around and continually press the X button. You'll hear whistling. That means you have activated the event. Next thing you have to do is get an Episode Complete in Luca during Chapter 5. All you have to do there is visit the location where Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle. Next, get an Episode Complete in Besaid. Finally, once you have beat the game, keep tapping the X button to get the ending.

Get Baralai's Sphere
Baralai's Sphere can be found in Guadosalam beyond the locked door that everyone talks about. How do you do it? Examine the door in very Chapter. During Chapter 5, Tromell Guado will let you inside, if you were able to finish the mission on Mount Gagazet during Chapter 3.

Easy Healing
If you need to heal up, change your characters into White Mages, because they have the lowest HP in the game. You can use regular Potions or low level white magic spells to cure them. Revert them back to their original classes and they'll be at max health.

Good Level Up Spots
Good places to level up during the game are the Leblanc Syndicate's headquarters early in the game, Cid's secret dungeon during Chapter 5 for mid level characters, and the Depths of the Farplane for high level characters.

Quick Fix
If an enemy hits you with Stop, cast Haste or use a Chocobo feather on them. They'll be back to normal, and they will also have Haste cast on them.

Quick Kill
Equip the Cat Nip accessory and use the Trigger Happy ability when the wearer of Cat Nip has their health below half. You know this happens when their HP indicator turns yellow. The Cat Nip accessory allows any item, attack or spell to deal 9999 damage no matter what the circumstances. Since Trigger Happy allows you anywhere from 10 - 20 hits depending on what level you have it at, you can pretty much kill any enemy in the game using this strategy. Just remember, enemies are also affected by this too!

Easy 500+ points in Dancing Mini Game
As soon as the mini game starts,regardless of what the game tells you to do,keep pressing Triangle,Circle,X and Square simultaneously as fast as you can until the mini game ends.You'll easily score 500+ points

New game+
After beating the game for the first time,on the title screen there will be new game+.This is a new game except your characters start with the items when you ended the game for the first time.

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