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How to get cloud:
When you are in the missile base [note you must have Irvin and Zell on your team. Once you are in the missile base and you get all the way to the compuyer room know matter how well you done you will fight these soilders. Draw off the red soilder not the blue ones it will be a question mark. once you get up to the top, and you fight that blue mrv you will have to use the drawn magic on it, once you beaten it you will get a buster sword. Later on go to Odins place and use the buster sword on him when you use it, it will help at the end in disc three when Seifer chops Odin in half instead of getting Gillgemesh you will get Cloud.

The ex Balamb Pupil:
The ex Balamb Pupil can help to eradicate rules as he only uses the one rule. He can be found at the docks at Balamb Town fishing after the occupation.

How to attack everytime with a limit attack:
First thing, during a battle, keep a character in "yellow", then when it's time to attack press the circle button till you get the "special attack option".

How to kill a t-rex with just one shot:
Make junction with "death" magic to the status attack.

Haste isn't the best spell for speed. 100 Triples will boost it quite a lot more than Haste. In my game Squall kills something and his turn comes up again before it hits the ground.

Solomon Ring:
In order to use the"Solomon Ring" you must have these items:x6 Steel Pipes,x6 Remedy+`s,& x6 Marboro Tentacles....this item releases GF Doomtrain.

If your forgot to Draw the GF`s from the earlier battles in the game you can get another chance,if you want to complete your gaurdians like i did:

Locations: Ultimecca Castle-Bosses
1.Siren=Tri Point
3.Pandemona=Red Giant

Other GF`s:
1. Odin: Disc 3 & 4,in 20:00mins;Randomly appears-Non-Boss
2. Phoenix: Phoenix Pinion-Use item wisely;appears to auto Revive allcharacters
3. Boko the Chocobo: Solve at least on of the Chocobo puzzles,& use GysahiGreen
4. Minimog: GF Ability;Minimog Amulet....each time you use Minimog it`suses gil;20 2000gil,and the price rises with your level
5. Moomba: You can call upon mooba using the Friendship Item
6. Gilgamesh: Near End of Disc 3;will appear once Odin Dies;Gilgamesh is a Boss Battle GF;you just can`t controll him. Random Attacks

1. Zantetsuken - Cuts all enemies in half;resultin in Death
2. Excaliber - Strong attack against all enemies
3. Excalipoor - Causes 1 point of damage to each enemy
4. Masamune - Extremely Strong attack against All Enemies

Catuar Island hint:
You know that little sand island, out to the Southeast, called Catuar Island? Make sure that when you go to him, all your characters are junctioned with water to give you an added advantadge. Also make sure Leviathan is level 50+ his water attack will cause 9,999HP damage. Plus put the ability`s RECOVER & REVIVE on the character not using Leviathan. Also make sure at the begining of the battle to cast haste on all your characters, you must finish this GF off quickly or else he runs away and you must start over. One other thing this is also a good place to build up your GF`s the Cactuar, on this Island give you 20AP so after 10 battles you make up to 200AP.

When you beat Omega Weapon, don`t go to the Last Boss with Ultimicia. Instead go to you character options and select "Proof that Omega Weapon Exisits". When you click on it, it will give you a recent background info on the creature that tells you how to beat it easier nexttime.

No Death at end:
Equip auto-potion to Irvine and make sure you have enough final limit break aimo, have plenty of x-potions(no other potions). At the end when fighting Ultimicia, her final form you will be reduced to 1 but you will use auto-potion immediatly, but right before you use auto potion keep hitting Circle repeatably and you will get your limit break up and then get 100 % health. Keep shooting her until it reaches zero then repeat on next turn, you are bound to win.

When fighting the first monster you meet in the fire cavern on the first disc. Try to practice a bit before you start to fight them. Train for a while. When you start to fight the monsters and trying to get to Ifrit (the GF in the fire cavern) fight until you get to level 20 or 24, it will make the battle much easier.

Attacking Sorceress Ultimacia
You must first get Squall to be at level 100 and any two of the other party member. Get your party's to be well equiped and with their best weapon. Be sure to get Squall the lion heart which is the strongest weapon in the whole game. Also get him to learn the lionheart attack because it is the only way to defeat Soceress Ultimacia. She have 4 forms to defeat but you have to fight 5 time because she uses the GF she have before she junction herself into it. Get at least 50 full life, 50 life, 50 curaga and 50 other magice that dispells confusion, poisons or other harmal spells. Use Aura on Squall alot so that he can use his lionheart which will finish her first form off easily. Keep using Aura on Squall and attack with him and you will soon defeat her.



Limit Breaks:
This code shows every characters Limit Break.

Squall Leonhart=Renzokuken
Rinoa Heartilly=Combine
Quistis Trepe=Blue Magic
Zell Dincht=Duel
Selphie Tilmitt=Slot
Irvine Kinneas=Shot
Laguna Loire=Desperado
Kiros Seagill=Blood Pain
Ward Zabac=Heavy Anchor
Seifer Almasy=Fire Cross
Edea=Ice Strike

Ultimate Weapons:
These weapons are the characters strongest.

Squall Leonhart=Lion Heart
Rinoa Heartilly=Shooting Star
Zell Dincht=Ehrgeiz
Selphie Tilmitt=Strange Vision
Irvine Kinneas=Exeter

No Random Encounters:
There is a way to not fight any monsters on the world map besides using Diablos' encounter-none ability. If you walk on a road or train tracks, you won't have to fight any enemies. This is handy early on in the game when your HP is low and need to get to Balamb Garden or Balamb.

Kill the zombie with one hit:
When you go to nagotiate with the president(disc 1) use a GF on him in human form and when he changes use Phonix down (by clicking on phonix down and when the people screen comes up press left)Then he should automatically be dead.

Fast Magic:
To use triple very early on in a fight , junction cerberus to someone with the initiative ability, use cerberus right away. now you can use magic x3 the whole fight!



Easy Limit Breaks:
Get into a battle, and wait until all characters time bars are full. Then keep hitting CIRCLE (TRIANGLE in the Japanese version) and eventually Squall or Zell will have use of their limits.

Secret G.F:
After reciving Ragnarok go to the bottom left of the screen. There should be a base there if you defat the boss (Bahamut) you will get him he will come on your side. After Bahamut go father into the base and you will fight Altema Weapon draw "Eden" from him.

G.F. Boost:
If you have a GF who has learned "Boost", this trick will work. While your GF is about to appear on the screen, hold down "Select" and you should see a hand pointing a finger on the "Square" button and a number next to it. Keep holding "Select" and rapidly hit "Square" This will raise that number which means more damage to the enemy. But make sure you stop when an X appears over the hand. If you don't, the number will start back at the beginning. Wait for the X to go away and repeat the process. The higher the number reached, the more damage caused.

Dancing soldiers:
At the missle base near the begining of Disc 2 there is a way to mess around with the missle control. At the missle control panel, after setting up the error ratio, go to equipment. Press and hold Square and Triangle then press up or down to get a dancing elite guard or a normal one.

Infinite Items with a Pocketstation:
If you have Final Fantasy 8(US), a Pocketstation and a Memorycard, you can use the Pocketstation game Chocobo World to get Infinite Items. Just do the following:

1. Download the Chocobo World game from Final Fantasy 8 onto your Pocketstation, (Downloaded after you have caught a Chocobo.)

2. Start playing through Chocobo World, collecting as many items as you can.

3. Once you have the items you want plug the Pocketstation and the Sony Memorycard into your Playstation, go to the internal memory card manager and save Chocobo World into the Sony Memorycard (Warning: it takes 7 blocks of memory to store)

4. Start playing your Final Fantasy 8 game with the file that you have caught a chocobo with, go to the game menu and choose , get to the menu. You can then transfer the items into your FF8 game, choose the option to take Boco(the character you play Chocobo World with) home, which also lets you transfer all the items you have collected in the Pocketstation game into the Final Fantasy 8 game, and then choose the option to send Boco into the Pocketstation game again. NOW, get to the option on the Final Fantasy 8 game to see all the item you got from the Pocketstation.

5. Now comes the Infinite Item part of this cheat. Get to the Memorycard Menu again, but this time copy the Chocobo World files that are inside the Sony Memorycard back into your Pocketstation, and then do step 4 (transferring items into FF8) over and over again to, finally, get Infinite Items.

Note : you can do this to get 16 or more MiniMog abilities for all your G.F.s to use, just find MiniMog inside the Pocketstation game and then just do the transferring cheat mentioned again to do it over and over.

Easy Card Games:
Want to play any card game without those ugly rules you hate so much? Then don't spread them! By playing a card game with somebody that says they want to play with combined rules,and you accept,the rules will spread.To avoid this,when they ask you to play with combined rules,say NO.Keep saying no until they play with just the regular rules by just saying "wanna play" or whatever they say.

Easy Life Restoration:
As soon as you have Status-Attack-Junction,get 100 Drains and junction them to whoever has the ability.Depending on how much damage you do,you will be healed if you hit the opponent!
In-game reset:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start during game play.

Hidden song:
Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two to hear the song "Eyes On Me" by Faye Wong.

Limit Break continues:
When any one of your party members is badly injured (indicated by a yellow life gauge

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