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Control screen brightness (Japanese version):
Press L1 to increase or R1 to decrease the brightness in the "Sound Novel".

Score challenge mode (Japanese version):
Obtain the Book Of Life in Chapter two. Stop reading the book before reaching the "Good Ending". Then, read through the book again to access a hidden "Score Challenge mode". This mode allows the Chocobo Race sequence to be played for money.

Music test :
Enter BGMXXXX as a name. Note: In the Japanese version, enter B-G-M-Ki-Ki-Ta-I as a name.

Best equipment and its location:
Sword: Nagra Rock - In the back of Nelveska Temple or poach:Porky
Knight Sword: Break Blade - Last battle of Deep Dungeon
Bow: Perseus Bow - 8th battle of Deep Dungeon
Crossbow: Gastrafitis - Shop
Knive: Zorlin Shape - Poach a Plague
Stick: Whale Whisker - Poach: Tiamat
Hammer: Scorpion Tail - Poach: Hyundra
Axe: Slasher - Shop
Katana: Chirijraden - Last battle of Deep Dungeon
Ninja Sword: Kogo Knife - 7th battle of Deep Dungeon
Gun: Blast Gun - 6th battle of Deep Dungeon
Spear: Javelin II - Right podium of Nelveska Temple
Staff: Sage Staff - 7th battle of Deep Dungeon
Rod: Faith Rod - 4th battle of Deep Dungeon
Book: Madlemgen - Poach: Great Morbol
Harp: Fairy Harp - 4th battle of Deep Dungeon or poach: Treant
Fabric: Ryozan Silk - Poach: Tiamat
Bag: FS Bag - Poach: Wild Boar
Shield: Escutcheon II - Left podium of Nelveska Temple
Helmet: Grand Helmet - 9th battle of Deep Dungeon
Hat: Thief Hat - Shop
Ribbon: Ribbon - Poach: Wild Boar
Armor: Maximillion - 9th battle of Deep Dungeon
Robe: Robe of Lords - 8th battle of Deep Dungeon
Cloth: Rubber Conscious - Poach: Hydra
Gauntlet: Genji Guantlet - Steal: Elmdor
Ring: Angel Ring - Shop
Mantle: Vanish Mantle - Gemineas Peak
Perfume: Chantage - Poach: Porky

Chicken Trick
For this you'll need either a mediator or an oracle. A mediator is best. First learn any skill that lowers brave points. Then all you have to do is lower someone's brave points below 10. They'll turn into a chicken. They can't attack, they just run away.
NOTE: They gain 1 brave point every turn, so keep it under 10 or they'll turn back.

Drowning your party:
When fighting in the Garrison, place your party in front of the drawbridge. Take Ramza up to the top, and open the drawbridge. Water will Flood out, and when it is all clear, your party and everyone in the way will be gone. This is not permanent, and it just appears as if they were all flooded away.

Zodiac Stones
Aries, acquired after defeating Wiegraf.
Taurus, Found hidden in Goug Machine city.
Gemini, acquired after beating Duke Elmdor in Limberry castle.
Cancer, acquired after beating the steel giant.
Libra, in the possession of thunder god Cid.
Scorpio, acquired after vanquishing Draclau.
Sagittarius, The high priest gives this stone to Meliadoul.
Capricorn, Acquired after defeating Dycedarg.
Aquarius, found in the deep coal mine in Goland.
Pisces, given to Alma by Izlude while he was dying.
Serpentarious, Elidibs has it in the last deep dungeon level.
Leo, this stone is acquired by killing Vormav.
Virgo, Altima possess the last stone in the Graveyard of Airships.

Get Cloud:
This trick must be used in Chapter 4. You should have four empty spaces in your formation. Go to Zeltennia Castle and listen to the rumor called "Cursed Island". Buy a Flower from Aeris at Zarghisdas Trade City, then go to Goug Machine City with Mustadio. The screen will fade and display a scene with Mustadio, Ramaza, and a steel ball. Go to the bar in Goland Coal City and listen to the rumor called "Ghost of Coliery". After this, go to Lesalia Imperia and the screen should show a bar. When you leave, invite Beowulf to join your party. Go to the red dot, right under the city. You will fight four battles, save Reis, and get the Zodiac Stone that will trigger the steel ball. Return to Goug Machine City again and a funny scene should appear. Let the Robot join your party. Go to Nelveska Temple and defeat the robot/ You will find out that Reis is a girl and will get a Zodiac Stone that will trigger Cloud and take him to your world. Go back to Goug Machine City and you will trigger Cloud into your world -- he runs out for now. Go to Zarghidas and save Cloud from the men that are punking Aeris. Note: If this did not work, make sure you killed Dycerag and Zodiac Soul Adramelk. Cloud can do nothing but Defend and Attack. Go to Bervania Volcano and equip the Move-Find Item.

When you go to the Bervenia Volcano, have the Move-Find Item equipped. Check the highest peak of the area to find the Materia Blade.

Get Cloud to a high level and give him Short Charge. He is as strong as Orlandu at a smaller level, even though his attacks take a turn or two to charge.

Defeating Gafgarion:
Before the battle against Gafgarion, strip him of his armor, weapons, etc., then turn him into a priest or something very weak. You should be able to defeat him easily. Note: This will not have any effect when you face him again in the second chapter.

To easily defeat Gafgarion at Lionel Castle, change Ramza into a wizard and teach him Flare. Make sure he has enough MP to use it before you go into battle. Cast Flare on Gafgarion on the first turn and it should kill him in one hit.

Easy leveling up:
Have Ramza know Yell, and everyone else Accumulate or some other move that you can use for free every turn. Make sure no one has any form of Counter equipped. Kill all but one enemy, surround that one, but do not kill him. Use Yell until everyone is up to maximum speed (50) and then keep using Accumulate repeatedly to gain EXP and JP.

Obtaining strong weapons:
Enter the Deep Dungeon (or explore around the Deep Dungeon) and fight random battles. After awhile a battle with a few male ninjas and one female ninja will begin. The ability catch on all of you characters must be present. Kill all of the male ninjas during the beginning of the battle. Then, wait until the female ninja throws a weapon (Chaos blade, Nagra rock, etc). Since you have the catch ability on, the weapons will be yours.

When you fight a human in a battle, you can check their status. The game will display what items they have equipped. If you have a thief or steal set on an ally, you can steal from them. You can get rare items at the start of the game by using this method.

Obtaining rare move find items:
When obtaining move find items that are spread throughout the game, step on the panel that has the item hidden beneath and lower your brave level. This increases the chances of obtaining a rare item.

Obtaining Blaze, Blast, Glacier, and Stone Guns easily:
You can get the four special guns by going to Germinas Peak. If you fight enough random battles there, you will eventually encounter a group of chemists with a mediator. Make sure that you have a thief in your party, because you have to steal the guns from the chemists and mediator. Note: The Stone Gun turns the person that has it equipped to stone. Use a Soft or something on the user to get or use it.

Viewing class descriptions:
When the game is first loading, allow it to go through the story three times. On the third time the game will give descriptions of all classes except the mime, visuals of male and female units attacking, and five major monster classes (chocobo, goblin, ghoul, cougar, and the winged eye-ball).

Cloning swords:
The sword to be cloned must be weaker than any other sword that can be purchased. First, change your character to a Knight and equip two swords on him or her. Then, equip the sword to be clone in your character's lower hand and a shield in the upper hand. Go to a shop, select best fit, and purchase it. Your character should now have two of the desired sword.

Cloning Samurai and Ninja swords:
Note: Orlandu must on your team to perform this trick. The sword to be cloned must be weaker than any other sword that can be purchased. Change Orlandu to his primary job and equip two swords on him. Then, equip the sword to be clone in the lower hand and a shield in the upper hand. Go to a shop, select best fit, and purchase it. Your character should now have two of the desired sword.

Stealing items from human characters:
To steal items from human characters cast Don't Act on the enemy or Steal from the back. If you steal the enemy's shield the percentage of you stealing another item from the enemy becomes greater. You can cast Stop on them also, or you can combine all those methods for the best results.

Easy items:
When Gafgarion or any other powerful character comes to the party, change their class and take their armor, weapons, and other items.

Crystal Abilities
When an enemy human character dies and turns into a crystal, and the ability command appears when you step on it. If you select ability and it gives you a list of abilities you can learn, (fire, fire 2, fire 3 etc, I discovered a way to get every ability there. When you select ability, and it gives you the list, go to the very bottom of the list and select the bottom ability listed. Then check the persons abilites that they can learn and you should have every ability that you could learn from the crystal.

Instantly Kill Undead
To instantly kill an undead (ghouls, skeletons, etc), simply throw them a Phoenix Down. You will never miss and they'll die instantly!
Warning: When you kill undead this way a timer will appear. If you don't finish the game before the timer reaches 0 the undead will rise again.

Mime Job
The requirement for the job mime is level 8 item user, level 8 beginner knight, level 5 summoner, level 5 talker, level 5 Fu-sui-shi (Element user) and level 5 dragon knight.

Immortal Female
To have a female that cannot turn into a crystal or treasure box, you must have the Chantage perfume (stolen from Meliadoul in Chapter 4) and a character skilled as a ninja, or have a Vanish Mantle as an accessory.

Put the Chantage perfume on any female character, and make sure the Ninja has the reaction skill of Sunken State (or equip him/her with the Vanish Mantle)

Go into battle, and hit the Ninja until he uses Sunken State (unless he has a Vanish Mantle) then make your Ninja run away after it is transparent (not acting!)

You will notice that your female character, after dying will be revived as soon as her AT reaches 100. This will happen every time she dies! It is better to have someone like Agrias use this technique

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