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Black Jack mini-game (Japanese version):
At the end of the game where the "The End" screen appears, press R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, Square. You will hear a sound when entered correctly. Press Start to start playing the game.

4 Ways to Get the Robe Of Lords:
First way to get it is to play the Chocobo's Hot and Cold game and earn 10,000 points and redeem the points for Robe Of Lords by talking to the Mene the moogle

The second way is to go through the Stellazzio: Zodiac Coins sidequest. Give the 12th coin to Queen Stella and you will recieve a Robe Of Lords as your reward

The third way is to beat Hades and gain access to the Legendary Synthesis Shop. You must have a White Robe, a Black Robe and 30,000 Gil to get a Robe Of Lords.

The fourth way is to steal using Zidane. Bosses like Ozma and Hades carry a Robe Of Lords. Equip Zidane's Master Thief ability, which can be learned from using Thief Gloves (which can be bought in Treno's Auction House) and Bandit ability, which could be learn from Mythril Dagger. Equip the N-Kai Armlet to ensure that Zidane has a good chance of stealing successfully.

FF9's 2nd Ending:
Complete the Zodiac Coin Side Quest and keep Shina's hammer. Do not use the Hammer in the Legendary Combo Shop. Keep it in your inventory and finish the game. You'll get an additional scene involving Baku.

Getting Excalibur:
Just buy the Magic Finger from the Treno auction and give it to the old man in the Dargeleo Library. Sell the rare items you bought from the auction to the people of Treno.

Getting Excalibur 2:
Get to the final area and beat hades under 12 hours. After that, search the right pillar in the Memory Room.

Jump rope mini-game
Have Vivi approach the girls jumping rope near the ticket both in Alexandria. Talk to them and they will let Vivi join them. Press X when the symbol appears over Vivi's head to jump. Keep jumping successfully to get Gil, rare cards, and other items.

Other endings
End the game with the "Zeus Hammer" and/or the "Save The Queen" in your inventory to get additional endings.

Infinite MP
Have Amarant in your party and make sure he has learned the Chakra skill. Also, the minimum MP needed for this trick to work is 4 MP. Enter a battle and have Amarant cast Chakra on himself. For 4 MP, he will restore MP equivalent to about 20% of his maximum MP. Continually cast it until you have reached your maximum MP. You can also do this to all other characters in the party as well.

Easy AP
Walk around in the darkness for awhile in the field and forests around the town that has the auction house and lady who collects the zodiac signs. You will encounter a ghost. Give it some ore and you will win the battle, resulting in 10 AP.

Easy experience
Use Quina's level 5 Death spell against the level 60 Grand Dragons on the outside of Gizamalike's Grotto for around 8,800 experience per person. Equip the quick level gain support ability (level up) for even more. Also, remember to take Coral Rings to protect against the Dragon's Thundaga spell.

Catching frogs
Frogs Items
2 Ore
5 Ether
9 Silk Rode
15 Elixir
23 Silver Fork
33 Bistro Fork
45 Battle Boots
99 Battle Master Quale to receive Gastro Fork

Ragtime Mouse
If you find the Ragtime Mouse (it resides in wooded areas) and properly answer its questions, you can earn some extra Gil. Answer by choosing either "True" or "False". The mouse will then give you Gil in return for each correct answer, as well as keep track of your percentages. Some locations the Ragtime Mouse have been known to inhabit include Gunitas Basin, Lindblum Plateau, Bentini Heights, Lucid Plains, Pualei Plains, and Alexandria Plateau. The rewards for correct answers in a row are:

Question 1: 1,000 Gil
Question 2: 1,000 Gil
Question 3: 1,000 Gil
Question 4: 2,000 Gil
Question 5: 2,000 Gil
Question 6: 3,000 Gil
Question 7: 3,000 Gil
Question 8: 4,000 Gil
Question 9: 4,000 Gil
Questions 10: 5,000 Gil
Some questions the Ragtime Mouse have been known to ask include:

The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600? (False)
Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate? (False)
The Theather Ship Prima Vista was built in Artania Shipyards? (False)
"I Want to Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon? (False)
Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle? (True)
Lindblum's air cabs operate around the clock? (True)
Some Mus are friendly and don't attack? (True)
Berkmea Cable Cars have been running for eight years? (True)
Fossil Roo is a tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria? (False)
Theater Ship Prima Vista uses Mist as its source of energy? (True)

Settazzio locations:

Dali's windmill

Behind Treno's item shop in the slums

Throw 10 gil into the fountain at Treno's entrance 13 times

Behind the overturned cart near the entrance of Burmecia

Near the statue of Neptune that transports the party to Alexandria harbor

In Black Mage Village's Inn

Right side of Madain Sari's fountain

Below the HP/MP restoring spring in Quan's Dwelling

Left of the Gysahl Pickle cart in Lindblum (during reconstruction)

In the waters to the right of the entrance to Daguerreo

Right hand chest at the entrance of Ipsen's Castle

Chest inside the invincible airship

Collect all 12, then search where Scorpio was found.

When you have all 13 return to the lady by the noblesin trento. She will give you a hammer. When you complete the game, it will show you a hidden movie !



Game Shark Codes

North American Version

Click Here

Japanese Version

Infinite Money 8008FFB0 967F
8008FFB2 0098
Time Does Not Pass While in Town D00243DE 0045
800243DE 0040
Cards are Always Equal (?) 50006406 0001
3008270E 0000
99 of One Item 5000FF02 0001
3008FFC4 0000
5000FF02 0000
3008FFC5 0063

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