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Get Elena
Finish Eternal Eyes once and Elena joins your party during the next game. A nice little bonus.

Hidden introduction:
Allow the game to remain at the opening screen when "Press Start" appears. An introduction sequence with background

Getting enemies to step in traps:
Create the following position, where L is Luke, X are your puppets, E is an enemy which only uses normal attacks, and O is a trap that was set.


Your enemy will definitely step on it except if you had some other puppets which annoyed him at first. After this, go back a step. Your puppets will all go back a step. Set another trap in front of you. The enemy will happily step on it again.

Eternal Eyes FAQ
Play Station
Version 1.0
By Richie Ryan R. Reyes;;

Hi! Welcome to my FAQ! This is my first FAQ. So if
you've got tips in writing
FAQ, I would be pleased to be informed. Just send me
an e-mail. Thank you!
When e-mailing me about this game or this FAQ, be
sure to write Eternal Eyes in the
Subject line.
Eternal Eyes FAQ is Copyright (c) 2000 of Richie Ryan
R. Reyes. This FAQ cannot be reproduced without my
permission, can be used only for private use. If you
want to post this FAQ in your site, ask permission
from me by means of e-mail.
Eternal Eyes (c) is a Copyright of Sunsoft (c) of
Enjoy and have fun!!! =^..^=



11/26/00 First Version.


This FAQ is my Original Work so don't steal any of it
for I will
not tolerate such acts like stealing. If you already
stolen my work, make
sure I don't happened to pass by your site or else
you'll be sorry for what
you have done. Anyone who can find this FAQ at some
site that not listed below, be
cautious for that FAQ is not authorized and maybe
engineered to do some nasty things
like viruses or like. Modification of this FAQ without
my permission
is indeed an act of stealing.

You can find this authorized FAQ at

Cheat Code Central



I -Main Characters
II -Walkthrough
III -Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Items and Jewels
IV -Mappemon Guide
V - Secrets
VI - Tips and strategy
VII - Credits
VIII - Next Update


I- Main Characters

Luke - main character of the game. You will take his
Elena -Luke's sister,
Nicol -One of Luke and Elena's Friends
Mouse - One of Luke and Elena's Friend
Vorless - Summons the Goddess of Destruction, Luna.
Jaress, Garland, Ceris and Lolita- Followers of
Princess Fanna- Daughter of the King of Gross
Fairy of Wind, Balzar, King of Gross (Earl Blade),
Neil, Rufia and Shillay- Fought the Goddess of
Destruction "Luna" and sealed her.


Since the game goes through automatically in the next
chapter, I think the only
Necessary information in every chapter is to know
where to go next. I forgot to list down
the name of every chapter. No need to e-mail me for I
will definitely get them next time.
Chapter I- Setting Out
Chapter VI- End of the Earth

Chapter VII- the Mysterious Round Dance
Go to the Hall of Dolls and you'll be informed by
Butler that Vorless lead an attack and
Ceris is still inside the hall. You will meet up with
Ceris and some Mappemons at the End of the hall.
Chapter VIII- Dark Clouds
After getting the Regalla of Knowledge and revived
Elena, You'll see a conversation
Of Vorless' troops. Lolita suggests Vorless of a plan
to sacrifice a human body for the Goddess of
Destruction. Later, Lolita attacks the castle and
kidnapped the Princess. Before she escapes, she leaves
info. That later Nicol and Mouse will tell you. Luke
and his Friends suggest heading Goondocks
And take a ship there to reach Villee. But when you
reach Goondocks, all ships are wrecked by Vorless
Upon knowing that Luke is heading through Villee.
Fortunately, an old abandoned ship in Underground
Basement can take Luke to the Villee. (The ship only
works for Eternal Eyes tribe)
At Villee, after you reach 9th floor, you'll
encounter Jaress, Garland and Lolita. Their levels
vary on the status of your party so are their stats.
After beating them, and reaching 10th floor, Luke will
encounter a Mappemon (Demon) and recognized the
Demon's voice as Ceris. You'll have more difficulties
in killing the Mappemons in this level for the Demon
(Ceris) will heal a nearby Mappemon in her range.
After you have beaten Ceris, she will return in her
old form. Ceris told you to chase Vorless if
You want to find out if Luna is resurrected. At 11th
floor, Vorless and 4 mappemons will wait for you and
waiting for you to destroy. After beating Vorless, he
will run away.
Chapter IX-
Chapter X - The Beginning of the End
Vorless was to escape but a voice called out to him
addressing him as evil hearted. Two Magical puppets
will appear and transform into human. It was Neil and
Rufia, Luke and Elena's Parents. Suddenly, Luke will
arrive and defeat Vorless. Before he dies, he told
everything that happened to him and the reason why he
want to resurrect Luna. Then, Luna awakes and you'll
encounter her at the Top Floor. Luna herself is not
that much of a treat, although she has 999 HP and 999
MP max. She has weak attacks but has all strong magic
spells. You are not allowed to see her status but you
can see the distance where she might able to move. The
monsters at her side are two demons (just like Ceris)
and two Chymera (Maybe evolved from Griffin).

After beating Luna, Luke and his family will have a
lot of Conversations. Their parents are just Magical
puppets and just returned to their original form by
the help of Shillay' magic. They are relived of their
duty and maybe gone to heaven because has been
defeated. Princess Fanna, Nicol and Mouse are waiting
for Luke and Elena. They all planned to go home but
Luke is worried about his parents. Elena returned to
pick up his brother and cheered him up. Luke is happy
to return in their home with his friends.

Congratulations! You have finished Eternal Eyes =^..^=
After the credits, don't forget to save the game.
You'll start all over again starting in Chapter 0 and
you'll get a chance to get all of the Mappemons and
some added secret bonus. (See the Secret Sections).
III- Weapons, armors, Accessories, Items, Jewels
There are many items in Eternal Eyes that you can use
or equip. I listed them in here. No need to e-mail me
about some items for I'm sure that I will get them
definitely. I just forgot to list all of them but
maybe I will fix this next update.

Weapons -

Wooden Sword
Black Sword
Flame Sword7
Froze Sword
Mythril Sword

Flame Lance
Dragon Lance


Mythril Bow


Mail of Darkness
Mythril Mail


Cat's Claw
Wolf 's Claw
Silver Bracelet
Gold Bracelet
Bear Suit
Ice Horn
Sash of Strength
Moon Pendant
Fairy's Bracelet
Black Belt



IV- Mappemon Guide

The main attraction of the game (sort of)
"Mappemon"(maybe a bit like of Pokemon or Pokhmon
like. =^..^=). You may obtain a Mappemon from Dolls.
Each Jewel makes a unique Mappemon. I listed the
jewels below and the Mappemon you could obtain from
them. 2nd Evulotion stage and the next to it are very
annoying because a Mappemon has a very big tree of
evolution that depends upon the jewels (Hello!
Baboon). Their spells can be inherited from a Mappemon
it Evolved from and learned through the use of the
jewels. If a Mappemon dies, his magic will disappear
and equipped items will be returned in your inventory.
Fortunately, its level doesn't. Don't waste your
jewels for setting some traps or throwing them to
enemy Mappemons. If you like to increase the status of
your Mappemon, then go ahead but I don't like to waste
such a jewel for their status increase each level up.

Evolution (Dolls to Mappemon Level 1)


Holy -Cardian
Beast -Elekin
Wisdom -Pumpkin Head
Power -Powan

Holy -Holy Baby
Beast -Jackal
Wisdom -Pipo
Power -Evil Cat

Light Blue
Holy -River Hood
Beast -Flipper
Wisdom -Calab
Power -Screw

Holy -Planter
Beast -Mantee
Wisdom -Justin
Power -Dolos

Holy -Moscue
Beast -Kemu-Kemu
Wisdom -Chuff
Power -Hals

Holy -Phew
Beast -Sleeper
Wisdom -Tsuitock
Power -Heyup

Mappemon Level 2 (evolves at level 3 or above)
R = red -h = power
G = green -b = beast
LB = light blue -w = wisdom
Y = yellow -p = power
P = pink
W = white
Mappemon 2nd Evolution Jewel
Cardian R-h R-b

Elekin R-h
Pumpkin Head R-h
Powan R-h
Calab River Haze R-p
Mantee Powan R-p
Powan Head R-p
Cardian Chalizadon R-p
Mantee Moh P-p
Justin Dogu 1 W (all)
Flipper Rayray G-b
Mooscue Moosmoos P (all)
Evil Cat Evil Cougar G-w
Dolos Pixie
Chuff Otogi
Sleeper Good Sleep R-p
Bone Rock P
Heyup Death Bat LB-p

Mappemon Level 3 (evolves at level 8 or above)
(I haven't make up with this yet)
V- Secrets
1. After you have finished the game. Save it and
you'll need to start all over again using the saved
data (load the saved game). When you start your game,
all of the Items, Mappemons, Jewels and your level
will remain as it is when you finished the game.
2. After you have continued a finished game, check out
the room where you evolve your Mappemon. You'll see a
camera over a table next to the evolution cabinet. To
use it, press X to it and you'll see some character's
3. After you have continued a finished game, check out
the room where you evolve your Mappemon. You'll notice
that the description of the place is written in
Japanese with the mixtures of Katakana and Kanji
Characters. It also means the same info. Like it is
written before in English it is just written in

VI- Tips and Strategy

When you first given a chance to look around the
terrain of the map, be sure to know exact location of
each enemy Mappemon, their range and their abilities.
By experience in the game, majorities of slow moving
monsters are just plain brawn. After having a glimpse
with the terrain, make sure to know which direction to
attack. Your group should attack a Mappemon that is
far separated from others. By that way you can obtain
the treasure that they hold for it is known that some
Mappemons will attack the treasure making it ruined.
Give your Mappemon a magic that can hit enemies'
in-groups. For quick level up, just bring a
Low-leveled Mappemon to a battle against High-Leveled
Mappemons. Low -leveled mappemon can either attack or
use magic. Attacking makes more experience points than
magic. But magic (depends on your mappemon's range of
attack) can hit enemies in a range and in a sure shot.
Attacking a Enemy Mappemon is Risky on Short ranged
Mappemon but there is also a BIG possibility that it
will level-up in that attack and it's Hp-Mp will be
filled to max. Just make sure that your enemy can't
kill it in a blow or turn.
When attacking an enemy, check out the level of the
ground. Anyone in a higher level of the ground gives
more damages from attacks and anyone who attacks from
below gives lesser damage.
VII - Credits
Since I don't have any friends, no one helped me
making this FAQ but I will put up
names who will make a contribution for my work. Just
be sure that the information is correct. I
will not put anybody's name who will submit a
secret/code that I have proven a lie.
VIII- Contact me =^..^=

My e-mail is for Comments and
Suggestion. In the future, I think I'll add
Some of things listed below:

1. Complete Mappemon Guide (I need time to complete
2. Complete Item List (the same mentioned above)
3. Frequently asked Question (send me some questions)
4. Mappemon Spell Guide (Takes time too)
5. Maybe some Secret stuffs [so help me God (if there

I will put anyone's name who will make good addition
in this FAQ. Combination of Mappemons is indeed a VERY
GOOD addition. I will update my FAQ if I feel like it
and if I find out lots of things that I can add here.
When sending me some question, be sure to read this
FAQ first and If the information listed above doesn't
satisfy you, then you're welcome to ask me.

Note: For those e-mail that I haven't replied yet,
just be patient. If you've sent me an e-mail,
wait for my reply then send me again another e-mail
and put up your question there. I cannot reply
everyday because I also need some time to study my
lessons (I'm still a College Student) so I think I'll
do it every Friday (Pacific Time, I'm living in

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