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Get Frankenstien
When on lucar island go to prothesses shop talk to dave ask for free prothesses and get the head,foot,heart,guts,liver,bum,stomuch then put it together on items page and bing bang boom you have frankey.

To Start the Actual game
To start the actual game go to look at the cargo hold grate. Then kick over the brazier Guybrush's feet then press square. Next toss the hot coal to the loaded cannon

Murrayball Mini-game
Go to the Palace of Prostheses and go to the filing system and enter in MONKEY PUMPKIN BUNNY and then look at the files of Ryan.J.Danzwithwolves.Look at the file and press START and go on "BONUS STUFF" then go on MURRAY BALL for a cool Mini-Game!

Extra Ending Scene
To get an extra scene, Simply complete the game and leave the game alone when the credits come on. If you skip the credit's, you don't get the extra scene.

Play Monkey Invaders
Fully complete your Monkey Kombat table (available by pressing R2 in Monkey Kombat) for each Monkey Stance and you will unlock the hidden game Monkey Invaders.

Combinations for Monkey Kombat
If you press and hold R2 while in Monkey Kombat, a screen pops up that shows the combinations of buttons to change to each stance. It doesn't have the name of the stance though, it only has a picture of what the stance looks like. Now you don't need to spend time writing down all the combinations and looking at the paper for every move!

Monkey Combat Moves

While you are on Monkey Island, you have to fight a monkey, using Monkey Kombat to get his Bronze Hat. These are the moves you can use and how to use them. And what move beats what.

AA-Anxious Ape
BB-Bobbing Baboon
CC-Charging Chimp
DM-Drunken Monkey
GG-Gimpy Gibbon

How to do a Move:
AA to BB or BB to AA: ack, chee, eek
BB to DM or DM to BB: oop, eek, ack
CC to BB or BB to CC: oop, ack, eek
CC to GG or GG to CC: ack, oop, chee
CC to AA or AA to CC: ack, chee, oop
DM to AA or AA to DM: eek, ack, oop
GG to AA or AA to GG: ack, oop, eek

What Move Beats What:
AA beats BB
AA beats GG
BB beats CC
BB beats GG
CC beats AA
DM beats AA
GG beats CC
GG beats DM

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