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Nom du fichier : Dancing Stage Party Edition - Auteur : ANO

Hidden Track List
For every five tracks you successfully clear, a hidden track will be unlocked. Below is the list of 18 tracks and the order in which they are unlocked in.

Can't Stop Falling In Love
Orion.78 (ameuro mix)
Paranoia Rebirth
Do It Right
La Senorita Virtual
Let The Beat Hit 'Em (classic R&B mix)
Matsuri Japan
Drop Out
era (nostal mix)
Trip Machine
Leading Cyber
Healing Vision
AM-3P (303 Bass mix)

Unlock Hidden Collection Category
To unlock the category "Hidden Collection" simply unlock eight hidden tracks. You will unlock one new hidden track for every five track you clear. You do not have to clear five consecutively, and you can repeat tracks and play them on any difficulty. After eight have been acquired a new category called "Hidden Collection" will appear on the genre slction screen.

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