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Name of the file: Dance Dance Revolution Konamix - Author: ANO

All Modes
To select Little, Flat, Left, Right, Shuffle, Mirror, Hidden, Sudden, or Stealth choose your song, and at the Difficulty select screen, press ''Start'' and then use left, right, up, and down to select the different modes.

Unlock Hidden Songs
When you first power on DDR Konamix, you will be able to select 32 songs. 20 additional songs are hidden and must be unlocked by playing Game Mode or Solo Mode. For every 5 songs you clear (failures don't count) in either mode, a song will be unlocked. This will continue until you're up to the maximum of 52.

Hidden songs:
To unlock a new song, clear five songs with a "C" or better rank in arcade or solo mode. Every time you clear five songs, a secret song will become available. Note: You do not have to clear five songs in a row. For example, you can pass four songs, fail one song, and then pass another and still receive a new secret song. The secret songs will be highlighted in green and will be marked "NEW!" When you get all the songs you will have twenty hidden songs. The following are all the secret songs you should have:

1. Absolute
2. AM-3P 303 Bass Mix tkz remixed by U1
3. Can't Stop Fallin' in Love
4. Dive
5. Drop Out
6. DXY!
7. Do It Right
8. Genom Screams
9. Healing Vision
10. Holic
11. Leading Cyber
12. La Senorita Virtual
13. Let the Beat Hit Em' (Classic R&B Style)
14. Matsuri JAPAN
15. Orion . 78 (AMeuro-MIX)
16. Paranoia Rebirth
17. R3
18. Superstar
19. Trip Machine (Luv Mix)
20.Era (Nostal Mix)
Note: These songs are in alphabetical order and not in order that they are unlocked.

Link mode:
Select game or solo mode then press Left(2) or Right(2).

Man and woman in solo mode:
To be a man, hold Right and press X or play as player one. To be a woman, hold Left and press X or play as player two.

Hidden options:
When you have chosen a song, and are selecting the difficulty level for it, press Start. A small menu with three "OFFs" should appear on the left side. Press Left or Right to choose between these modes: Flat, Little, Stealth, Hidden, Sudden, Shuffle, Right, Mirror, and Left.

Speed select:
Select practice mode then hold Select to cycle through five speed settings in the current song.

Alternate ending:
Turn on "All Music Mode" at the options screen. During game play, complete the songs and you will get a different ending.

To get the alternate ending, you must put on the "All Music Mode" in the options menu. After completing your three songs, the new ending will appear.

Unlock "Hidden Collection" Genre along with Hidden Character Akira
First unlock at least 8 new songs by simply playing Game Mode or Solo Mode. Each 5 songs cleared unlock a new song. After 8 songs have been unlocked, you will see the new ''Hidden Collection'' on the song list selection. This category includes solely the unlocked songs you have earned. Along with this mode Akira wil be the dancing character in the backround during songs!

Unlock Hidden Character Yuki
Gain access to the Hidden Collection and play on the second player side. You will now play as Yuki.

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