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Unlock Candy
Clear Extra Stage MAX 300 (as stated in code provided by SBacon) with AA ranking or above. You will be given another Extra Stage, Candy. Pass it, and Candy will be selectable.

Unlock MAX 300
To unlock the song MAX 300, you must play and beat it in Arcade Mode. To do so, you must clear your last song on Heavy Mode with a AA rating. This will let you play the Extra Stage, in which you must play MAX 300 on Heavy Mode with 1.5x speed and reverse arrows on. If you pass it, MAX 300 will be selectable.

Unlock New Songs
You can unlock two previously unreleased DDR songs by playing a certain number of stages in Arcade Mode.

-Clearing 20 stages unlocks ''So In Love'' by Caramel.S
-Clearing 40 stages unlocks ''Kind Lady'' by Okuyatos

Unlock Gentle Stress
Fail an Oni course and Gentle Stress will be unlocked.

Unlock Celebrate
Fail a song on game mode.

Unlock true... (Trance Sunrise Mix)
To unlock this song, you must clear it as the final song in Arcade Mode. To play it, you must play 2 Be For U / Kosaka Riyu songs first. These include Firefly, Dive (More Deep and Deeper Style), and true... (Radio Edit). For your final song, you'll be able to select true... (Trance Sunrise Mix). Clear it and it will be unlocked for good.

Alternate "Max 300"/"Candy" Unlock (update)
If you're not yet good enough to AA *any* Heavy song, just keep playing....

"Max 300" will unlock after the 100th cleared song.
"Candy" will unlock after the 200th cleared song.

Groove radar in numbers.
The groove radar might be confusing but if you hold Start before the song select screen comes up (after you pick what difficulty), there should be numbers on the groove radar. They are pretty small and some are hard to see but it helps a little bit in understanding which songs have more "groove." It's a little bit of timing but once you get it, it shouldn't be hard to get it again.

Song Settings in Arcade/Diet
Move the cursor to the song you want, and when you select it, hold Circle. A menu will pop up and you can choose settings like speed, boost, left, right, mirror, etc.

Play Oni mode
On the difficulty selection screen, keep pressing right until you scroll past ''Heavy'' difficulty. The announcer will give the ominous warning of ''This mode is difficult!'', and you'll be able to select Oni mode. In this mode, you will select a predetermined set of songs, and missing four steps yields a Game Over.

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