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Step Step Revolution (SSR) mode:
Quickly press Left(3), Right(3), Left, Right at the title screen. Alternately, press Select at the title or mode selection screens after unlocking this mode during normal game play.

Remix mode:
Unlock SSR mode, then press Left(2), Right(2). Alternately, press Select(2) at the title or mode selection screens after unlocking this mode during normal game play.

Paint mode:
Complete 30 songs to unlock paint mode. This allows you to alter the appearance of the scrolling arrows. This is automatically unlocked if a saved game from Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix with that mode available is loaded.

Extra music:
Play the game in diet mode for several times, then exit. New information will appear. Repeat this to unlock even more music that can be also be played in nonstop and remix modes.

New songs are unlocked after a certain number of songs are completed. The first is unlocked at 35, and one additional song is unlocked every five songs after that. After 130 songs are completed, all songs in the game will have been unlocked.

Play DDR/DDR 2nd Remix with 3rd Mix interface
Dance Dance Revolution
To play Dance Dance Revolution with the 3rd Mix interface (including the sounds and some swap-only characters), use the DISC CHANGE option at the bottom of the menu and move the cursor left to highlight ''Dance Dance Revolution'' and make sure that the game which you are going to use is the same as the one shown on the screen.

Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix
If you wish to play Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix, you can do so by using the DISC CHANGE option and selecting the ''Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix'' option. Do not try to use an append CD for Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix as they are prone to jamming the console.

NOTE : The interface will be the same, the grading system will be the same, and the voice samples are loaded into the Playstation's memory so they sound slightly distorted as they are lower quality, and the amount of things the commentator says is very limited (so, don't think your doing poorly as I think he only has two different ratings he can say). The characters are the same as 3rd Mix but there is an extra character to use.

Song Unlocking
To unlock a new song; clear the following amounts :


In other words, by clearing 130 songs (yes, they can be the same song over&over again), you can unlock every song on the CD plus the previews

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