Arena Football : Road to Glory

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Name of the file: Arena Football : Road to Glory - Author: ANO

Unlockable - Classic Teams
Complete these milestones to unlock the following teamsChicago Bruisers Get 6 TDs in one game
Columbus Thunderbolts Get 4 receptions for a TD with one player
Dallas Texans Get 300 recieving yards in one game
Los Angles Cobras Kick a 20 yard Field Goal
Milwaukee Mustangs Complete a 30+ yard pass
Minesota Fighting Pike Complete a 40+ yard pass
New Orleans Night Play a game with no interceptions thrown
Oklahoma Wranglers Make 4 Defensive stops in one game
San Antonio Force Get 2 Interceptions by one player

Unlockable - Classic Teams
Beat the following in Challenge modeArena All-Stars Convert your first five Field Goals in the Field Goal Challenge
Albany Firebirds "Be the Reciever" Challenge
Washington Comandos "Coverage Maneuver" Challenge
Anheim Piranhas "Kicking" Challenge
Texas Terror "Telementary" Challenge
Buffalo Destroyers "Jack Linebacker" Challenge
St. Louis Stampede "Mac Linebacker" Challenge
Charlotte Rage "Wall Hit" Challenge

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