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Adramelk summon
Go to the Zertinan Cavern, which can be reached through Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, Ozmone Plains, or Dalmasca Westsand. Go to the center of Asroza Sandflow (this area is best accessed through the Dalmasca Westersand) and you will encounter the Adramelk Boss. Defeat the Boss to get the Adramelk summon.

Adrammeleck Esper
This Esper is located at Athroza Quicksands in Zertinan Caverns. The place where you fight him has many other monsters that join him. Do not attempt to fight him until you can routinely kill a numerous amount of level 40 monsters at the same time. Be aware that he is not summoning them. If you can keep from pushing the battle to areas you have not yet walked on you should be able to stop them from springing up from the ground. One monster spawns for about every one or two square feet in relation to your character.

Bazaar items
All merchants in the game take part in the Bazaar system. The Bazaar often offers exclusive deals and bargains based upon the amount of loot you have sold to merchants. The loot is used to make item packages that are often cheaper than normal, or are exclusive to the Bazaar. The rarest Bazaars are from collecting the following loot:

Ancient Turtle (1337): Drops from Adamantitan in Cerobi Steppe and Nabreus
Shell: Deadlands; poach from Silicon Tortoise in Giza Plains
Aquarius Gem (150): Drops from Golem in the Feywood
Arcana (10): Drops from rare monsters; drops from all monsters after obtaining Canopic Jar
Beastlord Horn (1334): Drops from Humbaba in Mosphoran Highwaste
Cancer Gem (150): Drops from Preying mantis in the Feywood
Capricorn Gem (150): Steal from Neglamer
Charged Gizzard: Drops from Thunderbug in the Henne Mines
Chimera Head: Drops from Chimera brain in the Pharos
Coeurl Whisker: Drops from Ose in Great Crystal upper layer; steal from Grimalkin in Tchita Uplands
Corpse Fly: Drops from Dragon Lich in the Pharos
Damascus Steel: Dropped or stolen from Bune in the Pharos; steal from Vishno in the Pharos; steal from Anchang in Paramina Rift; steal from Bluesang in Cerobi Steppe
Deimos Clay: Reward for the clan hunt "Paramina Run"
Dorsal Fin: Drops from Focalor in the Nabreus Deadlines
Empyreal Soul: Sell High Arcana x1: Soul Powder x1: Wargod's Band x2
Feystone: Dropped or stolen from Entite monsters
Gemini Gem: Drops from Behemoth in the Feywood and Giruvegan; drops from Blood Gigas in the Stillshrine of Miriam; steal from Wendice
Godslayer's Badge: Reward for final clan hunt
Great Serpent's Fang: Drops from Python in Mosphoran Highwaste
Hell-Gate's Flame: Drops from Cerberus in the Feywood
High Arcana: Sell Arcana x10: Soul of Thamasa x1: Feystone x1 to Bazaar; drops from many monsters after obtaining key item Canopic Jar
Horakhty's Flame: Reward for clan hunt "Crime And Punishment"
Leshach Halcyon: Dropped or stolen from Leshach Entitie in Paramina Rift during snowstorm
Libra Gem: Drops from Ose in Great Crstal upper layer; drops from Tartarus in the Feywood
LuShang's Badge: Successfully complete the fishing mini-game
Mirror Scale: Drops from Mirrorknight in the Feywood; drops from Dreadguard in the Feywood
Moondust: Drops from Mu in the Feywood
Mythrill: Drops from Mythrill Golem in Giruvegan
Omega Badge: Drops from Omega MK: X11 in Great Crystal upper layer
Orichalcum: Drops from Deidar in the Pharos; dropped or stolen from Vishno in the Pharos
Phobos Glaze: Reward for clan hunt "Paradise Risen"
Ring Wyrm Liver: Drops from Shield Wyrm in Cerobi Steppe
Sagittarius Gem: Drops from Hecteyes in the Henne Mines east section; dropped or stolen with Thief's Cuffs from Oiling in the Stilshrine of Miriam
Salamand Halcyon: Dropped or stolen from Salamand Entite in the Ogir-Yensa
Sandsea During Sunny Weather: Reward for Gibbs and Deweg side quest
Scarletite: Drops from Emeralditan in Nabreus Deadlands; steal from Aspidochelon in Cerobi Steppe
Scorpio Gem: Steal from Gargoyle Baron in Giruvegan; steal from Larva Eater in Great Crystal upper layer
Serpent Eye: Drops from Basilisk in the Feywood
Serpentarius: Clan reward for collecting all 13 Espers; steal from Zodiark in the Henne Mines east section; sell High Arcana x1: Snake Skin x4: Serpent Eye x2 to Bazaar
Sickle Blade: Drops from Preying Mantis in the Feywood; steal from Rageclaw in the Salikawood

Bonus fishing spots
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding fishing spot in the fishing mini-game:

Master Den: Fish up Saboten Crest in the Secret Reaches.
Middle Reaches: Get five "Perfect Fishing" in the Lower Reaches.
Secret Reaches: Fish up Saboten Bond in the Upper Reaches with Matamune.
Taikou Chest (treasure): Get nine "Perfect Fishing" in the Master Den.
Upper Reaches: Get five "Perfect Fishing" in the Middle Reaches.

Cuchulainn Esper
Cuchulainn is located in the Garamsythe Waterway's No. 1 Cloaca under Rabanastere. To get there, complete the "Waterway Haunting" and "Lost In The Pudding" hunts to open the way to get the Sluice Gate Key. Once you have the key, go to Waterway Control and follow these steps to get to the Esper:

1. Begin by closing the No. 3 and No. 10 controls in the Central Waterway Control.
2. Enter the No. 3 Cloaca Spur and use the No. 1 South Waterway Control at the end.
3. Return to the Central Waterway control and open No. 3 and No. 10.
4. Close No. 4 and No. 11, then enter the No. 4 Cloaca Spur and use the No. 1 North Waterway control.
5. Return to the Central Waterway Control again and open No. 11 and close No. 3.
6. Enter the No. 1 Cloaca and find the Boss at the low point on the south end. Save the game before the battle.

Defeating Adrammelech
Have your party at least at level 50. It is a good idea to save in the land of the Garif; it is the last save spot you will see before this battle. Go to the farthest area in the Ozmone Plain, then go down into the underground cavern called the Zertnan Caverns. Follow the cave though the status-inflicting horses until you reach the third room. You will know you are there when your mini-map gets fuzzy and there is a sandstorm to your right. If you have any damage or you need to get back MP, heal them now for an advantage in the fight. Remember, there is no save crystal before the fight. You should have at least three long range weapons equipped. He is a flying Boss. Also, give the people with long range weapons the best Ice spell possible. He is a Thunder type, and is weak to Ice. One of the most annoying things in this fight is the corpse that appears. The best strategy is to have two people deal with the corpses and one person hit the Esper. You can make the "zombie attacks" attack the zombies immediately if you make their Attack Gambit into Foe, Undead/Attack or Foe, Undead/Curaga to make it so that they attack them. The person who attacks Adrammelech must have a long range weapon. It is best if you control the one attacking the Esper. He sometimes uses his Thundaja attack. It can do a lot of damage and inflict Stop on some of your characters. Just use a Chronos Tear or a Remedy with Remedy Lore 3 to get rid of it. If your first team dies it may be a good idea to use some Quickenings to turn the table. Keep everyone above 60% HP and keep hacking away until the the Esper falls and becomes yours.

Defeating Belias
Have the following party order: Fran, Basche (party leader), Vaan, and Vossler. Equip a character with low magic (in this case Basche) with the Nethicite, as this makes magicks take half damage. If you have the Evil Slayer, it is very helpful. Buy a lot of Handkerchiefs (oil remover) from the NPC outside and some Phoenix Downs. Before entering the altar to Belias, have Fran cast Protect and Shell on everyone. Next, have Vaan do the healing and Basche do the hitting. Have Fran cast Water and Slow on Belias. When Belias is at 40% HP or less, he will cast Firaja (different from Firaga) on you. This creates an Oil status which makes fire hurt a lot more. Cure this with the Handkerchiefs, and cast Protect and Shell on Basche. Keep this up and eventually you can acquire him as your first Esper (summons).

Defeating Cuchulainn
Have your party at least at level 50 and have the Curaja spell. In the battle, there is a constant HP sap in the area that cannot be stopped in any way. Have one character use Curaja always, and the other two attack the Esper. Dispel the Boss immediately, give as many characters as you can a Black Belt, and stop his Disable attacks. Make one of your characters have Ensna as one the first Gambits. When Foolbars join the battle, use your strongest Fire-type spell against them. The Esper likes to use Invert to quickly kill your characters. It resembles an instant-death spell and in combo with the HP sap, and can kill your people very fast. Revive them immediately and use some Quickenings if your first team gets knocked out.

Defeating Famfrit
You will not encounter Famfrit until near the end of the game. However, you will not meet Famfrit alone. He is actually summoned by Dr. Cid. After he loses about half of his heath, Dr. Cid summons him to his aid. Focus all your attacks on the Esper, because he is invulnerable with him out. He is a Water type; use Oil on him and shoot some Firagas at him. You can also use your summoning abilities to summon Belias. If he survives long enough to use his final attack, the Oil will double the damage. He already takes double damage from fire attacks, so it will do quadruple damage. When he has been defeated, you can then focus on Cid.

Defeating Flowering Cactoid
When you locate Flowering Cactoid, defeat all of the surrounding enemies in the area. This will leave him without a place to run and hide. Then, defeat him with attacks and magic. Although you can do this with just Vaan, it is much easier if you do this hunt after Penelo has joined the party.

Defeating Garuda
Have three players with the Arcane "Dark" magick. Garuda likes Vossler and will attack him first. While he does that, command all the members to cast Dark. When they all cast Dark it will do about 1,890 damage total. Keep repeating this and Garuda will die in about fifty seconds.

To do a lot of damage to Garuda, cast Reflect on all your characters before the battle. Then, cast Dark with all of them to the party itself. By doing this, Dark will bounce off every character and hit Garuda once each, dealing a lot of damage.

Defeating Hashmal
Start by Dispelling his protections and using Haste and Protect on your party. Also, use a large chain of Quickenings to lower his HP by some, but save some MP for later. He likes to use Slow and Disease on you often. Get rid of it with the proper spell or item. After Hashmal loses three quarters of his HP, he uses a very powerful attack called Quakeja. To take absolutely no damage from it, cast Float on your party before he uses it. He will only use it once. Because he is an Earth type, he is weak to Wind. Shoot Aero at him as much as possible. Keep everyone above 50% HP and keep up your Aero to win quickly.

Defeating Mateus
Have your party at least at level 30 (for example, Vaan as party leader, Basch, and Penelo). Have both Vaan and Basch to learn Thundara and equip them both with Ice Shield. Equip Penelo with Storm Spear. Buy at least five Banchus Wine (Berserker). When the battle begins, have Vaan and Basch immediately cast Thundara to kill all the Ice Ace. Then, have Basch keep casting Thundara at Mateus and Vaan heal when needed. Let Penelo keep attacking Mateus. Once its effect wears off, make her berserk again. It is possible to defeat Mateus in about seven minutes by doing this.

Before the battle, equip as many Ice Shields to your party as possible. Get all of your party members to at least level 30. Also, teach Thundra to as many characters as possible. When you are prepared, enter the battle. Immediately get all of the Esper's friends close to her and unleash a chain of Quickenings. If you are lucky they will completely kill her little friends. If not, take out your reserve party (or just use some Ethers and/or Exthers to get back MP) and use your Thundra spell to finish them. The only attack of Mateus' that you really have to worry about is her Blizzaja attack, unless you equipped the Ice Shield, then it will not do too much damage. Also an ability she has may cause Sap, but you can get rid of it using Regen. Keep everyone above the halfway mark and do not cast any spells on her. The Esper has Reflect on herself, meaning that Thundra will be bounced back at the party. Keep attacking and healing to defeat her.

Defeating Rockeater
Use a lot of wind magic (Aero) and attack him physically and he should go down fairly quickly. To defeat him very fast, make sure you are at full MP and summon an Esper. He will help greatly in battle.

Defeating Shemhazai
This Esper has a very annoying habit of Silencing your party. Make sure everyone has an Anti-Silence Gambit before fighting. When the battle begins, immediately Dispel the Boss to remove her Haste. Start a chain of Quickenings to deal a good amount of damage quickly. After she uses her Mana Spring ability she is weak to an element, but absorbs all the rest. Only use spells on her if they are non-elementel. The Esper also casts Syphon, stealing some of your MP, but it is not too much to worry about. Keep attacking and healing until you defeat her.

Defeating Thextera
Note: You must be at least level 4. Go to the Sandsea and look at the board that contains information for all the hunts. After choosing the "Thextera" hunt, talk to Gatsly, who should be east of the board. He should be sitting on the floor. After talking to him, go into the Westersands. Do not look for Thextera just yet. First, defeat all the wolves in the area. If you fight Thextera without clearing out the wolves first, he will call for backup, and the wolves you have not defeated will come to his aid. After all the wolves have been killed, fight Thextera; he should have two wolves by his side. Try to take them out first by luring them away from Thextera. After they are finished, you will only have Thextera to fight. Make sure you have a decent amount of potions before you fight him -- his fang attack does about 120 damage.

Defeating Tiamat
When fighting Tiamat in the Henne Mines, he does an Aero attack on all of your party members which can cause a lot of damage. To prevent this, cast Reflect on all of your party members before the fight. Whenever he uses Aero, it will bounce back to Tiamat. This will cause it to recover a little HP, but you will not receive any damage from that attack.

Defeating Vossler
Start by killing the three soldiers around him. Once they are dead, focus on Vossler. He will be easy, as his attacks do not inflict too much damage; heal when necessary. After he is down to a quarter of his HP, he will use a move called Enrage, which basically makes him go crazy and attack much quicker. He can kill your characters very quickly this way. Summon your newly acquired Esper, Belias. Belias takes full MP to summon. You may want to teach him to a character that is not in your active party. After Belias is summoned, have the character that summoned him step back so that Vossler will target Belias. If you summoned Belias after Vossler used Enrage, Belias will kill him. Heal Belias when necessary.

Defeating Zalera
Have your party at level 56; no more, no less. Save at Terminus 7 Adjunct before the fight. There are a few things in this battle that make it more difficult. First of all, there is a 5:00 minute timer. If you do not defeat Zalera before the time runs out, you must start again. You also cannot use Espers when there are undead in the area. Finally, he can cast status effects on you based on your level; 2-5 are the ones he can do so on, and he can also use status effects on you if you have a prime number for a level. To begin the fight, dispel the Boss. If there are undead in the area, get everyone to attack them. When his HP starts to get low, he will start to cast Sleepga, Stop, and Death, no matter what level you are near. Near the end, use a Quickening chain to finish this long fight and get the Esper.

Defeating Zeromus
Have your party at least at level 50. You can defeat Zeromus as soon as you complete the Stilshrine of Miriam dungeon and get through the scenes at Mt. Bur-Omisace afterwards. After defeating the Judge, exit the map where you killed him and speak to the Acolyte somewhere on the map to receive a Stone Of Condemner. Stock up on healing items as you cannot use magic during the battle with Zeromus. At the southern end of the Ward of Measure, touch the Waystone. You will be given an option to use the Stone Of Condemner; use it. You will be transported to the Throne Of Veiled Gods. Before opening the door to Zeromus, place positive status effects on your characters and tweak your Gambits to use items instead of magic to heal. You may want to do this later in the game when you have more powerful equipment and are at a higher level.

Have your party at least at level 50. After defeating Judge Bergan, you will automatically be teleported directly outside the area. In front of you will be an Acolyte pacing back and forth. Talk to him and he will ask you to find a "greater power" in the Stilshrine of Miriam, and give you a Stone of the Condemner. Teleport to the Shrine and go inside. Go to the Way Stone at the south end of the room you are in. You may have to fight two undead foes at the Way Stone, but if you can defeat them you can defeat the Esper. If you use the Way Stone, it will stop and say that the stone is having a reaction. Use it to be transferred to the room before the Esper. All Magicks are disabled in this battle. Before the battle, change all healing Magicks to items because you cannot use Dispel on him; you cannot get rid of his status Help. The Boss is also not alone. He is joined by a large army of Dark Lords. If you have Holy Motes, use them. After defeating about thirty Dark Lords, they will stop appearing. When he is very low on heath (about 30%), perform a Quickening Chain. Keep everyone above 50% HP, just to be safe from from the Esper's Gravity Magick.

In the Tomb Of The Great King (King Thornwall or whatever name ends with the word wall), there is a secret door in the tomb that gives you the Demonsbane sword, which adds +59 to attack. After you defeat the two Demon walls in the main corridor there will be three teleport pedestals. The middle one takes you back to the beginning of the tomb. The others need to be activated. Take the right path and explore the area until you reach a room with a jewel in the wall. Activate the jewel. An altar will rise and give you a brief description of what it is. Take the teleporter pedestal back to the others. Then, take the left path. Explore the area to find another jewel in a room. Activate it and an altar will lower, leading you to the room with Belias. However, do not go this way yet. Backtrack to the room with the activated jewel and teleporter pedestal. Take it back to the others, then take the first pedestal back to beginning. If you defeated the first Demon wall, behind where the demon wall was located is another jewel. Activate it, then take either of the new stairways to the secret area that does not show up on the map which are to the left and the right. When you go through the doors you can take either way to the bottom. However, be careful as there will be many high level elementals that fall from the ceiling. At the very bottom of the staircases, go towards the middle. There will be a chest which contains the Demonsbane.

Easy experience
Go to the Lhusu Mines and only battle skeletons as you run through it. As you begin to build up, steal from them as much as possible. You will collect Bone Fragments from them, even after a defeat. Each skeleton will give you about about 150 experience points each time. It is possible to reach a 83 level chain with 53 bone fragments in about fifteen minutes. If you run out of skeletons in a certain area (the bridge way), run to the area where the scene with the Nethicite took place earlier. Face a few there and work your way back to the bridge to build it up once more. You will also gain something for your collection for the 50 or more Battle Chain completion.

At the Dreadnought Leviathan, after defeating the two judges and the soldiers, go inside the room and save the princess and save the game. Once you go outside an intermission sequence sill start. There is an alarm sounding, and there are unlimited soldiers that you can fight. Do not use potions and other items. Try to save them and use magic more. Once you are low on health you can go back into the save room and refill your health and MP. Keep doing this for easy experience and AP. You can also use stealth as much as desired.

Easy experience and Gil
While going through the Nam-Yensa Sandsea, go to the northern most part of The Sandscale Bank. You will encounter an enemy named Bagolys. They are worth 448 to 676 experience points each and can drop Bent Staffs, which are worth approximately 1,300 Gil each. Fight them, leave, then come back. Repeat this as much as desired.

On the mission of the Blue Basilisk "Nidhogg", one of the parts of the roads is a place where lots of skeletons keep appearing. If they stop, go off two maps then return. The skeletons will respawn. This requires a lot of patience, but it will result in both experience points and Gil because you get Bone Fragments and Iron Helms which sell for 182 and 300 Gil respectively.

Easy Gil
The easiest way to gain money fast at the beginning of the game is to do the first hunt mission. Also, Steal from the Cactoid in the Eastern Sands. You will Steal a Cactus Fruit usually. This sells for about 77 or more Gil each, allowing you to get a decent amount of money to start the game.

Easy LP
When you are doing the God or Devil hunt, on the first floor that you visit on the elevator trip to Penumbra, you will encounter a creature called a Magic Pot. Do not attack it immediately. If you have to, turn gambits off. If you attack it when you see it, there is a good chance you will die. If attacked, it will be immune to your attacks and magic. The only way to kill it is to wait until a message appears stating that it craves an item. If you have the item it wants, use it on the Magic Pot. It will then become ecstatic and begin hopping around the room. You can now attack it without it attacking you. Once you kill it you will be rewarded 0 experience points, but 123 LP. Equip the accessory that doubles LP earned to get the most out of each kill.

Make sure you have already accepted the Cluckatrice Mark at Giza Plains. Next, make sure you are at a good level (about level 40) and can easily defeat the Cluckatrice. Go to the south bank and kill all the enemies there. Then, go to the left and enter the nomad village and immediately go back out. There should only be a little yellow Chickatrice rolling around a few steps ahead. Attack the Chickatrice to get the Cluckatrice to run out. Once it comes out kill it. You should gain 6 LP. Hold R2 and flee back into town. Make sure that you do not kill all three Chickatrice or else you will not be able to repeat this. In town, heal up and do whatever else necessary. You can now go back out again and repeat the process as much as desired. You will get 6 LP each time and 12 LP if you have the Golden Amulet equipped. Make sure you have not completed the mission yet. Also, do not save the game. If you do you must kill all the enemies again before it comes back out. Finally, do not go to any other screen than the town or the south bank or you will have to fight the enemies again.

Easy MP
To quickly generate MP, run in a tight circle, and you will see your MP increase at a faster rate.

Easy Quickenings
To perform Quickenings more easily, hold R2 when Triangle, Square, and X are not displayed, then quickly tap Triangle + Square + X. This will assist in capturing more repeat attacks, multiplying the damage you inflict on enemies. -From: Onision

Use less MP for Quickenings
To perform Quickenings without using much MP, remove all but one member from the active party list. Perform the Quickening, then once it expires and all MP is gone for that character, add another character with full MP to your party (two total characters now). Initiate their Quickening, then continue rotating in and out one character with full MP. This will enable you to use character Quickenings over and over again without draining everyone's MP at once. You can use other character's Quickenings regardless of whether they have MP or not as long as the one who initiated the act has MP. If you do this with all characters having MP, they will all lose their MP Max, which cuts down attack value by three times.

Easy Restoration
Find a place without any mobs, then run around until your Magick bar is completely full. You can then heal and remove status effects from your allies without using any potions or special items. Note: This may take a long time depending on your level.

Esper timeline
The following are the times of when you can receive or find the Espers:

Before you receive the Dawn Shard

Belias (in story line)
After you receive the dawn Shard

Adrammelech (side quest)
Cuchulainn (side quest)
Zalera (side quest)
Mateus (in story line)
After Judge Bergan has fallen

Zeromus (side quest)
After Sakikawood Gate is fixed

Exodus (side quest)
After Visiting Archades

Chaos (side quest)
Shemhazai (in story line)
After receiving the Treaty-Blade

Ultima (side quest)
Zodiark (side quest)
Hashmaul (in story line)
Famfrit (in story line)

Exodus Esper
This Esper becomes available after you battle Cid in Draklor Laboratories. Go to the Babbleing Vale in the Moshphoran Highwastes. One of the villagers there by one of the shires will tell you that the shrines have started working, but he is not sure what they do. Activate the three eastern wind ones first (northeastern, eastern, and southeastern). You can only activate three at a time. Look at your map and you will see three new marks on it that indicate bridges have formed to areas you could not reach previously. Next move east to the Rays of Ashen Light section and find the Chocobo in the northern section. Feed him a Gyshal Green and ride him through the newly opened area to the end where you will see a path leading onward blocked by bushes that only a Chocobo can cross. This will take you to the Sky Reach Ridge section on the western side of the Vale. From here you can enter the Vale and activate a shrine that was out of reach before. Once you have gone north of the shrine to the big boulder, you will find a section that you can break to clear a path into the Vale. You must now activate one more shrine to get access to Exodus. It is the north or northwestern shrine; check your map to be sure. It will open a place near the last shrine you activated on the northern part of Sky Reach Ridge. Next, go back to Sky Reach Ridge and fight him. Part way through the battle he will become immune to physical attacks. He is very good at keeping up his reflect barrier. Make sure to dispel it before hitting him with magic. He has some very powerful magical attacks, like flare.

Feather Of The Flock
When in the Giza Plains during the Rain season, there are five withered trees on the banks of the water. Knock them all down and they will float down the river and cause a path to form in the south bank. Cross it and go all the way to the southeast corner to find an urn. Open it and you will get the Feather Of The Flock. It gives you a bond with Cockatrices.

Final Fantasy reference
Explore around Rabanastre. You may get to a place called Nalbina Fortress. Once there you can actually meet imperials named Gibbs and Deweg, which are the names Biggs and Wedge scrambled. Those names also appear in previous Final Fantasy games.

During the fight with Gilgamesh (the rank VII mark given to you by Montblanc named "Ancient Mystery Man"), he will pull out various swords that are from previous Final Fantasy games. Since Gilgamesh has eight arms, he holds them all at once. The most famous swords include Cloud's Buster Sword, Squall's Gunblade, Tidus' Brotherhood, and Sephiroth's Masamune. For some reason, all of these swords have some alterations to their previous forms. For example, Cloud's Buster Sword has a huge Japanese symbol on it. Tidus' Brotherhood has a hook at the end of the blade on both sides instead of just the bladed part. It is possible the swords are alterations because after Gilgamesh is defeated, in the Bestiary it states that it is not proven that all of the swords Gilgamesh owns are authentic.

In the City Of Arcades, one of the NPCs refers to an acting troupe by the name of Tantulus. This is the same acting troupe that Zidane belongs to in Final Fantasy 9.

If you return to Rabanastre after leaving Balfonhiem, there is a NPC located across from Migelo's Sundries. He makes a claim that his friend counted people attending the fete at the beginning of the game. He says that the count might even include the "spoony bards". This is a reference to the classic Final Fantasy 4 line spoken by Cecil, "Oh, you spoony bard."

There are a lot of references to Aeons from Final Fantasy 10. There are two airships called The Ifrit and The Shiva. These are the names of the second and fourth Aeons obtained in Final Fantasy 10. There is a place called Sky Fortress Bahamut. Bahamut is the name of the fifth Aeon you receive in Final Fantasy 10. Finally, one of Montibecs elite marks is Ixion. That is the third Aeon obtained in Final Fantasy 10.

When you sneak into the palace close to the start of the game, Barthelio says "Ifrit", referring to the Aeon Ifrit in Final Fantasy 10 and X-2.

Before you originally go to the Golmore Jungle, there is a quick scene with several of the judges. One of them mentions a man Judge Jecht. This is a reference to Sir Jecht, who is Tidus' father and also Sin in Final Fantasy 10.

At the beginning of the game, just after the first Boss battle, you can hear the pilot of the Air Cutter referred to as Tonberry. In Final Fantasy 10, Master Tonberry is an enemy in the Omega Ruins.

Montblanc is the name of a Moogle in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. They are both the leaders of the guilds.

Most of the airships are named after the Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy 8. Some examples of these are the Empire ships Leviathan and Alexander.

Fishing mini-game
Get the Barheim Key, then go to the Dalmasca Eastersand Gate Crystal section and talk to Ruxera, who is looking at the river wanting to fish. Next, go to the south-east section of Port of Balfonheim, which is the road to Airship Terminal. Find the old fishing man around the crates area and talk to him twice, then choose the first option. Move away from the old man, but do not leave this area yet. After a bit, go back to the same place and the old man will be gone. Examine the fishing rod there to get Muramata. Go back to Dalmasca Eastersand and give the Muramata to Ruxera to start the fishing mini-game.

Gaining notoriety
While you are in the floating palace and need to gain popularity by claiming to be Captain Bosche, the best way is to just walk into a store and press Square. However, be careful and make sure that a guard is not facing you or you will lose a lot of notoriety.

Gambit Advice
When it's time to equip those gambits, it's best to assign a "healing ally" gambit as your first priority. You may think getting the hits in first will get rid of enemies quicker, but you'll never make it if their health get too low, too fast.

Leveling up faster
If your characters are strong, consider removing one or two from the active party list. This will enable you to get more experience from enemies instead of it also going to the other characters. For example, a 300 EXP monster can turn into a 900 EXP for your character by removing two characters from the active party list.

Near invincibility
This trick requires two or more party members. To gain near immortality, set all party member's Gambits to "If HP < 70" and "Cure" ~. Your party members will now constantly cure you and your MP will always regenerate. If you run out of MP, add another Gambit to use potions "If HP < 30".

Queklain summon
It is recommended that you be at level 45 or higher before attempting to obtain this summon. First, successfully complete the Mob Hunt mission for White Mousse to get the Water Gate Key. Go to the Central Control area and use the Water Gate Key to close the gates to the 11th and 4th areas, using the little pedestals on the ground. Then, go into the 4th Accessory District and find a control for the 1st area gate and activate it. Return to the Central Control area and reopen the 11th and 4th gates, then close the 10th and 3rd gates. Next, go to the 3rd Accessory District and again close the switch to the 1st area. Return again and open the 10th gate and close the 4th. You should now be able to go to the south part of the 1st Control Area where you will find the Queklain Boss. Defeat the Boss to get the Queklain summon.

To get the Ragnarok with 109 attack power, you must pass the Pharos at Ridorana. After you pass the Pharos, go to the clan hall and talk to Montblance. He will give you a special hunt to kill Ixion. Once accepted, go back to the Pharos at Ridorana. You must be at least level 66. Purchase a Golden Axe for 18,000 Gil and some Echo Herbs and Eye Drops. Equip the Golden Axe to your strongest character. It will take a ranged damage of 1 to 9,999. Make sure you have three Bubble Belts to double your maximum HP. To find him, go to the lift just when you get in and take it up to Penumbra. It will require a few attempts to find and kill him. Once you do, go back to the petitioner and he will give you the Ragnorok.

Recommended Gambits
1. Ally: Any / Raise
2. Ally: HP < 40% / Curaja
3. Ally: Any / Esunaga
4. Ally: Status = Confuse / Attack
5. Foe: Status = Haste / Dispelga
6. Self / Bubble
7. Self / Decoy
8. Foe: Flying / Telekinesis
9. Foe: Party Leader's Target / Attack
10. Foe: Targeting Ally / Attack
11. Self / Libra
12. Ally: Any / Regen

Try the following Gambits:

1. Ally, Any / Raise
2. Ally, HP<30% / First Aid
3. Foe, Party Leaders Target / Attack
4. Foe, Flying / Telikises
5. Foe, Undead / Curaga
6. Ally, Any / Ensna
7. Ally, Any / Protecta
8. Ally, Any / Shella
9. Ally, Any / Reflecta
10. Foe, Any / Oil
11. Foe, Status: Oil / Firaga
12. Self / Libra

Try the following Gambits:

1. Ally status = KO / Arise
2. Ally HP = 50% / Curaja
3. Self MP = 10% / Charge
4. Foe status = Protect / Dispelga
5. Foe status = Shell / Dipelga
6. Foe Fire-weak / Firaga
7. Foe Lightning-weak / Thundaga
8. Foe Ice-weak / Blizzaga
9. Self / Bubble
10. Self / Haste
11. Self / Float
12. Self / Libra

Saving health
Although the Javelin and other weapons have a great attack, it is recommended you only use weapons that allow the use of a shield in the off-hand. When the shield is not equipped, allies die much faster.

Sky Pirate's Den Figurines
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding figurine:

Ashe: Have the average party level over 50
Ba'Gamnan: Complete the hunt catalog
Balthier: Attack 300 times
Basch: Kill 500 enemies
Belias: Obtain every Esper
Carrot: Defeat Carrot
Chocobo: Walk 50,000 steps
Crystal: Obtain every character's magics
Daran: Successfully complete all maps
Death Gaze: Defeat Death Gaze
Devil Dragon: Defeat Devil Dragon
Fafnir: Defeat Fafnir
Fran: Use magic 200 times
Gabranth: Initiate every fusion technique
Gilgamesh: Defeat Gilgamesh
Gurdy: Spend 1,000,000 Gil
King Behemoth: Defeat King Behemoth
Larsa: Master every character's license board
Migelo: Sell 1000 loot
Mimic: Obtain every rare bazaar goods
Montblanc: Attain monster chain level 50
Penelo: Get 100,000 Gil
Reks: Get 500,000 Clan points
Trickster: Defeat Trickster
Ultima: Defeat Ultima
Vaan: Steal 50 times from enemies
Vayne: Use techniques 100 times
Vossler: Obtain every character's techniques
Yazmat: Defeat Yazmat
Zodiac: Defeat Zodiac

Spirit Salamander
You can find him in the Northern section, Central Junction section, or Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, during sunny weather.

Stronger characters
To make your characters much stronger at low levels, complete all Gambit portions of the license chart and get all the physical lores. After completing that, your characters will be very strong. For example, if you are level 37 and completed that portion, you will be able to defeat level 45 to 48 monsters.

Survive in the Beginning
After you complete you first hunting mission for the Renegade Tomato, don't bother go after that dinosaur you see in the distance. He's not bothering you, and he's stronger than you. He'll kill you quickly. Just go back to the city.

Unlock Ashe
Awarded for having the average party level over 50.

Unlock Ba'Gamnan
Awarded for completing the hunt catalog.

Unlock Balthier
Awarded for attacking 300 times.

Unlock Basch
Awarded for killing 500 foes.

Unlock Belias
Awarded for obtaining every esper.

Unlock Carrot
Awarded for defeating the monster, Carrot.

Unlock Chocobo
Awarded for walking 50,000 steps.

Unlock Crystal
Awarded for obtaining every character's magics.

Unlock Daran
Awarded for completing every map.

Unlock Death Gaze
Awarded for defeating the monster, Death Gaze.

Unlock Devil
Dragon Awarded for defeating the monster, Devil Dragon.

Unlock Fafnir
Awarded for defeating the monster, Fafnir.

Unlock Fran
Awarded for using magic 200 times.

Unlock Gabranth
Awarded for initiating every fusion technique.

Unlock Gilgamesh
Awarded for defeating the monster, Gilgamesh.

Unlock Gurdy
Awarded for using/spending 1,000,000 gil.

Unlock King Behemoth
Awarded for defeating the monster, King Behemoth.

Unlock Larsa
Awarded for mastering every character's license board.

Unlock Migelo
Awarded for selling 1000 loot.

Unlock Mimic
Awarded for obtaining every rare bazaar goods.

Unlock Montblanc
Awarded for attaining (monster) chain level 50.

Unlock Penelo
Awarded for getting 100,000 gil.

Unlock Reks
Awarded for earning 500,000 clan points.

Unlock Trickster
Awarded for defeating the monster, Trickster.

Unlock Ultima
Awarded for defeating the esper, Ultima.

Unlock Vaan
Awarded for stealing 50 times from enemies.

Unlock Vayne
Awarded for using techniques 100 times.

Unlock Vossler
Awarded for obtaining every character's techniques.

Unlock Yazmat
Awarded for defeating the monster, Yazmat.

Unlock Zodiac
Awarded for defeating the esper, Zodiac.

Unlockable Fishing Spots
Once the Fishing mini-game began, you can only fish in the Lower Reaches fishing spot. However, you can unlock more fishing spots when get to certain requirements.

Effect - Code
Master Den - Fish up Saboten Crest un the Secret Reaches
Middle Reaches - Get 5 perfect fishing in the Lower Reaches
Secret Reaches - Fish up Saboten Bond in the Upper Reaches with Matamune
Taikou Chest (treasure) - Get 9 perfect fishing in the Master Den
Upper Reaches - Get 5 perfect fishing in the Middle Reaches

Zalera Esper
First, complete the "Dalmasca's Desert Bloom" hunt. Go back to Dantro after the hunt and he will ask you if you can bring the "Cactus Flower" to his wife in the Estersand South bank village. Go there and find his wife. She will reward you for coming with a buddle of neetles. Exit and reenter and she will ask for some Semclan Shells. There are two sitting on the shore in the area; they are glowing glints. Next, she will ask for Nebralim. Go back to Dantro and he will say they are near crates, but they are really on top of the tall boxes. Get two of them and go back. Next on the list is Valeblossom Dew. They are always near a white tree in the broken sands area. Get three and return. Then later in the game go back. Talk to her to learn that the patient has made a full recovery and is behind her house. He is actually a traveler hunter that will give you the item you need to get Zalera. It is called the "Barheim Key". Use it on the "Weather-beaten door" in the area that is left of the village going south. Make your way to Terminus 7 and just keep going through there. Soon you find there is no way to get to the next bridge. Just look for a mine cart that is on the right-hand side and press X. There will be what seems to be an endless army of the undead on your way. Save at Terminus 7 Adjunct before the fight. Defeat the Boss to get the Zalera Esper.

Zodiac Esper
Get ten or more Espers and finish the Mindflare Mob Hunt mission (rank B). Next, talk to Feng Shui Master Yuggil in Jaharago. Then, go to Henne Mines to fight the Zodiac Boss. Defeat the Boss to get the Zodiac Esper.

Zodiac Spear
Open all treasure chests in the game except the following:

1. Treasure chest in Lowtown, outside of Old Dylan's place.

2. When sneaking into the palace (before getting the Goddess Tear), there are several chests in the Cellar. Do not open the two chests in the southeast corner.

3. All treasure chests in the Confiscatory (the place where you get your weapons and armor back after being captured).

4. In the Phon Coast, later in the game, there is an island with sixteen chests all near each other. The fourth chest among all sixteen must not be opened, so it is best not to open any of them. They only contain Gil.

Then, go to the Necrohol of Nabudis to find the most powerful weapon in the game, the Zodiac Spear. It has a +150 Attack with +8 Evasion.

Zodiac Spear Insurance
If you plan on getting your hand on this, most powerful weapon in the game, DO NOT open the barrel that sit directly across from Dalan's door. Apparently it's linked to four other chests in the game that must remain closed until you have the opportunity to acquire it in Nabudis.

Zodiac summon
Get ten or more Espers and finish the Mindflare Mob Hunt mission (rank B). Next, talk to Feng Shui Master Yuggil in Jaharago. Then, go to Henne Mines to fight the Zodiac Boss. Defeat the Boss to get the Zodiac summon.

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