Dead to Rights II

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Name of the file: Dead to Rights II - Author: ANO

Expert mode
Finish the game on Hard mode.

Extra adrenaline
Finish instant action mode on normal.

Hard mode
Finish the game on Normal mode.

Finish the game on Hard.

Rocket launcher
Finish the game on Expert.

Shoot through walls
When you are chasing Steve Houstown for metal fences that are taller then you and have a building that in beside it, go up to it and hold R1 and you may or may not target an enemy thats on the other side of the building around the corner. If the target is green, orange, or red. Start shooting only if the target is one of those colors, and it will actually hit the enemy and kill him if you keep shooting.

Gallery 1
Complete the game on the Easy difficulty setting.

Gallery 2
Beat instant action on Easy Mode.

50. Desert Eagle
Finish the game on Normal.

Cabal Pistols
Complete the game on the Easy difficulty setting.

Cabal SMG
Beat instant Action on Easy Mode.

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