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Snowblind Penguin in the Plane of Torment
Towards the beginning of the Plane of Torment, off the side of the path, you can see the top of what looks like a tower. On top is a the Snowblind Penguin walking around.

Unlock Sword In The Stone
Beat a series of 5 bosses in the last bonus round (the Bloodstone one). You need all 11 Bloodstones to get into the extra area in that last bonus round. Once you defeat the last boss (Innoruuk), you'll "feel like a champion." Now you can go back and draw the sword from the stone. While the sword has a level minimum of 33, you don't have to be any particular level to draw it out.

dmg: ~220-270
+50 strength
100% health regeneration
lvl 33 to equip
weight: ~19.2

Bull Figureine
The Bull Figureine can be found on the Gnome's Island that you will eventually have to go to, if you have not already. This boosts your stamana while it is in your inventory. It does not have to be equiped, it just has to be in your inventory.

Caves of Mt Grenidor
When you are sneaking around in the caves and you get discovered, instead of turning belly up just scroll back to Firiona Vie. Scroll back and when you get back the enemy that was chasing you will stand there like your not even there while you take off for the finish line. This works with one chasing you as well as one hundred.

Faster movement for Shaman
When you get the giant growth, cast it and save your game. When you exit and load you will be able to move just as fast but you will be normal size.

Fight Mithaniel Marr or Cazic-Thule
First, you need to have beaten the game, this works on any difficulty. Depending on which side you chose will determine which boss you will be fighting over and over again. Now for what you have to do. Enter Plane of Tranquility (evil) or Plane of Fear (good), fight the boss determined by your side. Once the boss is defeated, you can loot all the armor or gear dropped off by him. After they have died, click the "start" button, then click "End this mission." When the Planar viewer is brought up, select Plane of Nightmares. Wait for Plane of Nightmares to load up, once it has loaded, click "start" again and select "End this mission" again. When Planar Viewer pops up again, select Plane of Tranquility or Plane of Fear. When the area loads, you will see it has refreshed, and the boss will be there again, you will be able to kill them and repeat.

Health bonus gems and mana bonus gems do not work. This includes items with man/health bonuses. Also, the wizard

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