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Nom du fichier : Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure - Auteur : ANO

Level select
Enter extremepassport as a case-sensitive code.

Tarzan FMV sequence
Enter nugget as a case-sensitive code.

Toy Story FMV sequence
Enter marin as a case-sensitive code.

Lion King FMV sequence
Enter savannah as a case-sensitive code.

Special meter always full
Enter supercharger as a case-sensitive code.

Fast Truck
Enter sweetthreads at the code input screen.

Unlock All Characters
Enter friendsofbob at the code input screen.

All Skaters
Enter "xtremebuddies" in all lower case letters.

Better Stats
Collect hidden gems in each level to immediately improve your stats.

Unlock Special Moves
To unlock special moves, collect 25 items (spearheads, medals, etc.) in each level.

Extra points
Anything with a balance meter can be used to get alot of points. Just move the pointer slightly. Do not move it hard, or you will wipe out. Also with lip tricks or grinds, keep pressing Triangle to switch tricks. For example, if playing as young
Tarzan and you do the lip trick "Takes A Steady Hand", press Triangle to switch to " Close To The Edge". This is very useful for getting high and extreme scores.

Human Camp: Secret slide
Go to the upper right of the camp to go in a grind. Grind until you get to the river edge. Go to the ramp in the water. Go to the left where you jump to the ramp and jump to the north. Then, go to the cave to go on a secret slide.

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