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Cheat codes:
Highlight the Memory Card option at the main menu, then press Left or Right to show the Codes option. Then press X.

All Freestyle tracks trixxy
All Exhibition tracks vouyeur
All Characters genepool
All Racers grinds
All Aliens astromen
All Monsters scream
All Humans ratpack
Play as Lugnut lugnut
Play as Bink bink
Play as Dominique dominique
Play as Nyub nyub
Play as TP tp
Play as Geep geep
All cars smokey
Play as Red Car redcar
Play as White Car whitecar
Play as Blue Car bluecar
Play as Black Car blackline


Hidden Course:
Beat Pro Circut with anything to unlock the hidden course "Hunted Mansion". {Only works on Free Style.)

Hidden Freestyle Track:
Beat the game (all three circuits) with one of the monsters to gain access to the "Haunted House" fresstyle track.

UltraSpank Video:
To check out the ULTRASPANK video go down to options in the main menu and press RIGHT, then press X

On the track The Metro there is a shortcut. On your left the second exit sign on the platform. Go all the way till the end, then jump straight, and you'll be on the shortcut.

Secret Passage on Aztec Island 1 & 2:
On the track aztec island(1 or 2) at the end of the second tunnel you will see a big billabong sign. Just to the left of that youll see a small window. Jump into it and there you are.

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