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Nom du fichier : 1 On 1 - Auteur : ANO

Play as Oscar and Mash
Begin a game in one player story mode and meet Oscar and Mash.

Play as King
Beat the game with all characters including Oscar and Mash.

Play as Dr. T
Begin a game in one player story mode and meet Dr. T. Note: His appearance is random.

Omake mode
Beat the game with any character. Then "Omake" mode that allows design graphics and character images to be viewed will appear on the menu. Three pictures of the character you completed the game with will appear in "Omake" mode. Two of the pictures are character sketches and the other is them during their ending.

Control basketball
Press Triangle to control the basketball that bounces on the main menu screen. Keep slamming the ball to view display various on-screen comments.

How to get Omake mode:
Using any character to beat the game once and you'll get Omake mode which shows 3 pics of that character

Game Shark Codes

P1 Scores Easily 8019BBA4 000A
P2 Scores 0 8019BBA2 0000
Timer Stops at 60.0 8019BB90 0E11
Unlock All Hidden Players 8019BC68 0007
Unlock All Pictures in Omake Mode 8019BC6A 07FF

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