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Name of the file: ESPN NFL 2K5 - Author: ANO

Plow Over Defender
If you have a power based or balance runner, run towards a defensive player and hold Triangle (shoulder charge)
to plow over him.

Easy Jukes
Instead of pressing R2 and L2 to juke, use the Right Analog-stick. Move it to the left for a left juke, right for a right juke, up for a stutter step, and down for a 'stop short' move.

Easy Way to Win the Super Bowl
When you choose franchise pick all of the teams, then simulate the pre season, the regular season, and simulate week to week until the Super Bowl in the playoffs. Choose one of the two teams in the Super Bowl and play, but make sure you win.

Beat The Salary Cap
Beating the salary cap can be frustrating with created characters. Instead, go to the roster for your favorite team, find the third string position player, then just edit his name, stats, and appearance. By doing this, your player will be rated 100 overall, but still be paid a very low salary.

Always Get The Ball
Use the following trick to always get the ball start a game. On any play, if your opponent has the ball press Start and go to 'Options'. Choose 'Crib Cheats' and turn on the 'Always Fumble On A Tackle' (if purchased) and turn off penalties. When you and your opponent select your plays, go behind the QB, If you touch anyone, you will be flagged. When you tackle him and there is a fumble, recover the ball. When you have to select a play, press Start, go to 'Options', select 'Crib Cheats' and disable the 'Always Fumble' cheat. When you begin the play, your opponent will not tackle you and cause a fumble. Repeat this as desired.

Break tackle
When you are being tied up by a defender tap X as fast as you can and if you tap it fast enough you will break free and keep going.

Easy way to get User Milestones for Crib
Set the quarter length to 8 minutes the longer the game the better chance to get milestones. Get as much time with the ball as possible by onside kicks and letting the other team score quick. If its a defensive milestone punt the ball as soon as you get it.

Play Milestones
Create a team from the worst players. chalenge them to a quick game. use the Nfl All-Stars to beat them. This works for all of the milestones theat dont require being in Franchise mode.

Easy Sack
To get an easy sack, use the 4-3. Then, go up until you find the play 'All Blitz O'. Take the left DE and keep moving left until you get past the left OL. After the snap, run towards the QB and you should get the sack.

Touchdown Pose
When you have bombed on an opponent and have no one around you while running towards the touchdown, slow down (by slightly pushing the Left Analog-stick) and your player will stop at the one yard line and pose before scoring.

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