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Easy Beans
You can get lots of beans and Wiggenweild Potions in Fred and Georges bathroom. Play as Ron and go to the back room. Go up to the robes and press X for both sides. Beans and sometimes Wiggenweild Potions will appear. Go through the secret wall, then go back to Fred and Georges. Go to the robes and do the same thing. Keep going back and forth and you will have plenty of beans. Also when using Harry, Hermione, or Ron, fire your attacking spell at a bush. A bean will appear. Continue to do this as many times as desired.

Unlimited Every-Flavored Beans
Using Ron, you can discover Bertie Bott's Every-Flavored Beans in bookcases. Using this logic, this is how the trick works. First, enter a huge room with many bookcases (usually a study area.) Pick out the beans (or occasionally dungbombs) from them, and then exit the way you came. Enter once more, and you will be able to reap the beans again, even though you already did! This is an effective technique for gaining unlimited beans.

Free Wiggenweld and Antidote Potions
When you are exploring the Hogwarts grounds, you will every once in a while encounter a bush. When you see one, move up close to it and shoot Flipendo at it. Either a jelly bean, antidote potion, or wiggenweld potion will pop out. Pick it up with the character of your choice.

When you are helping to save Neville the Hinkypunks are the ghost things that Ron has to kill. All you have to do is back all 3 of them into a corner. Once they are there and you are close to them, they should not move anymore and you should be able to target and Lumos Duo each of them. When they become solid Flipendo them until they blow up. Do this for all 3 of them. After you do one group a second will appear. Repeat the steps above to kill them. After that shine Lumos Duo on the crystal for about 5 seconds until it lights up, then adjust the mirror so it shines in the eye and the gate on the far wall should open.

Unlocking The Locked Door And Chest
In order to unlock the locked door on the Sixth Floor and the locked chest in the Muggle Studies area, you have to find and return all of the lost objects from the notice board in the Gryffindor common room, until you find the key. It is located behind the statue on the First Floor. You can now open the door and chest using the lost key.

Getting Doxey Eggs For Potions Class
Have plenty of Antidote because Doxeys are poisonous. Use Flapindo to get rid of the Doxeys, then have Harry use the spell that grabs things, Carpe Retractum, to pull the eggs towards you. Hold the Analog-stick Toward you to pull them.

How to kill a salamander
To kill a Salamander first use the Glacius spell to put out the fire on its back and to turn it icy and then shoot it with Flipendo.

Defeating Hinkypunks
You will first come in contact with Hinkypunks on the same level with the Goul. Hunkypunks are ghost-like creatures with one foot and a lantern. To defeat them, have Ron shine Lumos Duo in their faces. When they become solid and zombie-like, finish them off with Flipendo.

Gryriffindor Ties And Clothing Differences
When you talk to other students, look at their ties. Everyone has a Gryriffindor tie, with the exception of Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle (whom have different ones). Also, there are only two people with their shirts out, which are Ron and Seamus, and with either Crabbe or Goyle, only one has a school jumper on.

Defeating The Goul
On the 'Neville And The Goul' level, after you have completed all of the tasks and have opened the chamber, light Lumos Duo in its eyes. Then, lead it into the chamber to lock it in.

Getting Fairy Wings
Have Hermione repair the dragon statue with Reparo. Then, shoot Draconifors at it to light the bush in which the fairies are hiding in. The fairies will get mad and attack you. Then, have Hermione shoot them with Flipendo then use Glacius on them while they are on the ground.

Character Special Abilities
Each character (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) has a special ability. Use Ron to find hidden passages. Use harry to jump long gaps. Use Hermione to crawl under small spaces. This is useful when getting spellbooks or escaping Trolls and Prefects.

Harry's Dad's Voice
When you get attacked by a Dementor and it is stealing your soul, listen closely. You will hear a male voice yell 'Lily! Its him run!' or 'Lily! Take Harry outta here!', which we can assume its his dad telling his mom to get Harry to safety the night Voldemort came and murdered them.

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