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Name of the file: Blast Chamber - Author: ANO

Infinite lives
At the title screen, press Square, Left, Square, Right, Circle, Down, Circle, Up. Then, choose "Sole Survivor" mode in the "Games" menu. Now return to the main menu and start a game.

Bonus level
Enter "JODPEGEA" as a password.

Level passwords
Level Password
Lavapalooza ICJABNA

Multi-player strategy
Whenever one of your opponents has the crystal, jump on the 180: kicker. This will not only cause them to fall to the floor and drop the crystal, it will also disorient many players momentarily, giving you all the time you need to scoop it up and run for the reactor. Also, using the 180: kicker is the only way you can get the power-ups. As you fall, try to manipulate yourself slightly to pick up the power up as you go by the center of the chamber. Paralyzer and Mercuries just make it that much easier to score.

First, use the launchers to jump onto whichever cross the crystal is on. Now, for the fun part: Wait. Don't try to score. Just wait. As other players try to jump onto the cross to steal the crystal from you, shove 'em before they land. They'll fall back to the floor. If your opponents try to jump onto the other cross to spin the chamber and dislodge you from your position, use the kickers on your cross to spin the chamber first, while they're still in the air. Remember: As long as you have the crystal, the time on your kill-clock is stopped, while everyone else's precious seconds are ticking away. When you finally do decide to score, jump toward the center of the cube and land directly on the reactor. NOTE: Some players may have difficulty finding the exact position of the closer of the two crosses. Just remember: That cross is on the front wall, so jump along the front wall of the chamber to land on the cross.

Spike City
The deadly combination of spikes and pits in Spike City gives it one of the highest average body counts of all the chambers. This same deadly combination also gives you a clear path to victory. Since players who are trying to run around and jump over the spikes and pits have a tendency to die a lot, your best bet is to pursue a path of passive resistance. Simply put: Don't do anything. Just stay out of the way of the spikes and pits. Watch the walls and make sure that, if the chamber is turned, you won't fall into the spikes or pits, and keep your eye out for opportunities. If the crystal should roll up to your feet, well pick it up. Dump it in a reactor. And get back to a safe spot as quickly as possible. Remember: In this chamber, your opponents will destroy themselves much more often than you ever could. Just sit back and let 'em do it. If you decide to take a more aggressive route, however, just keep repeating one phrase to yourself: I will not jump diagonally over the spikes or pits. Try it once. You'll see why.

Blow Me Up
The name of the game in this chamber is Keep Away. In other words, don't let anyone get hold of the crystal. Ever. As your opponents go for the crystal, just keep turning the fans on. They'll soon find that it's near impossible to catch that thing while both they and it are flying through the air. If the crystal should happen to land along the front surface of the cube which is not affected by the fans, then either grab it if it's close to you and try to score, or run to the nearest kicker and spin the chamber, if it's not. You're friends may never speak to you again, but at least you'll be a winner

With four 180: kickers and several 90: kickers peppered throughout the room, there's only one law in this chamber: Spin or be spun. The 180: come heavily into play here, giving a huge advantage to any Chamber-ite wise enough to use 'em. As the other players try to get the crystal or score or pretty much do anything else, jump on the 180: kicker and flip the chamber. The more you do this, the more disoriented your opponents become and the more easily you can retrieve the crystal to score. For maximum access to 180: kickers, make sure to grab every Hi-Jump power-up you see, and use them to bypass the launchers as you leap right onto the kicker boxes.


Game Shark Codes

Infinite Chamber Time 800B504E 00B4
Infinite Time P1 800B438A 0037
Infinite Time P2 800B44F6 0037
Infinite Time P3 800B4662 0037
Infinite Time P4 800B47CE 0037

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