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Defeating Kheev
To beat Kheev you first need your thermal detonator launcher. Lock on to Kheev when he is still (he's in a giant anti-grav suit) until the suit falls to the floor. I recomend staying close to Kheev and dodge his missiles by pressing circle and pushing the analog stick in any direction. When the suit falls to the floor, run up to it until the Thorn of Ryloth comes out then press square. That will paralyze Kheev for a short amount of time. Then run around to his back until you see a symbol at the top right-hand corner of the screen and press triangle. Zeeo will cut at the circuits. Repeat this process two more times.

In the second part you still need your thermal detonator launcher. Kheev will transform his anti-grav suit into a scorpion-type whatchermajig. He will climb up to the wall and stick his tail in the floorand shoot electric waves through the floor. Dodge these but still shoot at him. Then he'll shoot a bunch of mines in your direction. Dadge these and still shoot.Then Kheev will shoot a lazer at you. Use Zeeo as a shield and deflect the lazer back at Kheev. Repeat this process two more times and you will defeat Kheev!

Defeating The First Boss
You can easily defeat the first Boss by ground pounding and shooting at him.

Deflect enemy fire
When you have enemies around you, stand still and press Square to use Zeeo's shield. This will deflect the enemy's fire back to them.

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