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Nom du fichier : MX vs. ATV Unleashed : On The Edge [PSP] - Auteur : ANO

1,000,000 Store points
Enter BROKEASAJOKE as a code to unlock get 1,000,000 Store points. For allot of points, enable this code, then keep selecting Done when it says Here are some points for the store.

500cc bikes
Enter BIGBORE as a code.

50cc bikes
Enter MINIMOTO as a code.

All ATVs
Enter COUCHES as a code.

All bikes
Enter BRAPP as a code.

All freestyle tracks
Enter HUCKIT as a code.

All gear
Enter WARDROBE as a code.

All Machines Challenge tracks
Enter LEADFOOT as a code.

All National tracks
Enter GOOUTSIDE as a code.

All Open class tracks
Enter NOTMOTO as a code.

All Pro riders
Enter WANNABE as a code.

All Supercross tracks
Enter GOINSIDE as a code.

All tracks
Enter PITPASS as a code.

Cheat mode
Enter TOOLAZY as a code to unlock all the bonuses.

Pro physics
Enter IAMTOOGOOD as a code.

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